Cambridge Diet – Share Your Journey!

istock-weight-loss2I have mentioned before how totally overwhelmed I have been by the amount of people who have read and commented on my blog about their own weight loss journeys on The Cambridge Weight Plan. It is so exciting and humbling for me.

I would love to share your own journeys and how your all do on this programme. So I have started this post. When you comment you should now be able to upload your before, during and after pictures which would be so amazing for us all to see.

If you have any questions please feel free to throw them my way. As of last month I am now an accredited Cambridge Consultant *happy dance* and after my baby is born in May I am looking forward to having my own clients and helping people start their weight-loss journeys. I also know I have put on weight in my pregnancy and will be planning to go back on the diet after I have stopped breast-feeding which I will share with you all on here.

I can’t wait to see / here from you all!

242 thoughts on “Cambridge Diet – Share Your Journey!

  1. Hi – it’s great to read all the motivational comments! I’m at the end of day 2 and can’t say I’m finding it easy!! I’m seeing and smelling food everywhere

  2. Hi Laura, thanks so much for writing your blog, so useful to read more about the Cambridge diet!

    My mum and I are both hoping to start this diet very soon, but I just wanted to know if you have to start the diet on step 1 with all the liquids?


  3. @Angela the first few days are the hardest until you go into ketosis, bear with it and things will get easier x

    @Jessica I am glad to be able to help people. Good luck to you and your mum. You do not have to start on the first step at all. There are 6 different steps many of which include food. When you meet with your consultant have a chat with her/him about it and they can can discuss the options. Good luck x

  4. So glad I found your blog. On day 2 week 1 and ok so far. Drinking more water than I have in my life before. Tried the rice pudding today – yucky but ate it anyway. Will try and swap for veg soup – scrummy.

  5. Hi there,

    Really great to read your blog. I am on day 6 and finding it hard today. Keep thinking of food and worry about a few things coming up. Have friends over in 2 wks for dinner. Been in diary for yonks and was thinking I could have a little beef and vege and nothing else but worried. Am going on Hols in 2 months and worried about that too. Have 5 stone to loose and was really up beat but today I am finding it tough o:(. Any advice please

  6. @Sally yes you do drink loads of water, I found it made my skin amazing though a couple of weeks in you’ll really notice the difference. I haven’t yet tried the rice pudding as it came out when I was pregnant and I can’t have the products when pregnant due to the vitamin A content, but I have heard it’s about following the instructions to th letter to make it taste nice.

    @Debsie you do have tough days on the diet, once you’re in ketosis I think a lot of it is mind over matter and the we begin to realise the other reasons we eat. Don’t look at the 5 stone goal as it will seem overwhelming just focus on the week to week. That was what I did, I’ve lost xlbs this week, great I’m going to do it for another week. In terms of your friends over to dinner, I am assuming you’re on sole source? Can I suggest you make yourself a SS+ meal? Some chicken or fish and veg – you will find it in your steps booklet. It won’t be the same as everyone else, but it will mean you stay in ketosis and on plan and you will feel proud of yourself in the long run.

    For your holiday, I would say see how you go, it is probably best to move up to steps with more food in it, your consultant can take you through them. There are still plenty you can continue to lose weight on and enjoy your holiday and you can always go back down after. Focus on one week at a time and you will get there, your weigt in must be soon and seeing that loss on the scales will make you feel amazing 🙂

  7. Great website I’m seeing my consultant tomorrow then away I go ! 2.1/2 stone to loose and I will keep you all informed x

  8. I am starting this on sole source tomorrow, bit nervous as I have tried similar things but could never stick the week but the consultant said this is where I will see best result if I can do this for at least the first week, don’t know if I can, have 1.5stone to lose, any advice?

  9. Wow. Laura. Your fab. Thank you sooo much. I hugely appreciate your reply. Mad how we let food rule eh. I don’t have the booklet should my consultant give this to me? I would love a buddy if anyone fancies it. This is a mind over matter way of life I guess that’s why it’s hard.

  10. Hi Debsie, I would be delighted to be your diet buddy.

    Week 1 day 1, wasn’t so bad at all it’s day 5 and 6 I’m not looking forward to as this is where I have caved in the past. But I’m trying to be selfish and seeing this as something I want to do rather than something that I have to cope with. My first weigh in won’t be until day 10 due to when I had my consultation and when I started the plan so 1 down 9 to go 🙂

  11. Hi ange and Debsie I’m starting tommorro, saw consultant this evening, I will update tommorro evening after work good luck all

  12. HI Ange,

    horay, lets buddy up, I am on day 8.. was feeling quite down on sunday, but think it was cos it was the weekend, and I wasn’t feeling very well. I went for a weigh in on saturday – early as should have gone last night and i lost 7lb in days so very happy with that. email is
    Sarah, good luck, am sure you have done well.

  13. Hi Laura. I have loved reading everything on your blog, it’s been so inspirational!! I did CD last year and lost an amazing 28lbs in 3 months (my hubby thought he had a new wife!). However I have gained 11lbs and have tried CD for the past 2 weeks to shift this and only managed 2lbs! I just can’t seem to get into it at all. I know I can do it, I’ve done it before. I keep snacking on the wrong foods. I’m getting really annoyed with myself. How can I stop this obsession with snacking and stick to my shakes & soups. I’m doing SS+

  14. @Sarah and @Ange and @Debsie so lovely you’re going to be diet buddies. What a lovely idea and best of luck to the both of you. Do please pop back and tell my how you’re doing. If anyone fancies doing a guest post at a later date of their own journeys I would love to have you on the blog 🙂

    @Jacqui thank you for your comments, it’s so humbling that this blog helps inspire other people. It seems ironic that at 8 months pregnant I feel enormous lol.

