My First 4 Weeks On The Cambridge Diet

My First 4 Weeks on the Cambridge Diet (a review)

The Cambridge Diet a Review

It’s been four weeks since I started the Cambridge Diet. I’ve had lots of questions about what it entails, so I thought I would share it with you. Here is my review – the good and the bad.

How The Cambridge Diet or Cambridge Weight Plan Works

The Cambridge Diet (now known as the One2One Diet) is a diet invented by a scientist at, yes, you guessed it Cambridge University.

It is what is known as a VLCD (a very low calorie diet). In fact it’s so low you can only do it for 12 weeks at a time, then you have to increase your intake again for at least a week before continuing.

While you are on the diet you only consume around 400 calories a day, and live off your body weight (fat) instead.

In the first two weeks it is an entirely liquid diet. Where you have the choice of soup, milkshake or porridge for your three main meals a day and nothing else. From the third week onwards you can swap one of the liquid meals out for a nutrient bar instead. All meal replacements contain your daily allowance of vitamins & nutrients. If you are a man or over 5 feet 8 inches tall this may be more.

How Much Weight I Lost on the First 4 Weeks on the Cambridge Diet

I have been doing it for four weeks and have lost the following amount of weight:

Week One – 10lbs
Week Two – 2.5lbs
Week Three – 3lbs
Week Four – 4.5lbs
Total – 20lbs (or 9.07kg)

Cambridge themselves specify you should usually expect an average of a stone (14lbs or 6.35kg) a month.

Fed up of losing a pound here, and half a pound there, this was the main thing that attracted me to this diet. I wanted quick, decisive results. But that is not to say other conservative diets are not good and may work better for you.

How Can you Cope on so Little Food on the Cambridge Diet

Now, already I can see a few of you shaking your heads, how can you possibly live on that little food without being ravenous all the time? Well this is where it gets clever…

We all know if you eat too much your body turns it into fat and that when you eat too little it burns this fat.

Time to get a little bit more scientific, if I can manage it!

The ethos of the Cambridge Diet is to put your body in a state called ketosis. Which very simplistically put is when you live off your body fat alone. To achieve this you have to rid it of carbohydrates. Once you reach this haloed state however, you no longer feel hungry.

It takes about four days to go through carbohydrate cold turkey, and these days are pretty hellish. This is because your body has a bit of panic, desperately trying to replenish your supply. Which means quite frankly you’re pretty much hungry all of the time.

My tip, keep yourself busy and drink sparkling water which helps to fill you up. And if this fails go to bed early! But once these days are over things get a lot easier.

If you remember one thing while all this is going on it’s that you must not eat any carbs at all. As soon as you do you will feel hungry and come out of ketosis. If you need to eat, allow yourself a small amount of protein. This was how I got through these early days, eating a small amount of tuna or prawns.

At the weekends I have also a treat and have a little bit of chicken in the evenings. When I say a little bit, I do mean it. I have half a chicken breast on Saturday and the other half on Sunday.

Mind over Matter

My First 4 Weeks on the Cambridge Diet (a review) - how it works - mind over matter

Interestingly, why you may not be physically hungry. This does not take into consideration the tricks your mind plays on you. Strangely, unlike any other diet I have been on, I have found myself craving not cakes, sweets and chips. But, salads, bananas, breakfast cereal and mmm bread.

If you are looking for some tips on how to get through the first few days on the diet. I have written a separate blog post that can help you.

Medical Advice

My First 4 Weeks on the Cambridge Diet (a review) medical advice

After I had decided to give this diet ago, I made an appointment and had an hour long meeting with my consultant – Denise Kelly. If you wish to find a consultant near you, simply go to the Cambridge Diet website, enter your postcode and it will show you a list of consultants near your home. I made my decision based on the content & quality of Denise’s personal message. Any consultant that hadn’t bothered to write one or had no photo were immediately dismissed from my selection.

During my consultation, I had to complete a medical questionnaire and the diet and its side affects were explained to me. I was weighed and my body measurements were taken.

Even though I passed the medical questionnaire, my consultant wrote to my Doctor to inform them that I am participating in this diet and some medical conditions need prior medical consent before you can begin.

Also worth noting, this diet is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers.

The Importance of Water on the Cambridge Diet

My First 4 Weeks on the Cambridge Diet (a review) why you need to drink lots of water

I had no idea until I started this diet that 60% of your daily water consumption comes from the food that you eat. So if you’re not eating any conventional food, you’ve got to drink a lot of water!

The diet itself states you should drink a minimum of 2.25 litres a day. From my experience this is nowhere near enough. In fact in the early days when I did drink this little, I found it gave me a headache that could give a hangover a run for its money.

Experimentation has shown that I need a minimum of 3 litres a day, great for your skin & health but there have been several times where I have considered relocating my laptop to the ladies bathroom at work!

A tip if you do end up doing this diet – I have downloaded a Water Counter app for my iPhone and tap it every time I finish a glass of water. It’s really handy to keep track.

For any diet coke junkies or wine lovers like me, be warned! You can only drink water, black or herbal tea and black coffee. Not even diet drinks as they contain citric acid

Side Affects of the Cambridge Diet

I promised myself that this would be a candid review, so it’s only fair that I talk about the side affects I’ve encountered. This is not all of the side affects listed on the website, just the ones I have experienced.

One of the well publicised side effects is what is described as slightly ‘fruity’ breath. This has been a major source of paranoia for me. The very thought fills me with horror! You can’t have any chewing gum on the diet, so my trusty bottle of breath freshener had become my constant companion. I’m going through at least a bottle a week. Either I have very polite friends & colleagues or this remedy is achieving the desired affect.

The second, most problematic and some what ahem, delicate issue has been my inability to go to the toilet properly. Which has also caused me on occasion, some considerable amount of pain. As a consequence I have found myself taking laxatives on average about twice a week. Which firstly is something I’ve never experienced before, but also not something I want to be doing long term.

On advice, I purchased some herbal tablets (Psyllium Husks), which are meant to solve the problem. My fingers are crossed!

Can You Maintain Your Weight Loss on the Cambridge Diet?

My First 4 Weeks on the Cambridge Diet (a review) maintenance

Finally and perhaps most importantly I want to tackle the issue of maintenance. One of my biggest concerns when I went for my first consultation was if I lost the weight quickly, would I put it back on just as fast when I begin to eat normal food again.

I plan to try and exist on the Cambridge liquid diet for three months in total, after which I will hopefully have lost three stone. Now, after three months of abstinence, you cannot simply start eating normally again. Cambridge have a 7 step programme to introduce food back into your diet slowly. By the end of this programme you will be on your recommended daily allowance of calories. Teaching you how to eat healthily and and about portion control.

However, after 4 weeks on this diet. I’ve already began to learn some very interesting things about myself. The biggest thing, I don’t eat when I’m hungry. By not eating food at all you really begin to question your relationship with food. So far it’s been an interesting journey.

In Summary

The Cambridge Diet or Cambridge Weight Plan is a very fast and effective means of weight loss. But, it’s not for everyone. It’s not a wonder diet, it has side affects that you need to consider before you start. There is something very exhilarating about losing weight rapidly, and seeing a difference in yourself and clothes right from the very first week.

If you’ve tried other diets unsuccessfully and don’t believe a diet can work for you, this one may very well do.


I’m not a scientist & I’m not a weight-loss consultant, this is simply my interpretation & experiences of this diet. I recommend that if you’re seriously considering doing it you read the Cambridge Diet website thoroughly and meet with a Cambridge Consultant.

Cambridge Diet an Update 10 Years Later

I can’t believe that come October this blog post will be nearly 10 years old. I have had so many lovely comments on this post, it has been amazing to hear from you all. Thank you so much.

I still think it is relevant and I have gone on to do the diet more than once, since this very first blog post. I did go on to to lose the 3 stones I planned to on this diet and also managed to conceive a child naturally (I was doing the diet for IVF). Not that I can prove they are correlated, but I have my suspicions.

After finished this diet I then went on to become a Cambridge Weight Plan consultant, which you can read about here, and also the reasons why I decided to stop.

If you would like to read all of my blog posts on the Cambridge Diet, I have created a special page to collate them all here.

Happy reading and thanks so much for stopping by.

249 thoughts on “My First 4 Weeks On The Cambridge Diet

  1. Can I say fascinating without sounding patronising, because I honestly did find it truly fascinating. I’ve never been one for diets, and I know I really should start considering having serious thoughts about the way I eat.

    I have no idea if I could show the kind of willpower to do what you’ve done. Quite amazing. And a very good blog read (as always)!

  2. Excellent blog, describing exactly how it is. I’m so so glad I started this diet and didn’t give up after the first few days.
    I already have become more confident in myself and starting to love getting dressed in the morning. I can fully understand the realisation of the relationships between you and food and agree that we eat not because we are hungry but because we are bored or to an extent obsessed with food. Thank you for sharing your exeriemces. Hopefully this will encourage others to try it.

  3. I admire your willpower as I don’t think I would survive on this diet – I like to eat my food rather than drink it!! I am a true believer that you are what you eat and those people that say they’ve only eaten an apple all day and yet are still 3 stone overwieght must be doing some serious secret snacking! Unfortunately I am one of those people who eats because I ‘fancy something’ rather than because I am truly hungry! However I generally try to leave something on my plate rather than polish off a whole meal so that I am in control of what I eat rather than the other way round. Do I need to lose weight? If I lost 5 or 6lbs then my jeans would certainly fit me better. Do I have the willpower? I’m working on it!! But the Cambridge Diet? I don’t think so, I’m more into the ‘SeeFood’ diet!!
    Well done Laura, you’ve done fantastic so far and I hope you manage to complete the full 3 months. An excellent blog!

