New Skoda Superb Estate Car

Lovely Things #19 – October 2016

Lovely Things Welcome to October’s Lovely Things. Autumn has well and truly arrived and it actually felt like it was kind of overnight. One day hot and … Read more

Logan little owl

Lovely Things #18 – September 2016

Lovely Things Welcome to September’s Lovely Things. I actually cannot believe it’s September already, some mornings I have already felt the slight chill in the air that … Read more

Logan sitting in the waves

Lovely Things #17 – August 2016

Lovely Things Welcome to August’s Lovely Things. July seemed to have gone past so fast, I think perhaps it didn’t help as my husband was away for … Read more

Daddy and surfboard

Lovely Things #16 – July 2016

Lovely Things Welcome to July’s Lovely Things. What a lovely month June was, with us spending two weeks of it in Cornwall enjoying a family holiday. Nothing … Read more

olympus pen e-pl7

Lovely Things #15 – June 2016

Lovely Things Welcome to June’s Lovely Things. It’s been a hectic couple of months, being diagnosed with gallstones and just over a week ago I had surgery to … Read more

Logan airplane

Lovely Things #14 – May 2016

Lovely Things Welcome to May’s Lovely Things. It doesn’t seem long since last month’s but that is because last month’s was late. If you saw April’s … Read more

bluestone Tenby hats

Lovely Things #13 – April 2016

Lovely Things Welcome to April’s Lovely Things. Has everyone had a lovely March? Sorry this month’s Lovely Things is incredibly late – a week late in fact! Unfortunately … Read more