    I have done this diet twice now. Once before I got pregnant with my first child and once after. I definitely think that the second time is harder than the first. But if we look at you 11lbs on SS+ will come off really quickly and better to tackle it now than put on all the weight you amazingly lost last year. I would do two things, I would sit down and write down why you want to lose this weight. Make a list, keep it private, I did this the second time and when I was having a bad day I went back to it and reminded myself what it meant to me. I would also debate going down to sole source (not sure if that’s an option and if you’re doing SS+ for medical reasons?) and try taking food out entirely for a week and use it to realise when the cravings come why you want to eat at that time – if you’re in ketosis it’s most probably psychological and maybe write down what you’re feeling when it happens. I hope this helps 🙂

  15. Wow Laura, thanks for your quick response! I’ve never gave the SS a thought TBH, I didn’t even know that this option existed as I have always done SS+ (not sure why this as I have no medical reasons or anything) I will try SS as I think having the slightest bit of food makes you just want to have more. I will try this and the list. Thanks so much for your advice, I will let you know how I get on this Friday – weigh in!!

  16. @Jacqui no problem, you caught me on reply to comments moment 🙂 if there are no medical reasons, then I think it might be worth trying going down to Sole source. Look forward to hearing from you on Friday!

    1. Just reading through this again and 3 years later…… I’ve still not lost the weight and even gained more!

  17. HI Laura, I think you blog is fab and even though your not doing it at the mo – congrats on your pregnancy by the way, this is a really lovely little blog.
    would like to keep you updated, but am sure you will be a busy bee in the next month ;o). but sure can come back and update.

  18. Hi debsie I’ll drop u a mail, Sarah if u drop a note to Debsie we can all share details.

    Well end of day 2 for me, I’m not starving but out of habit or for what ever reason I sooooo want to eat something……but I won’t as I soooooo want that size 10 dress for my holiday in May too. Not sure how long I can do sole source for but will stay on this until my first weigh in in 8 days!

  19. Can I just check that with Cambridge you have 3 meals a day on sole source, anyone done lighter life as I think that’s 4, just checking I Xmas not starving more than I need to be 🙂

  20. Hi Laura, Hope you are well. This is only start of day 4 of doing SS. I’ve only lost 1lb. However if I can keep this going over the weekend then I hope to see the results on Tuesday which will be a full week. I’m finding it very tough. Don’t know who’s suffering the halitosis more, me or my poor hubby

  21. Jacque keep going xx Day 5 going well 8 lbs so far very hungry at times but there’s an excellent phone app called minimins all diets and the CD diet part is amazing have a look at all posts and before and after photos x this has kept me going I have been tired irritable and hungry on SS but summers around the corner and as I keep reminding myself had I started January I would not be doing this extreme plan just think without pain is without change and I keep thinking of a hot summer feeling nice and slim and not regretting not loosing weight. So let’s just do it and I have folded the pages in my next directory for inspiration ! Any questions just ask and good luck xx Mother’s Day tomorrow……. I’m not going out for lunch just cooking pork roast for the family (I hate pork)

  22. I’m a male of 6ft 1 and started the Cambridge diet Monday 24/03/14. Just having 3 shakes a day check my weight this morning Sunday 30/03/14 and have lost 11lbs but this first weekend I must say I’ve been the hardest trying to keep busy keep my mind of things but feel weak which I believe is a side affect. My start weight was 18st12lbs and would love to get back into 15st which sadly as been many years since I was in the 15st club. My weight is mostly on my belly middle age midriff. Which never got to me until this past year I came downstairs with no top on and looked in mirror and at the moment felt so ashamed of myself so at that moment stopped drinking cut down on my food but still no loss of weight kept looking on website for ways to loose a beer belly tried a few things which never worked. Then I seen a advert for Cambridge diet but took me a month to contact someone as I thought diet was mainly for woman. You don’t see many male post on web that’s why I wanted to post this as this Cambridge diet is for all peoploe. And don’t be shy as I was find a Cambridge diet rep in your area and give it go I wish I’d started sooner. And to all past present and future I wish all good luck in achieving your goals. We can all do it

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thanks for sharing on here.
      My husband and I started the Cambridge Diet on Wednesday.
      I’d be really interested to know, two years on, what success you had with the diet and how you found it?
      My husband sounds a similar build to you: 6’1″ and was just over 18 stone at the beginning. He would like to get to 14 stone.
      He is really struggling with the diet to be honest.
      He is having four products because of his height and being male (I was surprised you were only on three – was this advised?)
      But by day two he was incorporating two bars in to his four products and by day three (yesterday) he has replaced one product with a low calorie protein meal. So he now has: two bars, one shake, one low calorie meal.
      However, day four and he still feels really rough: really dizzy, no energy etc. and to be honest, if he goes on feeling like this I know the diet will be unsustainable for him.
      Did you have any of those symptoms and did they improve?
      And I wonder will my husband’s symptoms improve?
      Will he reach a stage of ketosis whilst eating two bars a day?
      I know he could really use some encouragement, especially from a bloke of a similar build.
      Thanks so much. Hope you see this, as it’s been a while since you posted!
      Perhaps you might have some thoughts for my husband, Laura?
      Thank you both.

