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  1. Hi Laura

    I really like the way you’ve set up your blog. I’m a professional organizer and author. I’m also a bookworm and a handbag fanatic myself. I love finding new and user friendly handbags. I have co-authored 2 childrens’ books and am wondering if you would be interested in reviewing them on your blog. Please let me know!

  2. Thank you for charing your story about reactive arthritis. I was crying as I was reading your story, especially when you wrote about when you got well again and the last part about you knowing how lonely it can be to suffer from this disease. I was diagnosed with reactive arthritis now 9 month ago, I have been slowly getting better but I still struggling with pain. I recognise every bit the disease progress you described. It is so revealing to read a personal to remind your self that you actually can be better from this. I just started to think that I might be one of the patients that needs to live with this arthritis for the rest of my life. Thanks again! Best Wishes, Angelica Thulin

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