    1. I have just joined his diet. As a food critic and wanted to do a truthful review and hopefully loose some of those pounds that unfortunately come in the territory., I totally agree the first four days were the most challenging I have every experienced on a diet. I personally found my self drawn to the smell of the bakery’s as I walked past with the food monkey saying go in go in . My conscience saying don’t give in, day 6 so cannot wait to get weight I know I lost inches and no bloating. I feel now energetic and ready for week two . Loved your blog

  4. Thank you so much for this, I am on day 3 of the diet and suffering hunger dizziness fatigue. Really I was at the point of giving in but after I’ve read your blog I’m going to persevere at least until my first weigh in and hopefully reap the benefit of my efforts. We’ll done you and thanks again!

  5. Hi Mel,

    Thanks for your comment, I’m just in the process of updating my blog, so I should have some more updates on how I have done with the diet as it’s been a while since I wrote this blog post.

    I went on to lose three stone in total, so it’s definitely worth persevering. The first few days are hard, I personally think the first 4 are worse. (I have done this diet twice now as I used it to lose my baby weight too). Drinking water helps with the dizziness. I’d love to know how you got on on your first week. Are you on twitter? Or if not please drop back with a comment 🙂

    1. I have been on the diet for 3 days and I’m finding it very hard I will not give up your blog has helped me so much.? thanks.

        1. Hi, just wanted to know how on earth do you get constipation on this diet?
          Ive had 3 milkshakes today and been to the toilet 7 times.
          I got cramps and so much diarrhoea.
          Wish it would clear up…im in 3rd week now…this week was hard cus as i missed EATING FOOD not liquids…im just on 3-4 ready made milkshakes a day.
          I had a snag…didn’t lose this week. But up a bit too from last week.
          I just ate a bit of leftover food on kids plates…didnt think just a bit would set me back.
          As i just been on liquid diet.
          Any how good luck to everyone.
          Stick with it…you will see ur reward in the end. 🙂

          1. Hi Abbi, you should switch to the packet shakes. I was on the ready mades and it sent my stomach crazy, decided to switch to the packets to see if it would help and it definitely did!

  6. Hi Laura.
    Wow that’s fantastic how long did that take you ? I’m 5 days in and feeling better than I did on day 3 and 4, I’m drinking more water now had headache for three days I nearly gave in but can’t wait for Friday weigh in day now x

  7. Finally, a realistic real-life scenario! I am on the diet and in week 2, but I am finding this week harder than last week and have looked everywhere for some support – I feel the website is lacking there with motivational blogs like yours. My consultant is excellent but there’s only so many times I can text her! Well done for reaching your goal, I hope I can say the same too (maybe by the summer..?!).
    Thanks Laura.

  8. @Mel I hope that your Friday weigh-in went well?
    Your headache could be carb or caffeine withdrawal. It will get better soon x

    @Serena thank you for your lovely comment. If you’re on twitter, please feel free to contact me as much as you like for support 🙂 (@laurasummers). I found week 2 easier after the good weigh in, I found week 3 tough. If it helps, I actually do sole source in the weeks and sole source+ at the weekends. It’s only a little bit of food, but it felt like I was getting a treat. It might help you, it might not. I’m not actually doing the diet at the moment as I’m pregnant but I will definitely be after! Good luck x

    1. Hi I was wondering. I have started the diet lost 3kg in my first week. However I have my implanon removed which causes a loss of appetite so I’m finding that I am eating only half of my food and leaving the other half. I just wanted top know If this effects the weight loss and if it makes me gain or lose weight. I am not sure but I am having all of my 3l of water in a day. I eat all of my breakfast but by lunch I can manage just more than half and by dinner only half of my meal plan. please let me know as I am very worried if this will not help me lose the weight I need to.

  9. Hi there my name is Jade and I’m on day four of the Cambridge diet. My biggest problem is I don’t like the porridge and soups and now I have this awful taste in my mouth that wont go. Hope your still doing well and have progressed.

  10. Hello Jade, sorry for my slow reply. I hope you’re doing better? The taste in your mouth passes and I found a breath freshener spray helpful.

    I actually only like the shakes and bars myself (you can have the bars after the first two weeks). You can always go back and swap the porridge and soups with your consultant for other flavours. Mine did that with me 🙂

  11. Hi Laura, well done on your success! I’m doing sole source but really feel the need to eat something. If I chose a sole source + meal as a one off, will that knock me out of ketosis? I’m on day 7 and have lost 10lbs so far… I just have such a bad craving for food today.

    1. hi Rik my name is jim,ive done the diet before.Idone the 2 soups 1 chok bar and a meal at night, lost 3 stone in 3 months

  12. Hi Rik – firstly well done & no it won’t as long as you stick to the recommended SS+ foods. But… If I can offer you some advice, I would try not to do it today if you can. If you’re in ketosis at the moment it’s mind over matter. On a personal level, I find if I cave, it’s easier to cave again. But, I did miss food terribly too. What I did in the end was sole source in the week and SS+ at the weekends. Maybe leave it tonight and consider what’s best rather than eating food today. Good luck xx

  13. Hi Laura / everyone
    I’m on day 6 today of doing sole source I really felt hungry today but managing to get through the day. Need to swap my rice puddings & porridge for shakes. I have my choc shakes warm which is nice on a evening. I get weighed Thursday morning fingers crossed for a good weight loss to motivate me for next week.

  14. Hi Laura,

    What a great blog! I did the Cambridge Diet about 5 years ago and lost a lot of weight and felt great and as you say, it really helped me to redefine my relationship with food. I kept it off for a long time, but unfortunately with the pressures of work and a ‘quick fix’ necessary when working long days I’ve piled it on again over the last couple of years. I’m currently struggling to stick to any kind of diet (I’ve tried a few over the last few months…some lasting a few weeks and others only a few days) and am thinking of going back on the CD as it worked so well for me in the past. I only worry that I’m becoming a fad diet junkie!!

  15. I’m starting CD tomorrow. I am excited to start but really nervous that I can’t stick to it! So glad I found this blog

        1. My advice would be keep going, drink the water and if you’re getting close to goal talk to your consultant about moving up the steps. Sometimes increasing the calories can work.

  16. Hi Laura

    I have been looking into starting the CD, I am bridesmaid at a wedding in May and have put on some serious chub over Christmas!
    Can you realistically exercise whilst on the CD? I know in the first 4-5 days I probably wont want to do anything at all, but I wouldnt want to give up exercise (running, gym etc) for much longer than that.
    I would love to lose 25lbs and time is not on my side!

  17. hi Joyce

    I am about to start the CD this weekend. I think we should do it 2geda and be CD buddies!!!!LOL

    Any1 interested in joining is WELCOME!!!!

  18. Hi well done on achieving your weight loss:-) I’m on day 3 finding it very difficult, bad headache tired and no energy, I called my consultant who told me to have an apple or carrot or celery stick as I don’t tend to eat till 8:30-9pm per evening! I’m on 2 shakes a day and food in the evening! I read a few blogs and they stated they got through it with zero sugar drinks mints sugar free nd chewy( I thought u wasn’t allowed this?) can someone correct me if I’m wrong? And will it get better? I’m lucky I only need to lose a stone but I feel dreadful and very short tempered:-( thankyou Andrea

  19. First week last week on CD lost 11lbs and 7inches off too. was hard first day but gets easier I promise. Keep with it. i am on 3 shakes a day and water thats all.

  20. Thankyou my consultant called me yesterday told him my headaches were bad and I felt dreadful he has told me to have a couple of days off till I see him on weds to be weighed! But I’m confused upset that I’ve done this so far and now need to come off it for a couple of days to see if I have some carbs if my headache will clear up!!! Has anyone been tol/ or done this?

  21. Hi, I’ve been on this diet a few times over the years and have just gone back on it. This is not because it doesn’t work, it does, it’s just my life has been an emotional roller coaster and unfortunately I eat the wrong things when times are tough. Just wanted to say Andrea don’t eat carbs if you can help it, go with protein, chicken, eggs, tuna that sort of thing. Your headaches and felling rough are probably carb withdrawal. I’m on day 2 today, drinks only, and had the mother of all headaches last night. I took some paracetemol and drank loads. My headache went away in the night (got up for a pee) but was back this morning although not nearly so bad. You’ll find you feel so much better day 5 and as you have already done 4 days today? you’re so nearly there, if you can hang on I promise it will get better and then you’re off to great weight loss!! In the better stages you’ll be amazed how you feel, after all you’ll be getting all the right amount of vitamins/minerals you need and loads of water too …. I never feel better than when I am on this diet. The second week I feel as if I’m dragging myself around and I think this is because you lose so much in the first week but this settles down and week 3 I’m absolutely fine. I cook wonderful meals for the family and it doesn’t bother me a bit … this is mainly I think because you are rewarded for your efforts with consistent fab weight loss. So …. unfortunately no pain no gain as they say … but for a few horrible days you get great results in the end and I just focused on the dress I wanted to wear to my sons wedding which was a size 12 … nothing like something to aim for (event/holiday). I hung this dress on my wardrobe in view so every morning it would be the first thing I saw as I got ready for the day. So the advice I can offer is be kind to yourself, sit around as much as you can with a hot water bottle and do nothing allowing your body to do what it has to not stressing it further, drink the water, distract yourself with books/films etc, have a hot soak in the bath, ‘shop’ on line for outfits you’d like when you have got to target weight … but most of all go to bed early cos it’s better to spend some of these hours asleep. I drink a glass of Coke Zero which is allowed as a treat (only diet drink without a certain something in it). Mouthwashes sprays I wouldn’t do in case have something lemony in them (carb) or chewing gum is big no no cos your body gets ready to receive food! Really you have to find the will power to stick with it ( tell yourself you’re ill if you have to and will be better in a few days). What you’re experiencing is withdrawal (from carbs/sugar/caffeine) it’s temporary but oh boy the weight loss is brilliant!! .. Hope this helps …. Good Luck!!