  23. Well done Dave 🙂 I lost 7lbs in my first week 🙂 but to be honest very hard 3 shakes alone so I am doing sole source plus this week an extra 200 cals a day so some meat and salad veg will keep me going !! Still only 640 cals a day so still low cal 🙂 how’s was last week

  24. Great blog…..I’m on week 3 and have lost 12lbs to date- but today I’ve no energy what so ever and I’m so moody, ive texted my consultant and they are telling me my energy levels should be sky high, have you had this side effect?

  25. Yes x the first week 2 “energy” days and the rest very low energy 🙁 plus a very bad migraine but in week 2 I have started sole source plus 3 shakes and a 200 cal meal which has been heaven and still 640 cals a day which is very low, on my low energy days I tested my blood sugar as my mum is diabetic and my levels were low at 4 also buy ketone sticks from eBay and check your in ketosis when I feel that ill I drink more water and the color should be in between in the ketone chart and dark purple. It’s very hard and I’m now happier at 3 shakes and some protein salad or veg. Still in ketosis with the 200 cals so I’m happy I admire people on this plan that only have 3 shakes a day ! And have 4 to 6 stone to loose in just wanting 2 stone and at 5 foot 7 I think that will be enough x

  26. Such a nice blog 🙂
    Thinking about starting Cambridge diet soon! Nothing I’ve tried has worked so far 🙁 I’ve put on nearly 3 stone in the past year and have decided enough is enough!
    Is anyone about time start? Looking for a bit of a Cambridge buddy to keep me going haha! X

  27. I’m so glad I found this blog!! I did CWP last year for 3 weeks losing 20lb easy then in my 4th week found out I was pregnant with my 2nd baby so bye bye diet hello lots of carbs to rid my morning sickness but now I’m 12 weeks post baby and am ready more than every to start. Just want to say congratulations to you for taking this journey and looking forward to seeing and hearing everyone’s journey 🙂

  28. So glad I have found this…..just started CD today, want to lose 2 or 3 stone, it is just great to be in touch with other folk doing the same as me. I feel quite inspired and motivated knowing you are all out there doing the same as me! Really looking forward to the next few days and seeing the flab come off!!!

  29. I’m starting stage 2 on Monday and am wondering if I can have 2 bars, 1 shake and a main meal every day as opposed to having 2 shakes, 1 bar and a main meal each day as not sure if I’ll like the shakes but know I like a few of the bars

  30. I’m about to go to bed, I’ll awaken to day three week one. I’ve had the strangest thoughts/cravings for any/every food! I’m glad that’s normal! I’ve had a headache today and I’m going to try drinking more water tomorrow. So far I’ve done 2.5 litres both days and stopped a couple of hours before bed.
    I did weight watchers for almost a year, three gym visits a week and lost 2 1/2 stone, put it back on in 8 weeks that Xmas. I have had a baby since and gained more, so rather than a long costly battle, I thought I’d try this.
    My body is like Eddie’s from Absolutely Fabulous, it resists diet etc…hopefully not this one.
    Thanks Laura for this great blog

  31. So glad I’m not the only one on this post baby motivated journey. I really hope you all have great consultants but also hope we will find motivation through here! Looking forward to hearing how you are all getting on! I’m meeting my consultant at 4 today so tomorrow is the big day!

    4stone 9 to go,
    10 stone target!!!

  32. Wowee so many comments again thank you everyone for stopping by!

    @Debbie yes I am starting to slow down a bit. A few weeks to go until baby arrives, but I do plan to keep the blog running and replying to everyone as much as possible 🙁

    @Ange yes it is 3 products per day, depending on what step you are on

    @Jacqui I am hoping things have improved and you have done well on your first weigh in? I used to find a breath freshener spray helpful for my breath x

    @Sarah well done on the loss and I’m hoping it’s still going well? I used to do sole source as a treat at the weekends. I also never bothered with keystone sticks, but if it helps you great 🙂 but I did find a water tracker app helped me keep track of water and stopped me getting dehydrated.

    @Dave thanks for stopping by. Interestingly I never saw this as a woman’s diet as the person who recommended it to me was a man. I hope you have continued to lose weight and are feeling better on the programme. Well done, because I remember how hard that first phone call to my consultant was

    @Sally usually by week 3 you should be feeling better. But it could be a combination of things, not enough water, are you doing lots and lots of physical activity perhaps it’s worth reviewing what step you are on. Definitely worth having a chat with your consultant about it and I hope you are feeling better

    @Hayley I hope someone contacted you and you have found a buddy. Have you decided to go on the diet? Good luck with your weight loss

    @Caris congrats on your baby! I will be joining you in a few months depending on how long I breastfeeding for as my 2nd baby is due in 6 weeks. I also feel pregnant on the plan (both times). It was very strange to go from sole source to eating regularly to stop the morning sickness I have to say!

