Designing Your Children’s Bedroom

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Children’s Bedroom Designs

When I was pregnant with both of my children, one of the things I really enjoyed doing was planning what each of their bedrooms would look like. For each of my children I went with a theme and had great fun designing a room around the theme.

My son’s theme was a forest. This is because there is nothing my husband loves more than the forest next to us. He runs, cycles and walks our dog in it daily. When I was six months pregnant, we also went on holiday to Canada and stayed in the Rocky Mountains which further added to the love of all things green. We even briefly considered calling my son Forest. His room is white and green with wall decals of trees, plants and animals. Added more recently was The Gruffalo – because he’s always needed in the deep, dark, wood is he not? Also on holiday in Canada we saw a giant teddy moose head that we couldn’t resist buying to go on his wall. I’m still amazed it fit in his suitcase!

For my daughter, we didn’t know what sex child we were having. She steadfastly kept her legs crossed at the 20 week scan and insisted on being a surprise. So I had to choose a theme that was gender neutral, but I really didn’t fancy the standard creams and yellows. In the end we went for an under the sea theme. The beach being another of our family’s favourite places to be. I painted the rooms turquoise blue and heavily invested in lots of fish wall stickers. I also added highlights of bright pink in case I needed to make the room more girly. I decided to buy bedding after the baby was born so it could either be pink or blue. I know terribly gender stereotypical but there you go.

One of the things we couldn’t afford to do when we were re-decorating was buy new carpets. I’d also heard horror stories from a Mum in my ante-natal classes about her toddler smearing paint all over the carpet which kind of cemented the decision. But I did feel that both rooms needed a little extra something.

Which is why I started looking at children’s rugs. My Rug Store is a rug store in the UK that sells rugs online. Including children’s rugs. There are some great ones to choose from that can add to the theme you are designing without breaking the bank. Rugs can make the room looking more colourful and give it a real facelift. Or in my daughter’s room’s case, hide a few patches that the car shampooer could not get out! Which makes them a great compromise. We ended up getting one for each of my children’s bedrooms in the end and I didn’t regret the decision.

Now they just need to invent one that stops Lego hurting you when you tread on it! 😉

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