  22. Wow Sharon and Laura!! Your comments r so helpful!! I’ve been seriously considering starting this diet for a few weeks now since a friend of mine lost 2 stone in 6 weeks!
    I have an appointment to c a consultant trow morning!! Very nervous tbh! Don’t want to fail! I’ve been reading up on all the side effects etc, and I’m hoping if I go into this telling myself that the first 4 days will b the toughest and I’m likely to feel like poo, that I can persevere knowing that once those feelings subside, I’ll b able to cope! Think it’s just the unknown, but knowing it’s not gonna b pleasant! So, wish me luck!!! Please keep on blogging, it’s so helpful xx

    1. Hi Laura, good luck, I’m on day 3 with no side effects but my God have I drank my body weight in water, WAY more than the 2-2.5litres advised, have found I’ve needed to drink much more and in fact that’s what my body wants, not been hungry at all! Good luck

  23. Hi
    Im so happy I stumbled across this blog – I’ts only my first day on the diet and already Im having problems – not with the water pr lack of food, but with the products themselves. Have had a maple porridge this morning which I thought would be good for a sweet tooth – I was wrong and spat it straight out. Lunch was Leek and Potato soup which was passable. Then onto rice pudding which again I was looking forward to – wrong again – realyl bad and threw it away. A little worried that im not going to find anything I like and Ill fail before I even begin……

    1. I have found watering down the soups, porridge and rice pudding works – I found the maple porridge disgusting too, if you make it with just the amount of water in the instructions.
      But diluted by another 10/15 % all these different meal replacements are then edible.

  24. Great blog, thanks. I have my first consultation on Wednesday. I will so miss my wine, but I have GOT to lose weight. Thanks again xx

    1. Ooh I miss the wine too. I hate water! Had coconut water today and have been drinking diet tonic water. First weigh-in in morning. Going to sparkling water in wine glad I suppose. Have done this diet before and lost 3 stone. Took 3 years to put it back on again.

  25. Omg my blog seems to have stopped emailing me when I get comments and I missed all of the replies. I am so sorry! Thanks to all for stopping by and I’m really glad you found this blog helpful.

    @Lucy I hope your weigh in went well and you’re contributing to do great on the diet?

    @Rik I’m so glad my advice helped and thanks for letting me know, I’ve got a lot of comments on this post now & I don’t always know how people get on

    @Joyce fantastic weightloss! I hope you’re continuing to do well?

    @JoggerJo yes you can realistically excercise on the diet, not for the first 2 weeks and within reason, but you definitely can (I have just qualified as a consultant – I need to write a blog post on that!)

    @Christina I hope you are still going strong on the diet?

    @Lisa I understand where you’re doing from and I don’t think it’s healthy to keep going up and down, but I also believe in the long run if this diet works for you then why not go back to it?

    @Andrea I’m a little concerned that you’re not on enough product (I have now qualified as an accredited Cambridge consultant), if you’re doing SS+ you should be on a minimum of 3 products a day, plus food or you’re not getting enough nutrients. I’m not sure on the advice or apple or celery not advice I would give. The headaches you are getting are probably carb/caffeine withdrawal. This is really typical on day 3. Also are you having enough water? This really affects things. I hope you’re doing ok, but please feel free to contact me (contact page) if you would like some one on one advice x

    @Sharon great advice 🙂 I hope it’s going well for you?

    @Sasha so glad to help – how did your consultation go?

    @Candice I actually only like the milkshakes on the diet – your consultant should swap any products you don’t like though?

    @Kate I hope your consultant went well? X

    Thanks again everyone 🙂

    1. I have been on the diet for a week weigh in Tomorro I do 3 shakes a day shud I be doing more what is SS

  26. Thanks again for a great blog Laura – saw consultant tonight and you were right – no problem to change products so have moved onto the shakes which I was able to taste before buying – so much better! Looking forward to a successful week 🙂

  27. I have lost 6stone in 5months before on this diet (2007) & I will do the same again now, I started my CD 2 days ago & I am very excited about pee ing pink (ketosis) , so good luck to me &every one else on this diet & ill let you know how my first weigh in goes

  28. @Candice great! In a couple of weeks you should be able to try the bars… I love them!

    @Steveo amazing loss. Have you got the same to lose again? As I am currently 7 months pregnant, I too know that I will be going back on this diet again, I will blog about it when the time comes. Do let me know how you get on

    I’m now thinking of creating a page where people could regularly update with their weight loss and how they are getting on on the diet. And help each other out, would people be interested in that?? 🙂

  29. Hi everyone. Glad to av stumbled on dis blog. On day 3 of week 6 of sole source and av bn doing well so far. However my scale has not shifted this week and I haven’t cheated . Any idea on what may be wrong?

  30. Hi all. Lost loads of weight on CD many years ago and today is my first day of starting back! Lots of new products available, only shakes and soups when I last did it. Not doing too bad so far, though it’s only been a few hours lol. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone xx

  31. Hi Laura, great blog, first of its kind , really helps people get thru the diet ! My husband and I did it in 2006 for a special holiday . I was 12 st ( far too heavy for my petite 5ft 2″) and my hubby was17 st too heavy even for his 6ft 3″ height. We lost 6 stone between us in the space of 5 months…I can honestly say we never felt or looked so good……I still have the clothes and have put the weight back on……mainly due to my relationship with alcohol!!!!! Sad but true….now we are going to Shanghai in 6 weeks and I hope to lose ,hopefully 10 kgs, enough to get into a pretty dress I bought……I think your idea of having a page , noting weight loss, perhaps giving stars, viewing before and after photos is a very powerful and positive tool….people will then believe it! I do believe hydration, hydration, hydration really is the key…it relives headaches and hunger pangs …….GOOD LUCK to ALL OF US as we embark upon this !

  32. Hi there, thanks for a really useful blog.

    I’m thinking about doing CD but I’m slightly worried as I have couple of weddings coming up in the next 3 months. As a guest I don’t feel I can sit there and not eat a thing (or whip out a CD shake or bar) as the bride and groom will have paid for me to be there and have the usual meal etc. Does anyone have any ideas – are you allowed the odd cheat meal/day for an event like a wedding?

    Having said that I don’t want this to stop me and I did Lighter Life quite a few years ago so I know I have the willpower in there somewhere to keep me going….just need to find it now…!

  33. Hi there. This is the end of my 5th week on CO and have lost 2 stone so far. I have never felt so healthy in years. Going on holiday at the end of May and I am aiming to lose another 2.5 stone. It will be the first time in 20 years since wearing a bikini. My confidence has soared. Thanks Laura for giving me such inspiration. Your blogs are so comforting and beneficial. I don’t feel so alone & my consultant Kate has been there every step of the way

  34. Hi Everyone , I thought this blog was brilliant the first week I done this I Lost 5.5 Pounds , which I was over the moon , I was having a shake on the morning , shake for dinner , and a meal on the nite time which consisted of- Chicken breast , mushrooms , greens ( Lettuce & Spring onions & cucumber) as i am not a fan of vegetables , also you could have fish or eggs with salad , I did find it hard , as I like my foods and takeaways , I work 40 hours a week and find it hard sitting with 40 women who eat snacks and sweets all day , But overcome it , Second week was a fail which i was unhappy about due to the fact that i had to go to a party and a birthday meal, and not lost anything that week , this is my 3rd week and i am going to TRY my hardest and loose more pounds , The ONLY big problem which ive noticed is drinking water on the weekend , I work monday to friday which we have a water machine on the department which is great but when the weekend i forget to keep drinking it !!! grghh …..Will try my hardest and who ever does this diet !! have got willpower , Bad headaches to clear with tablets and drinking water, I could tell i lost the weight the first week as my stomach shrank , as first i thought 5 pounds 🙁 but when the consultant showed me the blob of fat of 5 pounds i was amazed !!! , xxx

  35. Great to hear people doing so well and great blog. I have just contacted my local consultant to hopefully start in the next day or so. I am going on holiday in 9 weeks and want to lose as much as I can for that. I don’t want to follow the plan while I’m away but don’t want to pile it back on. Any suggestions what I should be eating while I’m there? Other than stay away from carbs and alcohol!!

  36. Hello all. Love hearing all your wonderful success stories. It’s nice to support one another- I am meeting a consultant tomorrow. I have never done the CD diet before but tried everything else with no success. Liz I have the same issue.. Going on holiday in July for 1 week and want to eat normally and have a few drinks but not pile it on. Anyone have any advice?xx

  37. hi all
    i have just read all posts as seeing a consultant for the 1st time on fri, very scared but need weight loss badly since going back to university to train as a nurse (mature) and have put 3 stone on!!! my son and i will graduate together and need to be slim, i hope i can find the willpower inside me to stick with it.
    thankyou all for sharing your experiences xx

  38. Thanks everyone for all your amazing comments. I just love seeing how well everyone is doing on the diet 🙂

    @Joyce 16lbs in two weeks is amazing 🙂

    @Betty I hope you have managed to lose weight now? I would say that water consumption is so important for this diet. I bet you will also have a sudden weight drop

    @Catherine good luck! I hope you’re doing well?

    @Alexandra thanks for your comment and I will look into getting a page like that on the blog. Hydration is so key to this diet, good luck losing the weight for what sounds like an amazing holiday.

    @Rachel weddings and events are tricky on this diet. You could go to the wedding and only eat the protein in the meal and remain in ketosis?