    @Jan thank you, I trust the diet is going well for you now? 🙂

    @Louise ideally you shouldn’t have any bars in your first 2 weeks. But you can have two of the lemon yoghurt ones a day

    @Suzie I saw understand having a diet resistant body, mine is like that too, but I have found it responds very well to this one. Hope you’re doing well on it and congrats on the birth of your baby 🙂

  33. Hi. I’m just at the end of day 1 and would love a diet buddy to help me get through. X

  34. I’m on day five, two days till my weigh in, fingers crossed as I have been really good, so much water, now getting up twice in the night lol.

    If anyone wants to chat feel free to email me

  35. Hi guys, so nice to read this blog…I’m at the end of Day 2: Week 1 on SS. Have done Cambridge before but not for long so am determined to keep it up this time. The first time I had a colonic before I started so as to clear out all the carbs but couldn’t this time as we have moved to the middle of nowhere and I think if I asked for a colonic they’d send me to the looney bin. I am hoping that not having one this time Won’t affect my results too badly as I lost 10.75lb in my first week last time and I don’t want to be too disappointed this time.

    Hope everyone is doing well with theirs??

    Also, just a little thing, at 6’1″ shouldn’t Dave be having 4 shakes a day on SS??

    Faith, trust & pixie dust…
    Aurora xXx

  36. @lesley6 good luck and I hope you find someone to buddy up with

    @Clare I found I had to focus on drinking water earlier in the day, and had a cut off point at night to avoid frequent night time bathroom trips!

    @Aurora I have never had a colonic in my life and the second time I did this I lost 10lbs in my first week. Cross fingers you will do just as well this time

    @Dave – to Aurora’s comment I missed this, I think you should be on 4 products too – might be worth having a chat with your consultant

  37. So glad there are newbies on here. Hope your all doing ok 🙂
    Wishing you all the luck in the world @laura with baby, I’m still convinced I became pregnant because of the plan as I have pcos n just all seemed very coincidental.
    I’m on day 4 and finally getting my energy and lost the horrible headache!

    and looking forward to my first weighing on Sunday! Can’t wait to hear about all your losses x

  38. Hi
    I’ve just started back on the diet, I lost 11lbs in Jan but gave up and put 9 back on!

    I have pcos and my symptoms are getting worse now I’m the heaviest I’ve been, so time to get back on it. I go on holiday in 7 weeks so that’s a massive incentive to me. Only on day 2 but I’m feeling very positive, just about to go and meet my friend at the pub, nothing but water for me though.

    Loved reading your blog and everyone’s comments, good luck everyone

  39. Hi, I’m on day 3 and feeling ok, I am a returnee, as I lost 3 1/2 stone 5 1/2 years ago, then fell pregnant & have finally got around to getting back on CD to lose 2 stone to try & get back to pre baby! less of a baby more 4 1/2!
    I’m determined to do it, Good Luck All x

  40. Hi all!! How are you all doing? Just wanted to give a little update, I had my first weighing today and I’m so happy I lost 12lb!!!! So majorly happy with myself and so motivated for week 2! Hope your all doing ok 🙂

  41. Wow! So many comments. So fantastic to have so many on the same journey. I managed to lose 5lbs of my 16lbs before my holiday. I went away and enjoyed myself, needless to say, gained the 5lbs. I’m away again this weekend therefore not starting back on it until Monday, where I can give it 100%. Good luck everyone have a good week x

  42. Hi Laura still on it 🙂 16lbs off in 3 weeks !! I’m 5 foot 7 and down to 11.9 only 14 lbs to go, I’m doing SS plus did a week of shakes alone and too low calorie for me. So week 1 = 7 week 2 = 6 and Monday I lost 3 so 16 lbs is amazing feeling great in my size 12’s can’t wait to get swimming with the children and not dreading the pool.

  43. Hi Laura – I feel like I’ve found a friend in your blog. I have stage 4 endometriosis and haven’t been able to get pregnant for a few years now. I know that losing weight should help with my fertility – I have lost almost 2 stone on my own, but it has taken over 2 years. My doctor has suggested I try CWP to lose the last 1.5 stone so that I can qualify for IVF with the NHS. I am so motivated by your story and the comments of others here. I meet my consultant tomorrow and plan to start after the bank holiday. I will continue to check back in to hear how others are doing, and hopefully I’ll have some positive news myself!

  44. Laura

    Your blog is a great inspiration. I love to hear how other CWPers are doing. I am only on day 2, having never done CWP before. I am liking the taste of the products and am finding that I am not hungry…………. yet! 😉 I’m wondering how long my mojo will stay! 😉
    Keep up the good work everyone.
    Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels, as they say!

  45. It’s so great to find this blog as I really need encouragement. I’ve got my first consultation booked on Sat & so will be starting the diet on Sunday. I’m really anxious because I’ve never stuck to a diet for longer then 1 week. Everyone around me is telling me not to do it because I don’t have the will power. I believe I can.. Really need some extra motivation.

  46. Very well written and interesting too……….by the way Sarah I started the Cambridge last week maybe we can follow it together?….. Regards elle

  47. I would like to loose 16 lb in about 4 weeks,i started last sat and got weighed today and only lost 2 lb after 6 days?……i did have a full blown pig out the week before i started so that was probably the reason for the small loss…….hope I do better than this week……..I was 100% religious and got on fine was not hungry at all but drank gallons of water and lime tea……hope you are successful Sarah please let me know how you get on…..regards elle

  48. Loving this blog, found it really Inspirational
    I’m on day 5, have found it fairly easy so far, had a raging headache on the start of day 2
    I’m feeling a little deflated today as firstly it’s the weekend and the day my partner and I usually have lovely food together, but also because I was expecting to feel better having entered ketosis but I kind of feel the same

  49. Hi all, sorry I have been slack replying to all your comments. I am literally due to have a baby in one day’s time and life has taken over a bit!

