REVIEW: Little Muddy Boots Children’s Gardening Classes


Little Muddy Boots Review – Children’s Gardening Classes

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to attend a Little Muddy Boots class. Which are children’s gardening classes aimed at pre-schoolers in Bracknell and Ascot. I think before I start this review, I should give you a bit of background. The classes are run by Hannah Brewer who also happens to be one of my friends and we both have children the same age. But as always, my review will be open and honest.

Perhaps I should also start by telling you a little about me and gardening. Hannah has been running the classes for a year now, and it’s not something I had signed up for. Not because I didn’t think they looked good, but I am terribly, terribly black fingered. I have killed numerous cacti, spider plants (my Mum told me anyone could keep one those alive), every year I decide I am going to make my conservatory looks nice. The poor plants are lucky if they last a couple of months. Plants quiver in fear when they come near my house. Then there’s the fact that I am not very outdoorsy. That’s really quite an understatement to say the least. I try, because I know it’s good for my children. but mud and I don’t really mix.


So I guess you can say I’m perhaps not the class’s target audience. But I also suspected my children were going to really enjoy it. I was right about them and I really needn’t have worried about myself. The class was really relaxed and fun. We arrived to a plot of land surrounded by colourful bunting and with lots and lots things to explore. The children were encouraged to run around, water the plants, dig in the mud, taste any of the fruit that was growing or play in the mud kitchen.

The class we attended was set around the theme of trees. The class was really creatively set up, to translate things simply and in a fun way for children. From making paint brushes out of sticks and leaves, measuring trees to see how old they are and doing leaf rubbing it was all good fun, but also interesting.

There was a section about how air which I thought was particularly cleverly delivered. Where the children had to blow bubbles into bowls through straws – which of course they loved – and then it was explained how trees breathe too.


The classes are aimed at pre-schoolers, my daughter is 2 and my son is nearly 5 and starts school in September and the both loved the class equally. I also think it would be suitable with older children as the class was really engaging.

We were lucky with the weather and it was a glorious, sunny morning. But I did ask Hannah what she did if it was raining. The Little Muddy Boot’s ethos is that there is no bad weather, just bad clothing. There are covers set up to go over the craft tables and the children do not care as long as they are in warm, waterproof clothing.

little muddy boots review - apples and seeds

The class ended with a discussion on fruit and seeds, and my son a huge fruit lover was delighted to go home with a yummy apple. But we had a fun discussion on the way home about growing things and of course growing fruit.


We had an absolutely wonderful time at the Little Muddy Boots class, so much so that I am seriously considering signing ourselves up for a regular monthly session. The classes run in the week days for preschoolers and there is also a once a month class on a Saturday morning, which is what we attended. A really fun an imaginative way for children to learn about nature and get a bit muddy. You can book a class here.

*Disclosure: We were invited to attend a Little Muddy Boots Class for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.

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  1. This class sounds amazing! I wish I had something like this close to me. Well done Hannah! My boys would love it! Logan and Aria look like they had a fab time xx

  2. This is SUCH a fab idea. I love gardening but we’re just not in a position to do it at the moment so something like this would be perfect, if only we were closer. It looks like they had so much fun!

  3. What a good idea! It sounds like a great activity! Me and mud don’t mix either yet Miss M loves it!


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