    @Geraldine what a lovely thing to say thank you. I am so glad I have been able to help people with my blog. Fab result on the 2 stone. And good luck for May – that’s when my baby is due 🙂

    @Matthew do you have a smart phone? Can I suggest downloading an app called Water Tracker – you can set reminders and it can send you alerts to remind you to drink water 🙂

    @Liz and @Libby there are several steps on the Cambridge Weight Plan not just the shakes and soups which include food. I would suggest going over them with your consultant and moving up to one of these plans when you’re on your holidays 🙂

    @Mandy good luck on Friday, your consultant will be lovely because they will understand and have gone through what you have too. I’m sure you will lose that 3 stone in no time 🙂

  39. Hello all. Started cd today and already have a roaring headache. Taken neurofen and drinking lots of water. Anyone manage to overcome this? Xx

  40. Think it’s just what you’re doing Libby – water and neurofen! Does get better. I’m on day 15 now and feeling pretty good! Lost 11 pounds in the first 10 days and waiting for my next weigh in on Thursday! Well worth the misery of the first few days lol x

  41. Thanks Catherine. Nice to know it gets easier as today has shocked me how hard this week is going to be. Wow thats amazing well done! Im seeing my consultant thursday but would only have been 4 days so weighin the next thursday.x

  42. @Libby I think @Catherine has beaten me to it. Unfortunately you do get headaches in the first few days, it a combination of caffeine and carb withdrawal, but it will pass. The key to really help you is lots of water, because it is also easy to get dehydrated when you’re on sole source too. If the headaches continue though after the first 4/5 days you should give your consultant a call x

  43. Seriously considering doing the Cambridge diet having lost 2.5st with sw, putting back on 1st and not being able to find the motivation to get back to it. Seem to be on self destruct at the mo, stuffing myself silly 🙁 are u able to take a weekend off with this diet? Got my 10th Anniversary in Dublin and don’t want to be taking shakes! Obviously I would expect it to affect my loss that week but that’s ok.

  44. Well, I have started CD today, want to lose 2 stone, maybe 3, so it is really brilliant that I can read all these comments. Having had my first day I am sitting here thinking….can I do this? I would just love to eat something but no….after reading all your supportive posts I am so inspired, glad I have made a start and feel really motivated to lose this weight and keep to the diet. Looking forward to the next few days!!!

  45. Hi all,this is my first full day on CD,so far so good,tried it about 5 years ago and did very well but stopped it and piled it all back on 🙁 love reading all the posts here and it really helps to know that we are all going through it together,good luck everyone x

  46. Wow thank you iv found this blog really helpful I’m on day 6 of ss and I’m beginning to obsess over food only because my partner and son are eating in front of me I keep thinking I can’t do it but I weighed myself this morning and already lost 8 lb which jas made me determined to keep going I have one question though did u find the 3 months going by fast or dragging? And when u had bad days how did u keep control? X

  47. @Sam you can do a weekend off if you wish to, and completely understand why you would want to for a lovely weekend away like that. But it will take you out of ketosis and make you hungry again so you will have to go through those first few days again on the diet. I would say if the weekend away is close it might be better to wait until after it depends on the dates.

    1. Hi laura
      Thank you for your post.i have tried so many products to lose weight .which was of no use.i heard about this diet and i am going start from tommrow i need to lose nearly 15 kg.hopefull i lose .i update with my results.tq for your post

  48. @Jan I am so glad that everybody has inspired you 🙂 you so can do this and will feel amazing when you reach your goal. I look forward to hearing how you are doing.

    @Allie good luck, at least this time you know what mistakes you made and know how to work at maintenance when you hit goal. You’ve done it once, you definitely can do it again x

    @Amber I found I had good days and bad days on the diet. One day I day struggled to watch my husband eating his dinner and went and had a bath instead, another I was fine sitting in a restaurant with my fizzy water. Just take it a day at a time and don’t focus on the time ahead until goal. I found after weigh day I could look ahead to the next week and just focus on that.

  49. I’m just at the end of my first day and I feel proud of getting through without cheating.
    I don’t actually feel hungry but I’m definitely obsessing over foods. I know it’s going to be hard but I want to lose weight so badly that I feel determined to keep at it. 3 months seems so long so I hope it gets easier x

  50. I started Cambridge Diet on Monday, I’m following the ‘four products a day’ approach. I made the mistake of weighing myself today … Not lost anything yet!?! I thought after 5 complete days with no food I would lose something! Feeling a little bit deflated

  51. Your story is inspiring! My auntie lost 2 stone in her first month then down to a stone a month after that. I’m on day 3 now and I’m feeling determined!

  52. I’m on day 4 Went to a lovely consultant in Bracknell called Alix. Helpful and hopefully help me lose 1stone, lost 4lbs so far….

  53. Hi-I am a real beginner & I have my first consultation tomorrow. Looking forward to giving it a try so wish me luck ladies!

  54. Hi loved reading ll the blogs I have been going to a very difficult time emotionally and comfort eating now I am 18 pounds over weight been to my consultant got the soups my first day today never been on a diet before so I need all the help I can get. Much love Rekha

  55. Am on week 3 guys, and yad this banging headache yesterday, am not sure if it’s caused bynmy sleeping late and getting up early.i had to eat some proper food and feel so guilty now as I had good losses in wk1 and wk2. Lovely comments on here, I will be good going forward.pls read my blog and drop some comments.

  56. Hi everyone thanks so much for stopping by

    @lesley I found I never did stop thinking about foods I’m afraid to say, but i did find in the end I was craving healthy foods and not choc / crisps etc

    @Kirsty well done to your auntie! And I hope you are equally having great success?

    @Joan I live in Bracknell too 😀 I hope you’re doing well?

    @T.J good luck! How are you finding it?

    @Rekha thanks for posting your before picture! The first few days before you go into ketosis are tough. You gave to grit your teeth and keep yourself busy and drink lots of water. But the when you go into ketosis it’s much easier and you will see great results. Good luck x

    @Eve thanks for stopping by. If you need to eat, stick to protein or look at sole source + plan so you don’t go out of ketosis. Hope all is going well.

  57. @Toks yes you can have tuna and prawns on sole source + you should have a booklet with all of the steps and the allowed foods in – you should find details in there. If not, ask your consultant 🙂

  58. hello I have start my diet on Monday and I have to say I have been drinking water 3liter per a day which I never deinked water that much in my all life. is very hard diet but I have to be strong. burning 500calori in the gym drinking 2 of the shakes per day and small portion of food . hope I will loose my weight quickly, happy to loose few kg for month .:)

  59. Hi lovey hearing all your comments and journeys. I am on day 6 sole source plus. First weigh in Tue due on any minute arghhhhh lol. Feel bloated and craving but not giving in. Got 4 stone to lose. It is coming off! xx

  60. Im on day 2 today finding myself very hungry not cheated and don’t intend to but its still hard to ignore the hunger pangs ! I have drunk 3 litres of water so far today also my 1st weigh in is on sunday ! Got a few more hard days in front of me before then !!! Trying to keep positive !

  61. @Nella good luck – I would advise you to take it easy on the exercise front for the first two weeks until your body adjusts, but I wish you lots of luck!

    @Sarah did your first weigh in go well? I hope that it did 🙂

    @Natalie the first few days are particularly hard until you go into ketosis, but it will be much easier after. Keep positive and you’ll get there.

  62. I am on Day 5 of CD and so far, am finding it OK on the whole. My fabulous consultant warned me about feeling real hunger pangs and recommended a slice of lean ham or chicken if I needed to eat something. which I did yesterday. Although I haven’t weighed myself, my clothes are most definitely looser! I would like to lose 4 stone so have a bit to go but am very determined. I am going to be a shadow of my former self by the end of 2014!

  63. Hello Laura, thank u so so much for creating this page. I started the CD on 1st June, completed day 4 today so am really looking forward to loosing about 3 stones. I am just very very worries about hair loss. Anyone experienced that yet ??

  64. Hi, I’m half way through week 3 of SS so I can have the bars now which makes it easier. This week I’ve been having a shake about 12, soup at 4 and a bar at 8 but since Monday especially on the mornings I feel like my body has been zapped of all its energy. Even getting dressed makes my arms ache lol. Was hoping to start to include some exercise now that my first 2 weeks have passed but got no chance at the moment. Debating if I should increase to SS+ for a week or 2 to see if I get some energy back or do you think this will pass?

  65. Hi, I’m on day 5 of ss and have stuck to it 100% but havnt lost any weight. Any ideas why? I’m so dissapointed 🙁

  66. I am on day 2.can anyone help me stay motivated.who wld like to join me with their daily experiences

  67. Hi Ria, I will have completed 3 weeks tomorrow. First few days you may get a headache and be hungry but once ketosis kicks in the hunger pangs ease. Drink plenty of water too and maybe sugar free mints for the bad breath you will get shortly lol. Keep yourself busy to take your mind off food. I got weighed today and have lost 16lb in total. This is my motivation to keep going and will be yours too after your first weigh in x

  68. Hi loved reading all the posts, on day 2 of the CD woke this morning with really bad stomach ache, even the porridge didn’t help, wondered if I wasn’t the only one?? Need to loose 3 stone for my sister I’m laws wedding and we are doing it together which helps, I’ve started on stage 2 which is manageable when you have a meal to look forward to x x

  69. Hi loving all the feed back and reviews . Starting the CD today as I need to loose a stone before my august holiday. Not new to The CD diet as I’ve done it before and went from a size 14-16 to a size 8. That was 3 years ago and kept it off till now. Anyone wants to do this together as this time round I am lacking motivation

  70. I am on day 2 of CD, well I would be on day four but on my 2nd day I flaked and had 2 packets of crisps….disappointed isn’t even close to how I felt!! But am now on day 2 and I genuinely feel like I can do it and feel very positive knowing I’m not alone and you are all feeling the same!! Great tips on the blog such a great read and from the comments. I have been having food obsessive moments but every time I think of a food I want, I change my thoughts to remind myself of the feeling of losing weight and how rewarding it is. We can all do this!!

  71. Started CD 2 days ago, feeling really hungry still. Hopefully the hunger pangs will pass soon. I am finding the evenings more difficult than the days. If anybody else is doing it I really could do with some support. I have 8 stone to lose. I go on holiday in 9 weeks time. Realistically how much weight can I lose in that time?

  72. Hi Kat. Dont give up! Im on JUST starting week 3 & have lost my first stone! I too struggle at night. Not so bad in the day when Im busy. I find chores to do as a distraction & drink herbal teas in the evening. Oh….and I go to bed early & read or watch TV so as I am upstairs away from temptation!My daughter keeps saying “nothing tastes as good as slim is going to feel”! I hope so!
    Good luck!