    @Caris thank you and I hope you are still doing well with the diet?

    @Holly I have PCOS too and I find I do well on this diet. I hope you have found the same?

    @Tilly congrats on your pregnancy and I hope you’re doing well on the diet?

    @Jacqui this diet is hard to manage sometimes with events and weekends away, I hope you managed to get back on it and you’re doing well?

    @Sarah that is awesome! 😀

    @Allie I feel your pain I really do, there were times when we were trying I never thought I would get pregnant. I don’t have endometriosis, but I do believe that weight influences our fertility. I really hope you can reach your goal and I would love to hear a happy baby story from you xxx

    @Donna thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you are still finding nothing tastes as good as slim feels? 🙂

    @Sho don’t listen to everyone else, listen to yourself, if you want to do do this you CAN do this xx

  50. @Sarah and Sho I hope you managed to connect and give each other support?

    @Ellie did you do better in your second week? What step are you doing? I suspect it might have been your pig out and hopefully the weight is falling off now?

    @Lisa thank you! It is just amazing how many people have commented. I found with ketosis I expected to feel full which you don’t, but the hunger pangs should have gone away? I also ended up doing sole source + at the weekend helped me feel like I was having a bit of a treat.

  51. Just about to finish my 2nd week, lost 10lbs so far, feeling great and can honestly say I’m not in the least bit hungry. I expected this to be much harder, love the flavoured water powder esp with sparkling water and lots of ice.

  52. Hi All, This is my first week on sole source for the second time. The first time I did the sole source diet, I could not manage to do all the steps. I lost 30.5lbs in 12 weeks. I have PCOS too so it helped me a lot. But since I did not follow to whole program, I started to gain weight again, so that’s why I am on this journey again.

    I got weighed yesterday (5th day) and lost 5.7lbs. I was happy. But today not so happy. I feel guilty cause today is my 6th day and I have cheated with some quaker oats, prunes, and biscuits argghh. I hate it when I cheat. So now I guess I am out of Ketosis.

    But I am hopeful to keep going without the bad cheating habit. My advice to you all,
    1. fight the cravings to keep your ketosis,
    2. drink minimum 3 Liters of normal temperature water (cold water is most likely to give constipation),
    3. think about this: the more I drink the more I shrink,
    4. think of the health benefits when you reach your goal.

    Laura thanks for your words, they really helps again and again. xoxo

  53. Hi all! I am almost four weeks in and 19 lbs down. I can’t believe it! I saw my doctor and he said that once I lose another 10 lbs he’ll put me forward for IVF treatment. I can’t actually believe how well I’ve done – this is the first diet I’ve managed not to cheat on before. I feel pretty good, except having some serious constipation troubles. My consultant suggested going up to step 2 to help with that. I’ve never used laxatives before, but sometimes they don’t work either. Has anyone else had these troubles? Thanks Laura for your kind words – looking forward to hearing some baby news!

  54. @Tanera so glad it’s going well for you! I like the flavoured water too, makes a difference when you have to drink so much of it

    @May you will be out of ketosis unfortunately, BUT it will not take you as long to get back into it – you’re not looking at another 3 days, more like half a day and you’ll be back on track, do draw a line and you’ll be back on it before you know it x

    @Allie amazing well done! Yes I had regular constipation problems unfortunately, I found psyllium husk supplements (Holland and Barrett) helped and they are safe to take on the diet and if I didn’t go after 3 days I would take a laxative. But u did find moving up it sole source + really helped things adding in some green veg.

    Oh and my daughter arrived last week – I will do a blog post when I am a bit more together as it was a cesarean birth. We have called her Aria 😀

  55. Very interesting to read all the posts and everybody’s success/optimism.
    I’m due to start Friday after seeng a consultant. Very worried about the headaches though … This could be the thing that stops me! Any advise before I start with regard to helpful preparation?

  56. Hi everyone, this has been great to read. Laura, when I first read your ‘First 4 Weeks’ blog, I felt like you were reading my mind!
    I started on SS 6 days ago and yesterday was the worst by far. I felt like I had the flu, I got home from work at 5pm, had my soup, went to bed and didn’t get up til 8am this morning. Feel much better today though.
    I get weighed again tomorrow and cannot wait. This has been SUCH a long week.
    I’m hoping to lose 2-3 stone overall.
    Good luck all x

  57. Hi,

    Thanks for ur lovely article on the Cambridge diet. It’s been exactly 3 days that I have started this diet. The first few days flew by maybe coz I was highly motivated. Today was comparatively difficult. But I managed to have my last meal without cheating. Actually I’ve been trying and testing the products so when I land up eating a not so good packet I feel so miserable. Almost like wasting the one meal I had! So I’m asking for an exchange on the numerous packs I took of all the not so good ones!!! I have clicked some before pics but too ashamed to post them online. Maybe I’ll do it with the after pics when I reach my target. I can do with all the support at this time coz I DO NOT WANT TO GIVE UP!! Thanks for this forum for us to post our heart out and look for any kind of encouragement 🙂 goodluck to everyone on this plan as well!!

