Why Do Parents Hate the Summer Holidays?


Why Do Some Parents Hate The Summer Holidays?

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a little while now, but have been in two minds as I know people have quite strong feelings on the subject. But let’s talk about the school holidays, in particular the summer holidays. Why is it that some parents seem to hate them?

As soon as they started in July,  it wasn’t long before my Facebook feed was awash with parents complaining. There were memes aplenty being shared and people wishing that their children were back at school already. And this theme seems to have continued as the days have passed.

I think I’m bucking the trend, because I am totally loving the summer holidays. We’re having a blast! Now don’t get me wrong, there have been days when I have found myself tearing my hair out, and shouting far louder than I am proud of. Days when if I found Lego stuffed in another area of my house I might just explode. But taking those things into consideration, all in all I have just loved having this amazing time with my children.

Maybe I have a different mindset. Being told you can’t conceive naturally and facing the idea of not actually being able to have children does that to you. Logan starts school this September and I just want to grasp him with both hands and hold tight.

I know in some ways I’m lucky, the work that I do is freelance, so I don’t have to worry as much about childcare. I slot my work around my children – but it has meant that I have worked a lot of evenings in the holidays so far. It means I haven’t had childcare to take into consideration, and I know a lot of parents don’t have jobs that are as flexible.

I also don’t have children that struggle with going out on in public or with a lack of routine. I have a friend whose son is autistic and I know the lack of routine in the summer holidays is hard on him. I can cart my two everywhere with me and for that I am also lucky.

When I think back to my childhood, some of my favourite childhood memories are from the summer holidays. Days out, playing with friends, going to our local splash park sometimes days in a row with our cousins, I know now because it was free. I just loved them. We didn’t do expensive things, my parents couldn’t afford them.

So far, this holidays while I have spent money on a few of days out. We have mainly spent our time doing activities that are free or low cost. Trips to the park, picnics, activities at our local library, local fun days where they have had free bouncy castles and circus activities, a trip to the beach, baking cookies at home, playing with cheap airplanes bought on Ebay, paddling pools and Lego projects. Wherever possible we’ve taken a picnic with us, rather than eating out. We’ve had the odd ice cream on some days out, but not every time.

I’ve loved watching my children have fun doing simple things, the time bonding together, the extra cuddles. not rushing around in the morning and having snuggles in bed.

Yes, I don’t have to worry about juggling work and I know it is harder for those that do. But don’t forget these are some of the best days of our children’s lives and they’ll be over before you know it. When you think you might want to open a bottle of wine at midday, pause and just appreciate the little things. The small moments of joy and sunshine. The giggles and the paddling pools because a summer will come when they don’t want to do those things with you anymore.

17 thoughts on “Why Do Parents Hate the Summer Holidays?”

  1. I totally agree with you! My eldest is off school atm and it feels amazing being able to talk and play with him properly as school days, tire him out. I just think.. it’s 6 weeks, why such a nuisance? We had them when they were newborns and toddlers for longer than that. My yongest is going to nursery next month and I was adamant to only allow 2 mornings a week for this year.. I still want to keep him! Xx

  2. This is a great post. I am enjoying the summer holidays a lot this year, more than previous summers if I’m totally honest. I think the thing that I found hard was when my twins were very little and my daughter was off school. I knew she needed trips out and attention and I did really struggle balancing that with two tiny babies on my own. It feels like this year we have got to a point where the boys are much more portable (they are not constantly heading off in search of danger in opposite directions!) I feel much more confident having lots of trips out with my three in my own which has made a world of difference this summer.

    • The summer holidays have been fab this year. I imagine it must have tricky when your twins were young and I do appreciate that it is harder for some people too, I’m glad you are enjoying them this year though.

  3. I love the school holidays! But I do know that I’m in a really fortunate position to be able to be at home with them. When I used to work it was a nightmare trying to arrange childcare for 6+ weeks not to mention £££! Saying that, a lot of the parents that I see moaning are the ones who are ‘stuck’ at home with their kids and joking about reaching for the gin by lunchtime. I sometimes feel like the odd one out for actually liking the company of my own children these days! Ha!

    • Yes I do appreciate if you’re working it’s tricky and expensive. But as you say a lot of people that I see complaining are stay at home parents which is such a shame.

  4. I love the summer holidays too! I’m lucky that i work term only so i have no childcare worries to think about. I do however spend too much money trying to keep them occupied and avoiding places that get too busy because of Miss C. These holidays are going too quickly!

    • They are going far too fast aren’t they Rachel? I think of them a bit like Christmas that you need to save some money in preparation, but you’re right they are expensive.

  5. I feel the same as you. The school holidays are really hard here because there’s no nursery and my work doesn’t slow down, but I’ve loved every minute of it. My eldest also starts school in September so we’re making the most of it. But I hope I’ll always love spending time with my girls in the summer.

  6. I have enjoyed it but have found it totly exhausting. My 3 nearly 4 year old is very energetic and I have found entertaining her and looking after my 10 month old hard work! It truly is the hardest and most exhausting job there is! But I have also enjoyed it. As in the article it has been lovely watching my two have time together and not having to rush out in the morning. I think we have been extremely lucky with the weather as well. I am not sure I would have enjoyed it as much if it had been a wet summer. I feel like I need a break just for me….A few days to recuperate!

    • You’re right we have been lucky with the weather and that has definitely helped with summer holiday be lots of fun as we have been able to do lots of things out and about.

  7. I’m like you and I love the summer holidays. Like I said to you the other day though, I do understand that it must be difficult for those that work, not to mention expensive too with childcare but often, it’s stay at home parents that I see counting down until school goes back. I really struggle to get my head around that but Cheeky Chap is pretty laid back so maybe I’m just lucky!

    • Yes I do appreciate if you work full time it must be a tough job in organisation and cost. But as you say a lot of the people I have seen complaining aren’t and I feel like they are missing out on so much by not stopping and enjoying things.

  8. I agree as well. I think this summer holidays has gone particularly fast and was a bit sad when my daughter went back on the 1st September. They’re only young once and once it’s gone it’s gone. I only got the first two weeks off but the remainder of the holiday was a combination of lovely days out with family and doing things early evening as well as cramming in as much as possible at the weekends. It’s been tiring but fun x


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