  73. hi im just wondering if itwould be completely cheating to do this for 2 meals a day and maybe have chicken and veg for dinner? or vice versa

  74. Well I had WI today. I fell off the diet at the weekend but got back on it Tuesday. When I was weighed today I had lost 7llbs. That’s brilliant. If I hadn’t of fallen off the diet it would have been even more. It’s made me more determined to do it. I have 7 weeks until my holiday. I am not 18st13llbs. Last week I was 19st6llbs. I keep telling myself I can do this. Tomorrow will be testing as out on a school trip all day. I have picked up some ready made cartons to take with me. My consultant also said I can have 1 cup of bouillon or bovril a day. She said no more than that because of the salt content. It will be nice to have a change from water though. Keep with it everyone who is doing it. The benefits will be worth it I am sure!

  75. Hi All,
    I have a consultant appointment in Milton Keyens on Thursday morning… feeling a bit nervous about it all rally. Nervous that i might lack motivation…. 🙁 i would really like to lose between 38-45lb… just hoping that after my first week’s weigh-in it motives me to keep going… I am also worried about my skin after the weight loss… i have had 2 children close together.. so my body is not in great shape to begin with.. if you know what i mean…lol. Do you have the energy on this diet for gym classes… was thinking maybe taking up Tai Chi or Yoga

  76. They don’t recommend you do exercise when on this diet. You can tone up after. I have a lot of weight to lose and I have had 3 children. I didn’t go weigh in this week. I am going next weds so will see how much more I have lost!

  77. Hi looked this web page up to help motivate me, I am on day 9 at the moment, I did a week of sole source and lost 6lbs, now week 2 I’ve moved to sole source plus, think the meal at night it what I need as I felt like I was never gonna do another week of just liquids, got 14lbs left to lose so gonna keep going

  78. end of day 2 and feeling ok… the liquid 3 days is pretty hard. can’t wait until Monday so i can have a bar… i am doing sole source.. and plan to stick on the same plan throughout…. I seem to be struggling more with no milk in tea.. aaarrrggghhh… still i have hung up lots of nice size 12 clothes all over the place to keep me on track.. lol..

  79. on sole source the consultant said ic an only have 3 packs per day, which is only 447 kcal per day… does anyone have 4 per day..? i could really do with 4 per day

  80. Last year I was on this diet, and I achieved pretty good results.

    However I started it again now.
    My first week I lost 7.4lbs.
    After that the weight has stopped during the last 5 days I have lost 0.4 lbs.

    I am loosing my motivation, because I am doing everything correctly, water, no cheating.

    Where can be the reason?

  81. Hi everyone this is my third day on ss I have not suffered from the headache so far and have not really felt terrible hunger pangs. But I have been feeling really agitated and feel like I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel that I get worse as the day goes on. I work full time so have a shake ab 8am, one at 12pm and one at 6pm. I have been eating a small bit of chicken or a boiled egg when I finish work at 4:30. During the day I drink water or a bottle of fizzy water. Today my body is showing slight ketosis when I used the urine sticks. Is anyone else feeling like this and will it pass? I only need to loose just over a stone in weight so hope it will work quickly n

  82. Also just to say that I am not weighing any lighter so far which is a little disappointing to say the least. Has this happened to anyone else please?

  83. Hi all
    I am just considering starting on cambridge I have done this before around four years ago and lost five stone in four months so it definitely works, I have tried restarting again before but it is harder the second time round. Very motivating though reading everyone’s posts on here good luck everyone c

  84. Hi all.
    Day one for me!!!!!
    I have used this diet many times before and it works….however maintaining my weight is always a problem. I have informed my partner I have started and my social calender is on hold for a month !!! Will keep you all updated and good luck!

  85. Hi all

    I have tried this diet once before and had no success and was really disappointed.
    However from reading your experience i did not miss out all the meals, so maybe i was advised wrong so i’m thinking of doing it again as i would love to lose 3 stone. well done to all of you that lost your weight as it does seem really hard work,,,,,,

  86. Just wanted to share my experience with Cambridge I lost just a stone its the fastest diet ive been on and realised all the junk I had been eating took years off a 63 year old and I feel great ..

  87. Hi guys

    This is the second time I’m doing this diet and I have to say it is the hardest thing I have ever done (well the first 4 days are) but it’s sooooo worth it. The first time I lost 4 stone after battering with my weight for years, the thought of being a really fat mum at the school gates just horrified me, but this diet was my saving grace. That was two years ago but because I became to complacent ( with KFC ) I but back on 1.5 stone, so I’m back on it to shift the extra weight and hopefully get down to 10.5 stone (apparently that’s what I should be for my height 5ft 7in) if you are thinking of doing this diet it isn’t for the faint hearted but it is worth it I promise you.

  88. Hi everyone, I’ve never done this diet but have lost 5 stones before over a year by using the gym and watching wot I eat. But the last 2 years have been stressful and the weight has crept up. I saw a friend do the CD and got inspired. So today was my first day. Everyone’s stories giving me motivation . Can’t wait till day 4 is over.

  89. Hi I started this diet first time .today is third day.a bit hard and feeling dizzy but hoping I ll manage rest of the day.

  90. Hi all.. i just got it, going for 2 weeks full supplement. Will update the result 1 week later… i m 5ft 7, 69 KG. Wanted to achieve 60kg. 9kg to go. Wish me luck!!!

  91. Hiii everyone,
    I live on the other half of the world so here I’m the only one on this diet that’s why I’m sooo happy that I found this blog atleast someone I can share with my experience and would totally relate
    day 2 for me , thirst all the time can’t sleep and hungry hungry hungry 🙁
    I’m 90 kilos hoping to reach 60 omg! That’s too much to lose so wish me luck

  92. Hi everyone. …my first day on the CD after many failed attempts. I did CD 4 years ago and lost 3 1/2 stones and manged to keep it off until last year when i went wild on eating out. Am back on to loose just over a stone. Good luck to everyone.

  93. Hi again everyone, I’ve just finished day 5 & no headache feeling much better. I’m glad I found this blog feel like I’m not alone. Can’t wait till it’s end of week and I get weight. I won’t say this is easy but if you want something good you have to work hard. But keep it up everyone and drink lots. Xxx

  94. Hi everyone,
    First week over and was weighed today, instead of tomorrow and I lost 9lbs on the soul source plan. So chuffed.☺

  95. Hi everyone..I am trying this diet for first time and it’s my third day..I am keeping myself diverted and not thinking much of diet,let’s see how the first week shows..

  96. First week is almost done but I’m freaking out about not seeing any results and adding this to all my previous tries to lose the weight with no success :((
    I have a question for u guys who tried this before , does everyone lose on this diet?! How long it takes to c results? !

  97. Hi,
    I started CD four weeks ago and i only lost 4 kgs. Anyways i have noticed something, my consultant started step 2 with me! 4 Cambridge meals and a homemade food. Did this happen to anyone else?

  98. Day 1 for me today!
    I starting on 810 diet 3 products and a small protein and veg meal. I have been successful on the diet but fail as I do not do the stages to consolidation. Lesson learnt. Good luck all

  99. On week 5 of the CD and already lost 22lb although last week only lost 2lb bit dissapointed. …… still onwards and upwards……feeling like I haven’t lost any weight this week either, can’t understand why as I haven’t done anything different….I will keep you informed…

  100. Cambridge diet week 3

    Kinda struggling this week . Cannot stop thinking about food . I was wondering if I could do ss2 instead of just the ss . Ive lost 12lbs so far and notice a change in my body already . So has others but for some reason I am feeling a bit down this week !

    Hope your all well and doing great !

  101. I did the cambridge diet at the beginning of 2013 and lost about 21lbs. I felt amazing but came off the diet due to university restraints. I have put on about a stone since stopping due to secretly eating when my other half is at work and now weigh 11st 12lbs. I have started cambridge again and currently am on day two. It is such a struggle as my head is constantly pounding & I feel as if I’m hollow inside due to not eating. But I know it’ll all be worth it when I get to my target weight. I am fed up of being the fat one of my friends!! x x

  102. Hi I have been on cd nearly five weeks and I have lost 20 1/2 pounds .the first 4days I was starving I just kept saying to myself 12 weeks 3 stone that’s what’s kept me motivated . I’m looking forward to Christmas when my 8year old grandaughters is going to help me pick a new little black dress .

  103. I am in week 2, feeling ok,, lost 9.5 pounds in week 1 really pleased. My only probles are night trip to the and last night I had cramps from hell in both legs, have now read this is a possible side effect, but I will keep going, so watch this space. Happy dieting all

  104. I’m just at the end of day 2 I was a bit worried tonight as I think I suffered a migraine my vision was strange I suppose it was like tunnel vision then once my vision was back to normal I had a headache… Has anyone else had this? I have drank 4ltr of water today and several cups if tea.

  105. Hi all. Day 4 for me! Done this before…several times and have always lost weight. Maintaining is my downfall. need to lose 2 stone and am feeling lighter already. headache gone and presuming ketosis has set in. drinking 2.5 litres a day and finding it ok. I do however have skimmed milk in tea and coffee. Is anyone else having milk???

  106. I am 51 yrs.old and start on the cambridge diet tomorrow sunday Oct.4 2014. I will be doing the 110 four times a day.My plans are to consume water mint tea with lemon juice and cucumber used as a detox while losing te weight and eliminating toxins from by body.Please wish me luck and prayers,I am at the last resort and am determined to lose this excess weight then get a tummytuck.Yea the new me.Thinner.


  107. .. Both myself & husband are on day 4 ….keeping busy my cupboards have never been so clean and crochet helps as keeps mind off food. Looking forward to weighing on Wednesday .sparkling water in a wine glass helps my wine cravings . Good luck everyone

  108. Hi.Im in my 4th month now & have lost 36 pounds!
    Ive gone from a size 16 to a size 12 & once you start seeing the changes & other people comment it spurs you on! So dont give up!
    Ive reached my first target & have now set a new one 🙂

  109. Second time doing CD , now in week 5 lost 18 1/2 lbs found week 2 the hardest of all but once I got through it has been easy… Also 3 inches off waist. Good luck guys.