  58. Laura, congratulations on ur baby. Aria is such a beautiful name!!! What does it mean?

    PS: also how does one know when ur in ketosis? If there a definite way to find out or it’s just how u feel?

    Thanks 🙂

  59. I started on cambridge this morning. 6 years ago I lost seven stone on this and wanted to get back to that place. I have a target of five stone to lose. Today has been an ok day. A little torturous when the family were eating but I’m ok now. Can’t wait for this time next week when I’m feeling less hungry 🙂

  60. Well, I started my journey with Cambridge yesterday and decided that I would share my journey on my blog, so here it is: And attached is my BEFORE photo to get me started 🙂 I have started on step 2, which my consultant recommended as I have so much to lose (6.7 stone), so it’s not been too bad as I get my protein rich meal in the evening. I look forward to reporting back on my first weeks weight loss! Apparently another lady my consultant looks after just lost 6 stone in 4 months on step 2!!! So I’m hopeful!!! 🙂

  61. Help! I am on day 2 today and have the most blinding headache, I am desperately trying to drink lots of fizzy water but I drive for a living and toilet stops are difficult when in the middle of now where! Will these headaches improve ?I cannot see me sticking to it as I am struggling to function
    Great blog ladies

  62. Hi everyone – I will reply to you all soon. Apologies I have recently had my baby and she is very colicky and I am quite sleep deprived, but I will be back.

    I just wanted to reply quickly to Sarah – you do get headaches in the first few days, but I wouldn’t say it shouldn’t be blinding. I would say in this heat it could very well be dehydration. You do have to drink a lot on this diet. My target always was 3 litres at least. You do pee a lot in the first couple of weeks, but your body does adjust to the extra liquid and this does calm down. I hope you don’t give up and you can find a way to make this work with your life x

  63. Thanks Laura, I am struggling to drink 2.5 litres of water a day so this could be the problem! I will try harder tomorrow

  64. I am going to meet my consultant tonight and get the shakes. I am desperate to get back to buying the. Style of clothes I used to wear. Your style def changes as your size increases. Great website

  65. Hi all, I’m on day 2 of the CD and so far feeling not too bad. I have 7.5 stone to lose but am really struggling with drinking water, I hate it! Yesterday I managed 750ml and a little more today but it makes me feel sick. I’m on 3 shakes sole source and only chocolate. Had a manic dream last night about cake lol. Hopefully keeping up with others on the diet will spur me along. Here’s my fat picture to start

  66. Hi guys. I have just completed 2 weeks and lost 9 pound so far. I’m loving it but missing alcohol on weekend I have two more stone to lose hopefully by 8th sept as I’ve just booked a holiday

  67. Hi I have been doing the diet for 3 days now and I have found that I have to a coffee with some milk in it………is this going to be a problem?

  68. Hi I am on day 16 of step 2. Lost 8 lbs week 1 🙂 lost just one lb week 2;(.
    Consultant told me not to worry about low loss week two as the body will catch up and it will all level out. Struggled with the water initially until I discovered sparkling water with slices of lemon, actually can’t stop drinking it .
    Headaches were also a problem for me the first few days but I rode it out and now I am fine . Keep strong ladies we can so this!

  69. Day one for me and my social calender is on hold for a month…here goes and good luck all!

  70. I’m day 5 now and yesterday was the worst for me. Didn’t help that I had a 3 hour big cleaning job which left me shattered. Actually felt really ill and didn’t sleep well either. Not looking forward to work today but seeing my consultant this morning so hopefully will make me feel better. Still struggling like crazy with the water, that’s what’s making me feel ill. Determined to get through it, I’m presuming this yucky feeling is going into ketosis so there should be light at the end of the tunnel very soon. My own scales say 9lb loss 🙂

  71. You can do it guys, keep focused and drink lots of water, so far I’ve lost 3stone and now on my way to getting the other 3stone off. I recommend taking a side and front photo of yourself every 4weeks its such a motivation to look back on.

  72. Firstly I would like to say what an amazing site & blog this is, huge credit to Laura! I hope you’re enjoying being a new Mummy to Aria & that she’s less colicky now.
    I’ve been on step 2 for 5 days, it’s difficult but I’m determined.. I have a lot of weight to lose (7/8 stone). I’m drinking approximately 3 litres of water a day, if not more (mainly due to the hot weather!).. Is this an issue as my consultant seems to think I shouldn’t be drinking too much?!
    Also, will my body go into ketosis bearing in mind I’m on step 2?
    Hope the plan is going well for you all

  73. I had my first weight in last night and I lost 4.1kgs!! Can’t believe I lost that much weight……amazing!

  74. Hi 🙂
    Im 20 years old and a size 22-24. This is my first day on sole source plus and so far its okay. I was just wondering how easy it was to keep going and does it get more difficult after the initial excitement? I know ill have to be on the diet for a while as i have so much to lose and would love to hear from anyone who needed to lose a similar amount. x

  75. Really happy to have come across this site. I started the sole source plus yesterday. Fine so far so good. Just feeling a little nausea and the need to drink water now and then. Fingers crossed. Need to shed 8 stones over a period of 5-6 months. Hope I am not being too ambitious though.

