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August has been a bit of an up and down month for me in terms of blogging because unfortunately my blog was hacked. Which for part of the month had a huge impact on my blog traffic (they were redirecting my traffic to a dodgy site) and also got me a flag on Google until I got the problem fixed and they were able to re-check my site. It also cost my money to fix. But there was also some really great wins, which I’m really excited about.

Top Posts

Top Things That Have Made Me Happy

  • Well I was excited about my ratings in July and to be honest I kind of expected them to be a bit of a fluke and go down again. But that didn’t happen, in fact they climbed even higher! My Tots100 rating is #19 and My Hibs is totally amazing at #4. I really am over the moon. I do expect them to go down next month after my hacking nightmare, but I have screenshot the hell out of those numbers!
  • I have been chosen to be a Brand Ambassador for a jewellery brand – more to come on that soon.
  • I wrote a guest post for Sensory Sensitive Mummy – Guest Feature; Sleep and Bedtime Series
  • I was also featured on Push Doctor – Top Pregnancy Tips for Mums to be – Real Mums Give Real Advice.
  • I also wrote a third guest post, which should hopefully be going live soon.
  • I started my new guest series for every Tuesday – My Five Favourite Books – I hope you have had a chance to read  and enjoy it!
  • In terms of stats, I have seen the following growth:
    • My Facebook has grown from 1030 to 1100 (+70)
    • Twitter from 7800 to 8000 on Twitter (+350).
    • On Instagram I have gone from  1650 to 1830 (+180)
    • I’m really pleased with these numbers, I have worked particularly on growing engagement on Instagram this month.
  • I have worked with the following brands: My Rug Store, Little Muddy Boots, Alive! Calcium Supplements, Chiltern Open Air Museum and Spaceform.

Things To Focus on in September

Here are my goals for September:

  • August was hard to juggle everything with it being the summer holidays. Now I know I say this every month but I do want to get more organised!
  • Dare I say it, the ‘C’ word, but Christmas kind of snuck up on me last year and I would like to be more ready for it this time around. So write a Christmas plan!
  • Commenting – I so want to do more commenting and read more blogs. I keep falling so behind on this. So this is a must do.
  • My social media goals for growth this month are +250 on Twitter, I want to work on Instagram this month as that 2000 is getting close now, so +170 on Instagram and +50 on Facebook.
  • Write another guest blog post and continue to do at least one per month.
  • Update my About Me page.

How about you, how was your September and what are your blogging plans? xxx

4 thoughts on “MONTHLY REVIEW: August 2016”

  1. August is always a tough month to juggle everything, so you should be really proud of yourself! I know I tore more than a few hairs out trying to juggle everything. Well-done on your achievements, they’re very well deserved xx


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