  110. .. 1st weigh in 8lb loss for myself 13lb for my husband .really please!!!
    But were both really feeling the cold .. Anyone know why ?

  111. Will be starting this diet on 19th October, I’m doing a trial with hospital for diebetis prevention. Not starting until I’ve been on a course with work and know the food will be too tempting. Looking forward to losing some weight.

  112. Day 1 today, for the 5th time! I lose weight each time I tried but maintaining is the biggest problem. I always would have gained more weight than the starting weight of the last diet. Really hoping this would be my last but successful trial. Any tips?

  113. hi all 🙂 my first day me and my husband we moved to Dubai a year ago and both gained weight alooot of restaurants and delicious food and food lovers so we heard about this program and went on to the consultation on Friday and today is our first day,fingers crossed 🙂

  114. Today is my first day….I’m so excited but honestly didn’t like the taste of what I tried so far (banana shake and Oat).
    What do you think is the best of all. Cause I don’t want to quit

  115. For anyone struggling out there, ive started on stage 2 3 cambridge and a protien meal , after doing sole source the first time and failing . i have found this stage much easier to follow and lemon bars are my saving grace….

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  117. Day two:i felt hungry today and eat cucumber as me consultant advised me,still i didnt take my third meal but iam guessing it was a good day,my husband also is hanging strongly 🙂

  118. Eight weeks on Tuesday still going strong ! I find when it’s cold I feel really hungry just watched my partner Finnish off his Sunday dinner the smell was torture

  119. Time I had my soup and stopped feeling sorry for myself . I looking good that’s the main goal . Good luck everyone

  120. Just wanted to share myself & hubby have been following sole source for 6 days today and had our first weigh in 19/10/14
    Mr Lost 24lbs
    Mrs Lost 13lbs
    Our consultant couldn’t believe it just like us.
    Granted we both have a massive journey ahead but what a fantastic start. We usually both have a really social weekend & my hubby likes his lager & me I’m a wine drinker so Friday nite & last nite (sat) was awful as we go out for a curry every Saturday nite. We have been getting through going bed early like 9.30pm on a weekend …… sad but i keep telling myself it’s a small sacrifice to be free of this awful burden of carrying around with me everywhere excess stones in weight & no more I’m starting my diet tomorrow days. Realistically we know we won’t continue to loose the amounts we have lost after just 6 days but my god what a boost and thinking about it doing the diet is saving us money too.

  121. Hi everyone I’m going to see a CBC consultant at 5pm today. I’m really nervous about doing this plan again I did it 2 years ago and managed to loss over 2 stones but I have put it all on plus more. I have a big problem as I binge eat please please any advice would be greatly appreciated x x x

  122. Coming to the end of day 1 for me, so glad to have found this blog!
    Have been ok so far today… Although making dinner for my husband and daughter was a bit torturous but I NEED to keep going…. Tonight he is out & daughters in bed so I’m bored…. Off to bed I think!

    cant wait for my weigh in!

    Does anyone have any interesting tips for the shakes? I seen a recipe for the choc mint with some milk in the freezer?

  123. Hi, I’ve been on this diet 7 wks now and lost 21 pounds. Half a stone in first week! Quicker weight loss keeps me motivated also having a weight consultant keeps me on track. I have had the least loss this week at 1.5lbs, but cracked and had pizza and wine! Eek!! Usually averaging about 3lbs per wk. Am on step 2, I have milk in my tea and coffee and sometimes skip meal (protein & veg) in the evening, making it a sole source day. Had terrible headaches in first wk, but fine now. Can’t stress how bad it is to break diet with carbs tho (incl alcohol)! I have 1st 7lbs more to lose and aiming to lose by Xmas! Keep thinking of being able to fit into a nice party dress and start the new year feeling like a new me!! Good luck everybody, stick to it, WE CAN DO IT!!!

  124. Hi ,I’ve just started the CD today . I loved reading the inspirational comments and feel ready for the week ahead . Good luck to you all .On wards and up wards on in tackling this new adventure !!!

  125. day 3 of step 4…. major migraine today???? .. has anyone any tips on what I can eat…. not much info apart from fruit and veg??.. finding difficult??? xx

  126. I’m now in week 7 and 25 lbs Gone, inches are falling off waist and thighs people are now started to comment about my weight loss . it is such a boost to keep going…

  127. Wow fantastic story joining up this week I suffer with high bp and acid reflux hope this does not affect my progress wish me luck Ann.

  128. Hi I swear by the good old faithfull Cambridge Diet, I lost three stone a few years ago, and I’m back on it again next week to lose one stone, see what I look like at that. If I was a horse, you would say I got a bit thick around the girth. there are (3) things in life that are a must. Cambridge Diet, Aldi’s Lacura Expert day & night cream. and having ones Eye lashes exstended at Slim”Trip beauty shop in Frodsham or anywhere that do good lashes. the better you look, the better you feel. I feel it is great to have this comments page, we are all in the same boat, Let’s get slim and active. Roll on ladies, and some men, don’t want to be seen as sexist !!!

  129. Hi I swear by the good old faithfull Cambridge Diet, I lost three stone a few years ago, and I’m back on it again next week to lose one stone, see what I look like at that. If I was a horse, you would say I got a bit thick around the girth. there are (3) things in life that are a must. Cambridge Diet, Aldi’s Lacura Expert day & night cream. and having ones Eye lashes exstended at Slim”Trim beauty shop in Frodsham or anywhere that do good lashes. the better you look, the better you feel. I feel it is great to have this comments page, we are all in the same boat, Let’s get slim and active. Roll on ladies, and some men, don’t want to be seen as sexist !!!

  130. i am starting the cd tomorrow, reading these reviews has really motivated me. I would like to loose a stone for Christmas, and another stone after. the way I am thinking is one week at a time, because the thought of going without food for a month is unbearable. I am hoping that the quick weight lose will keep me motivated. but thank you for such a brilliant site, listening to other peoples stories and progress is great. let you know after 3 days feeling very excited

  131. Tried ww & SW. I have 20 days till my daughters wedding & look ridiculous in my frock so I’m giving cd a go. Wish me luck!

  132. Hi I am 12 stone an feeling very unhappy I would like to be 9.5 and I am starting the diet in the new year this post is very helpful 🙂

  133. Hi I can’t believe my twelve weeks are up tomorrow one pound to go for the 3 stone , I’m looking forward to some chicken for tea & veg .i feel great my clothes now look good on me good luck all if I can do it any one can

  134. I started the Cambridge diet 4 weeks ago, I didn’t get the headaches etc: maybe coz I have at least 3 LTS+ of water a day, but now finding from being 9st 10, am at 8st 13, only got to get down to 8&half stone coz very small in height being 4ft 9″. But now finding my weight loss very slow don,t know if this is normal can anybody say? Please.

  135. Hi can i ask u some questions?did u excercise during ur cambridge diet? I am on the sole source stage and i am not excercising at i going to have extra skin when i lose weight? And dose excersing help me lose more every week?

  136. Hi, I did the Cambridge Diet a few years ago and lost 4 stone. I was 16 stone got to 12 stone. I have now gone up to 18 stone and I am thinking of starting it again but remember the very bad constipation I got whilst doing the Cambridge Diet last time. I really can’t think of any other way to lose the weight so I will start the diet tomorrow and see how it goes. I am also afraid of the stretch marks due to quick weight loss any feedback will be great.

  137. Love Cambridge! I lost 9 stone in Cambridge in 10 months and that was nearly three years ago now and in that time my weights it gone up and down here and there by 2 stone which seems a lot but compared to the 9 it’s nothing back more it again to shift the last stone!

    Cannot stress the importance of maintenance!!!!

  138. hello everyone i have also done the cambridge diet i lost two stone
    before my operation (hysterectomy )
    have gained it all back bar about 5 lb so cant wait to start again
    good luck to everyone x

  139. hello everyone! I love reading everyones input on the cambridge diet, it’s really helpful. I am 20 years old and I started the Cambridge Diet on the 21st of december 2014 and my starting weight was 83 kg and i am 5″5 so that gave me a BMI of obese. I was super excited to start after reading all the reviews and i just really want to give myself a kick start to a new life! Im on day 3 at the moment and doing the sole source with 3 products a day and drinking 3 litres a day. Honestly not feeling the slightest bit hungry surprisingly and have to force myself to even have the three meagre meals! Thankfully i haven’t experienced any headaches and constipation as of yet (And i hope it stays like that!) i found I have sooooo much more energy its ridiculous even at this stage, I walk for 30 mins and do light exercise daily and I cannot wait for my weigh in! I will post how much I’ve lost after sunday! xxx

  140. Good luck phresh
    so pleased your doing so well as the early days can be challenging, keep up the good work and i cant wait to see how much weight you lose x

  141. Hi I done the cambridge diet 2 years ago and lost 2 stone in 2 months! it helped me gain my confidence back specially as everyone was saying how great I looked! its now been 2 years and have only gained 3kg since. People were commenting on how I was going to put the weight on as soon as I started eating normally… what people don’t realise is that this diet not only helps you lose the wight but it also helps you train yourself for good as to how much you should eat and what you should eat. of course we all have the odd days here and there where we will endulge but we also know that those days are occasional and won’t happen all the time! you deserve a treat now and then… Good luck to you all… this is by far the best diet EVER! X

  142. Hi I’m going to start cd tmro! I’m excited to get going. I have done the lighter life diet before and lost 4 and a half stone but sadly it’s all back on plus some more.i need to lose weight for my collostomy reversal in May. See surgeon in under 3 weeks and I’m meant to have lost some weight, hence starting the diet tmro!! Wish me luck

  143. Cambridge works!!! The first 3 days are the hardest. Once you get into ketosis it’s much easier. I lost 25 lbs. In 6 weeks doing sole source. If you take the fiber product that cambridge sells..and use it every day from the very beginning, constipation shouldn’t be an issue at all. Doing the diet without the fiber is just asking to be constipated…been there done that and have learned!