  76. Hello ladies it’s lovely to come across other cambridge comrades, I began my journey on 01/05/14 and so far I have lost 47lb and dropped 2 dress journey started after watching my colleagues do so very well on Cambridge and two of them have got to goal losing 8.5 stone between them in 6 months. It’s been an amazing time and as I started out at 18stone 3 lb I feel great now I am on the cusp of 14.12, I have also found the courage to join a rather large well known gym as I start on my second phase to get to goal.I have set up a support group called virtual slimmers this is where we share our weight loss each week and offer support to each other and this really helps us. If anyone wants a chat just find me on Facebook each of us would be more than happy to share our experience and keep you motivated which is welcomed from time to time. Good luck all you lovely ladies on achieving your personal goals.

  77. HI EVERYONE, Today is day 7 of my cambridge diet journey.I struggled alot this past week and unfortunately cheated a couple of times.I lost 6lbs on my first weigh in which am actually surprised by.I am back on track and determined not to cheat as the the main reason for doing this diet is to have a healthy relationship with food.Keep going everyone…we can do it!!

  78. I am on day 5 of my first week and i really have no energy!!! My job as a swimming teacher means i am always on the go….. but finding i need to nap in the afternoons to get me through the day!
    I am on sole source which i dont mind, but how long until i get an energy boost??
    Everyone is doing so well, well done everyone xx

  79. Have just found this blog and think it is fab! I have been doing ss for 5weeks and have lost 22 1/4 lb which i am pleased with. I lost 3 1/2 stone 7years ago but my consultant packed in and abandoned me just as i was abouttomove onto next step and i gradually put the weight back on..and more! Am really determined this time, although it is hard cooking for all the family when i can’t eat, but it will be worth it. I started with a jar of 70 marbles (i want to lose 70 lbs)and have another identical jar to transfer to number of marbles i have lost in lbs so i can see one jar going down and the other filling up! I also have a fat picture on my fridge to dissuade me from going in for food! Look forward to reading more posts …..

  80. Hi laura, I love what ur doing keep it up. pls I want join the CD and am in Nigeria, I want to know if its possible Tanx a lot.

  81. I have just started today.

    I am not too good at sticking to things but I feel different this time. A friend of mine lost 50kg and if she can do it so can I

    I just wish the next 6 months would fly by.

    From australia


  82. Day 1 – completed . I’m going to bed and I’m not hungry in anyway so hoping it stays this way. I know days 2-4 can be hard but I need this now more than ever 🙂 starting weight is 16 stone 2. Could do with some buddies along the way x

  83. Day 4 for me

    So glad yesterday is over. It was so hard and I felt so sick but today am feeling a lot more positive and am so glad that I did not give in 🙂

  84. Started on the 1st Sept at 15st 9lbs. Up far too early on my 3rd day. Funny taste in my mouth. Have been fine so far with my shakes and water intake. Keep rushing to the loo but heard it will subside as my body gets used to the amount of water being forced in! On Step 2 because I want to have a small meals the past two days I just managed to stomach small amounts of side salads an small amounts of chicken. Looking forward to my hopefully short journey of a 4.5 stones weightloss!

  85. On day 6 and feeling positive. Weigh in and measurements tomorrow night! I have enjoyed the shakes and soups. My consultant suggested a 200 calorie meal today so my daughter and I googled and found a mustard chicken recipe under 200 cals. It was delish but now I feel so guilty! Only had that and one shake so may have a shake this evening but not really hungry. Will let you know howuch Ive lost tomorrow. Eek!

  86. Today 6th day and looking forward for new me…still sometimes get the craving for food but shakes fills me up completely..waiting to go on weigh scale tom so it will build more confidence..but thanks a ton Rachel ..

  87. Struggled last night with hunger and tiredness. But feeling slim this morning! How much did you lose Kanisha?!

  88. Hi guys, I’m new to this blog =)

    I am starting the plan for the first time and meeting my consultant in two days. I have just sent her a list of what I want the first week. As I am 5ft 9 and have 5 stone to lose, she said I needed 4 supplements a day and so the cost will be £56 (or £58 I cant remember!) instead of £44. Its a lot more than I originally prepared for, so I have chosen against her advice and opted for the low calorie meal on an evening instead – which I would much prefer anyway. From what I’ve read, would this be around 200 cals, am I right? If so, it would be great to hear some ideas of meals you have tried so I can start to prepare.

    I am happy I have found this blog and all you lovely people to share our experiences together, it has been great to read in preparation! I have just started arranging mine and my fiancé’s wedding which will be in just under 6 months time, and we’ll be tying the knot in Phuket, Thailand with a couple of close friends. There is no way I will be a ‘Fat Bride’ as I know it will ruin the day for me personally, as I am so self conscious of my weight gain. I know this will probably be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but here’s no going back now… I am 110% committed to this and hope to wave goodbye to that 5 stone!

    I currently drink around 6 cans of diet coke a day and have done for years, so I think for me, this will be the hardest thing for me to do starting off, as I can usually happily substitute food for a coke! I should be weaning myself off this for the next 2 days, but I’ve just bought a 30 can pack on offer in Asda the other day want to get my moneys worth! Lol The good thing is that I do love water too, so ill just have to go cold turkey on this one =/

    Anyways, sorry to ramble on (I’ve never done this online group thing before!)