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  145. Hey back on Cambridge third time always been successful 3 stone off in 3 months and totally my fault I put back on because I ‘over’ indulge so this time it’s for the long term. Excellent diet always feel fab after the initial 3 day de-carb

  146. I am on day 8, and already lost 10lb ! I also lost 3 stone a few years ago and have put about a stone back on.
    As diets go – for me this is as good as it gets ! and you continue to feel motivated as you are constantly losing weight.
    Good luck everyone

  147. Hi I have started CD today and set my first goal at 2 stone in 8 weeks which my consultant has said is very achieve alb phew!!!! I brought a new water bottle which is a litre so I can keep track on what I’m drinking each day (always been rubbish at just drinking water). I will keep you posted on how things go! Good luck to you all we can do it!!!!

  148. Hiya. Just came upon the old link I’d saved for this site. I last commented in March when I’d just started this diet! Well, I then weighed 14stone and by end of July weighed 9stone 7 – 3lbs below target. Today I weigh 9stone 5lbs and feel great! Diet is absolutely brilliant and the best thing I’ve ever done so go for it! Once you’re past the first, for me 2 weeks, it’s easy too, as long as you don’t cheat. Good luck everyone xxxxxx

  149. i have just started this diet. im not going to lie i am currently a scary 251kg and hoping this along with the change of diet after its done wilk change my life, my only fear is even if i get below 200 like my goal is the firs time around then not going to notice any difference in size, but the dietician said its not like that i will defo fall down a few sizes as the lose in mass looks more than the weight you lose

  150. heya i’ve just started today on step 2 as i cant go without a small meal in the evening, i’m 5ft 2 and weigh 13st and wanna be 9st
    ive had apple and cinemon porridge this morning which was ok(ish) bit salty towards the end and got 2 shakes which i’ll have throughout the day i wanna be at my target weight by july this year! wish me luck! i hope everyone else who is on this or is thinking about starting the best of look aswell!

  151. Hi I have just started the diet and am on day four , just wanted to say thanks for all your posts they are really helpful! Will update as I go!!,

  152. I’m on week one of the Cambridge plan,following past success of losing weight on.same.programme I figured this time I’d really stick to it and.see it through till the end of my weight loss journey… There is a.way to go, with over four stone to lose! So far doing ok,in truth I’m probably not consuming enough water and therefore feel slightly headachey at times. Not sure if this is mildly down to body expelling all the cards too?! Not feeling terribly hungry anymore but it’s just gone 9.30 am and I’m pretty ravenous for my morning shake( my favourite is chocolate mint!) Will find out if I’ve lost and how much on Friday at my first weigh in and I’m farely confident somethings happening as I feel less bloated,less fluidy..
    Will keep you posted. Great idea to run this blog,it’s very encouraging. X

  153. Well I’m now on day 5 and it really dos get easier !!!!! So it’s worth the hunger pains and headaches I’m really hoping I’m in ketois now and sort off looking forward to the scales I’m so please I’m at day 5 role on day 7 for first week weigh in

  154. Hello all. I’m starting the diet tomorrow and so nervous. I dieted a year ago and lost 30lb and I remember the headaches well although it wasn’t the CB diet, all the same headaches are headaches lol. I’m hoping to lose 4stone and more by July to get back to my ore baby weight. It’s doable I know and it’s definitely the changes and people’s comments that spur me. Good luck all.

  155. Hi girl I am starting this diet in 2 days time and I am hoping to lose 4 and a half stone by the 6 of July do yous think this is possible help plz x

  156. Im on day 4 of the Cambridge diet, definitely finding today the hardest so far. Im hoping to lose 4 and a half stone. trying to keep myself motivated today. They say on average you lose about a stone a month so im hoping by the summer I will be there! good luck everyone! nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!!! 🙂

  157. hi I’ve just started day one and its hard!! But all your posts about it being hard for the first 3 days has really encouraged me to stick with it. I weight 20stone and I want to lose 5 stone so a long way to go I have tried lots of diets but I really need routine and knowing I can only have my shakes is helping me get my head round it. This may sound a bit strange but I’m sure my skin looks better already must be the 3 litres of water !!

  158. I’m on week 4 of Cambridge, and have lost 13lb so far. Starting wieght of 16stone. I would love to be around the 10st mark so five more to go!
    I’m really enjoying a shake for breakfast soup for lunch and the risotto or shake in evening. I had a bar today for the first time disgusting!!! I’m not a fan! The vanillia shake with coffee is really good!!! Gook luck everyone!

  159. I started the CD on 12th Jan, I got weighed after 9 days and had lost 12lbs. I was thrilled, get weighed again tomorrow, can’t wait. I can already feel the difference in my clothes. I need to get a few more weeks over with and see how I feel.

  160. Hi all,

    I started the cd five days ago and it definitely been challenging not so much with hunger more the side affects. I’ve had no energy! I’m starting to feel better but day 3-4 was my worst days. Headache are really bad to 🙁 today I’m not to bad tho. As I started Monday an my consultant does her home visits on a Thursday I got weighed yesterday which was day 4 an I am 4lb down so that’s a 1lb a day im hoping it speeds up a bit more now I’m in ketosis stage. I’ll keep you updated guys an good luck you have given me more motivation x

  161. Morning all just to update you I am in week three and get weighed tomorrow but in 14 days I lost 18lb and 10.5 inches so this diet does work!!!!! I am doing sole source so shake for breakfast and lunch then a soup for dinner. Big tip drink loads of water it helps with the headaches and also helps you loose weight quicker!!!! I drink at least 3 litres a day so a lot! My starting weight was 16 stone so with abit of determination you can do it! I originally said my first goal was 2 stone in 8 weeks but due to my success I have already changed this to 3 stone!! I totally want to loose 4 stone and I will do this by end of May! I am doing sole source for the full 12 weeks which is hard core but already I’ve had people notice my current weight lose which keeps you focused and also feels great 🙂 Stick with it ladies and gents we can do this just think how fab we will feel in the summer x

  162. Thanks for posting this. I “started” a few weeks ago, but admit that I keep munching on crackers because I’m “hungry”. It is good to know that that is the stupidest thing to do as it isn’t helping at all. I need to increase my water intake and will start having a little tuna or chicken when that “I’m starving to death” part of my brain kicks in LOL.

  163. Hi everyone, it’s so inspiring reading about what everyone’s going through..I’m on day 5 and haven’t found it too bad but I’m very nervous my biggest downfall is when I socialise..I’m going away in a few weeks and hard as I think can’t figure out how il work the diet into my short break?? I nervous I’m going to fall off the wagon in a BIG way!!! How do you all cope with holidays and the Cambridge diet???

  164. Hi all, weighing tonight fingers crossed for another 5lb! When you go away just keep thinking how amazin you will look and feel once you reach your goal it’s not worth cheating it will take you twice as long to lose the weight and you will be soooooo annoyed with yourself stay strong!!!!! I will post later what I lost but honestly ladies and gents if I can do this anyone can I used to love my food (really missing cheese and wine

  165. Hello there people

    Didn’t no there was a page for people on the Cambridge

    I started on January the 27th 2015

    after a weigh in today which is my 8th day I’ve lost 10 pounds

    Last week I was 12.10 stones

    And today 8 days later I’m 12.0

    All I do is have 3 shakes a day

    1 hour of exercise

    And drink 2 litres of water

    If any 1 wants to do this together then feel free to email me at

    I’m attending a wedding on Valentine’s day and since asian weddings last for long

    ill have to eat for 3 days and wonder how much weight will I put on

    And another thing since loosing 10 pounds I have 2 abs showing on the top row and the middle abs starting to come through

    Just email me if any 1 wants to do this together

  166. So I’m doing it for the second time and I can honestly say that it is tougher this time, but that may have something to do with the fact that I can no longer stomach and of the shakes or soups so I’m limited to bars and risotto pretty much. lol.
    Could be doing worse, struggled the first couple of weeks so not as big a loss as I hoped, but am in my fifth week now and last weight in I had lost 17lbs.
    So to anyone else doing this diet, don’t let one bad week finish you cause it is worth carrying on.

  167. Hello all, congratulations on your loss. I’m starting cd in three days cant wait. Keep going all and thanks for your comments very inspiring

  168. hi all, im on my 2nd weeks, and can already see the difference. I was 56 kilo before, now im 51.2 kilo.. im soo happy. Im getting married in June, my goal is to weight 46 kilo. Goodluk to all.

  169. This is day one for me and its going okay but l do want to eat eat eat… However I am feeling motivated and looking forward to my first weigh in

  170. Hi,

    I have tried every diet known to this planet and have not had any success. I have since witnessed my friend do the Cambridge diet and she has gone from a size 18 to a 10 in 3 months and looks amazing. I am currently 5ft 2inch and weigh a little over 12 stone, would really like to be 9stone again by mid July as I’m going on holiday, Is this possible in that time? All the feed back seems really good. I have agreed to meet with a consultant on Thursday to hear the options, so quite excited 🙂

  171. Hello fellow Cambridgers. My husband and I are doing the Cambridge Diet together. After 7 weeks I have lost 28Ibs , hubby 40Ib. Amazing how we have the same diet. ( I am tall so have 4 like him) and he looses more each week. Incidentally, we both use Sugar free chewing gum and it has no effect on the diet!! and we were told it was ok to have it. It makes such a difference to have something to chew in between the soups etc and cleans the mouth. Good luck everyone in your weight lossses, think positive!!

  172. I’m currently on the Cambridge diet and all I can say is that it’s great and that it’s the first diet that actually gives results, at least for me.

  173. Hi all well I’ve been on SS now for 9 weeks and lost 55lb so all going fantastic can’t believe I’ve actually done it this time!!!! Want to do another stone then I will be a comfortable 10-12 in clothes so really happy with that! I am hopeful to loose almost 5 stone on SS (got 3 weeks to go). Stick with it everyone u can do this

    1. Tracey you are an inspiration well done you!

      – can you give me any tips on how you get through when others are eating. I will be cooking for my 6&10 yr olds plus hubby and I’m worrying about picking their left overs when having weak moments. Istart my plan on Saturday

      Best wishes
      Georgie xxx

    2. Wow, fantastic weight loss, well done! Only on day two myself but determined, lost three stone last time so keeping fingers crossed I can do it again.

  174. Hi Laura,
    I really need help! I live in Jeddah, KSA and the consultant here in the center put me on 4 Cambridge meals plus skimmed milk/yogurt and vegetables (she said that I can consume as much as i want at any time). After 2 weeks, I went in for my weigh-in and I had only lost 4.1kg (I need to lose 18kg). She said that it was due to the fact that i skipped meals and didn’t take it on time. Anyways, she also allowed me a cheat meal this week. I went out and ate! I feel bloated and seems like I gained some too. Sorry for this long msg but I’m really desperate because there is no one to help over here. It seems that the center is not doing the diet properly based on what I’m reading online.

  175. starting this diet tonight after much failed attempt’s at others and research on it, found your blog very very helpful, as website did not have the answers as clear as this.

  176. Hi Laura. Lovely blog. Glad to know that I’m not alone in this!! I just started my journey yesterday (6th May 2015). I am currently feeling miserable, and that is saying the least! But I’m on to this and I intend to see it thru. Need to lose 30kg, that is about 66pounds! I need all the encouragement I can get. Wish me luck!!

  177. Hi today is my first day, it’s going okay so far, the hunger pans are bearable and I’ve just been drinking water. I was wondering the best time of the day to have the meals? thinking about how j would look at the end of a this is keeping me really motivated

  178. Hi there Laura,

    Gosh I’m so pleased I’ve found this page! My weight loss journey like others on here has not been an easy one. Since having my daughter six years ago Ive gained weight through poor health, emotional eating, secret eating, wine & lots of gin & Tonic!

    Gonna get graphic now! My weight issues started after the birth of my second child because I had a vaginal, bladder & rectal prolapse. Resulting in incontinence. So my go gave me some drugs & was told to “try to live with it” so I ate my self into oblivion.

    Two years later after being totally inactive as unable to exercise Id piled weight on & was still being told to live with the incontinence & painful,prolapse symptoms – I kicked off and shouted ” NO! sorry, but no more!” Get me sorted out!

    I was operated on a month later. 18 moths Later the op failed resulting in my uterus and bladder pro lapsing, so was given total hysterectomy. At 36 this was heart breaking & I emotionally ate my body weight in crisps and chocolate, oh and gin helped whilst sobbing to my long suffering girlfriends.!

    Then last month I had some very bad pain so my consultant examined me and discovered that my bladder has prolapsed again & my bowel has prolapsed into my bottom so I’ve become incontinent with it all.

    I need a major & very risky operation to remove a large section of my bowel, and hammock placing under my bladder. Because of my current weight causing so much risk I asked if I could try and go away and join a gym and loose some weight which was agreed to.

    Then at the weekend I bent to tie my daughters shoe laces and slipped thre disks in my back. Hospital say this is all caused by my bladder and bowel pro lapsing further and I need my op sorting out sooner rather than later.

    So in utter desperation to get some weight off quickly and safely before my op Im so utterly miserable and feel a total burden to my family who I love and adore. I’ll do anything for them and don’t want to put them through the worry of another op. I feel so un happy with my appearance I loathe looking in the mirror. I want my family to be proud of me and I want my husband to look at me with love and lust again not worry and pitty.

    I’m Trusting in CD to help me and I’m about to make the call to my consultant to start this plan. I’m so glad I’ve found this site with everyone’s inspirational stories & I pray I have the will power like so many others on here to break my cycle of emotional eating and get my weight off ASAP.

    All your stories are so motivating and I shall keep you up to date with how I get on. For the first time in five years I feel I have hope.

    Thank you Laura for your wonderful blog!

    Love Georgie

    1. Georgie sorry for my slow reply I have been on holiday. You poor woman this sounds horrendous and I hope you are doing ok? How are you getting on on the diet now, please let me know and I wish you the very best of luck xx

  179. How are you doing Georgie? Sorry you are having such horrendous health problems and hope you do well on the CD. I’m on day two and starting to feel hungry so I guess lots more water today. Please let us know how you are doing.

  180. I have been reading your journey to Cambridge Diet,and your blogs are helping lots of people.I would like to loose 3 stone but need lots of motivation.Please could you help me i am going on CD from next week.
    Many Thanks

    1. Hello Pooja – if you’re not on twitter or Facebook – can I suggest you follow my weekly Weigh, Lose or Stay feature (every Tuesday) as I am back on the diet and writing about how I am doing each week. You can comment each week and let me know how you are doing too? 🙂 x

  181. Hi there,

    All of your comments are amazing!
    Well done for all your efforts!
    I am considering this diet after a friend of mine recommended it. He has lost a mega amount of weight. I just want to check a few things before calling a consultant. is it easy to maintain the weightloss after reaching your goal?

    1. Hi Bianca, it is the same with any diet – you have to eat sensibly afterwards if you go back to eating how you did before you will unfortunately put weight back on. But Cambridge have a 6 step programme to reintroduce food back into your diet and to educate on foods and portion. The people that do better are those that follow these steps.

  182. hi Laura
    Fantastic blog I’ve just messaged my local Cambridge diet consultant and waiting for reply so I’ll be keèping watch on your blog also I have sent request on Facebook for your page ????

  183. I’ve done cd before with great results… Had to go back on it because I’ve eaten like a pig and need to loose 4 stone…. Again I only have myself to blame I’m currently on 3 sachets of porridge a day as it makes me feel I’m eating something use a tea spoon as that seems to help too.. Today I’m starving and have a banging head. I bought some wee sticks and they are just the second one in ( very very pale pink) also got runny belly anyone else get any of this?

  184. Hi

    I’ve been on Cambridge 2 weeks, lost a stone and been up gym 6 days a week.
    Only another 5 and a half stone to go……
    Good luck to you
    I’m in the zone…and staying there…

  185. This is a diet program recommended to me by my doctors in Marina Medical Centre. I am actually 30 kilos overweight! And I will be undergoing a treatment in my ovary when Ive reached the right weight.

  186. Get a FREE Wristband – Show your support for diabetes awareness and get a FREE wristband. I got mine, Did you GET yours? To get YOUR FREE wristband, click here

  187. Good luck everyone. I’ve done this once before and lost 28kg in just over 10 weeks a few years ago. Back on track to lose those pesky few still left and it is hard to get back into it and harder still when you are a big know it all and trying to do it yourself. Well, wasted two weeks – who knew ricotta was a bad choice for a snack and off to the Cambridge consultant I go.
    Feeling double frustrated as have ditched a 20 year habit and quit smoking and could swear that instantly gave me two kilos despite being on a keto/Cambridge/low carb diet (damn ricotta). When I refer to ricotta my friends I didn’t realise it was the whey protein killing it for me despite have like a tablespoon each day.
    So ignore my ricotta, protein comments and stick to a consultant who will motivate you and help you reach your goal quicker without all those time consuming shortcuts us know it all’s get. 😉
    Wishing me and you all huge success.

  188. Well done Laura. Good insight from your perspective should help others.

    Started this 4 weeks ago, had zero side effects other than the toilet bit. Wish I stared it sooner. 4 = 20lbs, Can’t see me coming off it for the foreseeable future.

  189. I had always been on the fat side. But when I had my 2nd baby in 2014, I expanded. I tried several weight loss programs but they seemed slow in seeing results. I needed to shed off fast. In March 2015 I decided to try Cambridge diet. The side effect I experienced was severe dizziness in the first 3 days. Afterwards, I was determinedly okay. I never cheated. I didn’t lose much on the scale-I hardly do- but I lost quite a number in inches after the first 3 weeks. My consultant was amazed to see me and encouraged me not to bother with the scale cos of the transformation. My clothing were oversized. I was like a skeleton that friends and family(especially my hubby) advised I stopped. I actually wasn’t going to do it for long cos it was expensive for me and not sustainable. I stopped after 3 months but it set the grounds running for me in portion control, eating salad and drinking water(I never used to like drinking water and eating salad). It’s over two years now, and I am still a success story. CD is highly recommended for fast results but may be not for a long term program.

  190. Hi,

    I’m so glad I found this blog!
    I realise it’s quite a long time ago and no one will probably respond.

    I just want to say reading your blog and ALL the comments I’m feeling inspired to give CD another go. I first done CD in 2016 where I lost 3 stone I went holiday and gained 1stone. Ever since I’ve tried to get back on CD having gained the 3 stone back. I know CD works, so I have no negative thoughts about it. I think it’s all to do with will power and my mindset. We are now in 2020 this will be my 4th attempt. I currently have about 10 days worth of products sitting there. After reading all the comments I really want to give it another go! I’m fed up of feeling like a failure. I want to loose about 4.5 stone in total. I will give it ago! Tomorrow will be my first day back on SS. So thank you for posting this blog and I hope all those that posted previously has reached their goals! X

    1. Hey, just come across your post – how did you get on with CD in the end? This marks the beginning of day 3 for me (have had 2 shakes and a small salad each day and will be sticking to that). First two days have been fine but I think that’s because I know I’m having a meal/solids at 5pm and the thought of that keeps me going. I’m booked to have a gastric sleeve on 7th Feb and have to do a Liver Reduction diet for two weeks post op. I thought I would start it early so I can get used to it. It’s also 2 weeks before Christmas so if wasn’t doing this, I would binge on Xmas chocolate and treats and be even heavier. Hoping to be able to fit into my winter coat come Christmas day because I can’t close it yet this year. I’m not going to weigh myself until Xmas day. If it goes well and I can stick to it til mid Jan, I might even cancel the surgery.

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