    Looking forward to sharing this journey with you all x

  89. Hi All,

    I have done this diet several times. I have just started the CD last week, and in my first week I have lost 9lbs. It is a difficult diet but the secret is in drinking the water. I try to drink around 4 litres a day.

    I can feel my stomach shrinking. I will be going on holiday on the 20 October and I aim to have lost 2 stones by this time.

    So although it is a hard diet, if you persevere it actually works. I do aim to go on the maintenance side of CD. To enable me to keep of the weight.

    So everybody keep up the good work.

  90. On day 1 of ss+ originally tried ss only but my hectic job long days was proving too difficult to survive on 3 packs only so have added the meal to help me, day one ok but hungry!! Really inspired by this diet as watched both my parents lose 5 stone between them in 3 months

  91. Hi All

    I just saw my consultant at the end of week 2 – so far 11 pounds gone… I have 2 more stone to lose … To help with the ‘toilet issue ‘ I take a colon cleanse tablet twice a day in the morning and at night – it helps for sure. Hoping to lose another 3/4 pound by next weigh in which I know will be hard as I have a night out on Friday I can’t miss! This blog is great … How is everyone else doing ?

  92. Hi, myself and my partner started the cd 3 days ago.we need to lose 8 stone between us. We are lucky that our children have flown the nest which allows us to have an empty fridge, not sure wether I could sit here knowing there was food lurking . On the whole it’s not been too bad. Drinking 3 litres of water a day is a task for both of us. We are doing the four shakes a day at the moment. And can honestly say that we have not felt hungry . Our aim is to grow old together , feel healthier, fitter and to feel good when we look in the mirror. Here’s hoping. Good luck to you all

  93. Hi All, I’m on day 3 today and so far feeling great! Had a bit of a headache but nothing unbearable, been feeling hungry in the evenings but drinking lots to keep my mouth busy! I am so excited about doing this diet, I have never been so motivated!

  94. I havent started this or made an appt with a consultant or such like im worried about the cost as i dont work and not sure if i can afford it but then the regular trips to tesco fair rack up so i probably can! .

    John your 7 week pics are a huge inspiration ! I have about 10 stone to shift ( according to nhs.. ill settle for 8!) so maybe should give this a go..

  95. Thanks Bryan, all the best with it, a stone a month a least i bet you will lose which is 10 months, sound a long time but everyday you are on it you feel absolutely amazing and even just losing 1 stone and noticing the difference rocks

  96. Hello everyone, I am starting to get back on track with my blogging & now am trying to catch up with all your wonderful comments! I love seeing how amazingly everyone is doing 🙂

    @Sally I hioe you got on ok? The headaches should pass in a couple of days and the key is to drink lots of water. I hope this didn’t deter you?

    @Stacey I am so glad my blog helped you and I hope by now you are well on your way to your goal? 🙂

    @Saisha thank you Aria means song 🙂 you will know when you’re in ketosis essentially when you don’t feel hungry anymore. I hope you’re getting on well on the diet?

    @Rachael I always found social situations where everyone else was eating the hardest, but just remember this isn’t forever just for now and will be so worth it!

    @Jennifer loving seeing your before and after pictures. Keep up the good work, you’re looking amazing!

    @Lorraine you’re right, your style definitely changes as your weight does. I hope you’re back on your way to a style you feel happier with 🙂

    @Fiona have you tried the water flavourings? They should make things a lot easier for you if you’re not a fan of water?

    @Nicola did you make it for your holiday? 🙂

    @Annie I am probably too late for this reply, but talk to your consultant about Sole Source+ you can have skimmed milk on this which should help with your coffee cravings 🙂

    @Sarah fab loss well done!

    @Debra it will be worth it in the end though

    @Fiona I hope you’re doing better now? Water is tricky around work, if your job is very physical you may found going up a step might be better for you, but imagine you have found your level by now 🙂

    @Charlotte fab photos, you can really see a difference – amazing!

    @Jaz thank you for your lovely comments 🙂 3 litres is fine and this is what I always aimed for daily when I was on the diet. I hope the diet is going well for you?

    Ok, bear with me I will reply to everyone’s comments individually over the next couple of days – I promise! But my baby monitor is currently going! 😉 x

  97. so brilliant to see how well everyone is doing, Ive had 4 weigh ins and have lost 22lb so far, i feel so motivated by the quick loss and dont feel hungry at all on SS
    hopefully can keep at it, got at least another 3.5 stone to go

  98. day one for me on ss+ and felt pretty hungry the afternoon, had a drink and it went away. came across this blog tonight and its great to see how others are getting on. cannot wait til the weekend to see how it is working for me.

  99. Hi, I’m on day 6! Did SS for the first three days but got really bad shakes so did SS+ for two days! Feeling good, nervous about my first weigh in as I can’t seem to notice any difference yet, praying for a good loss!!

  100. Hi I had my first consultation on Monday 27th October and started the next day on Step 2 which is 810 calories a day. Yesterday day 2 was quite tough but today has been easier, day 4 tomorrow so hopefully ketosis will kick in. Will up date after my weighin on Monday.

  101. Thinking about joining CD. Would love to lose 1-2 stone, just not shifting :(. How do you maintain once you have reached your goal??

    Done WW previously and just the thought scares me. Like 5-2 diet and seems ok to maintain, but never lose weight on it.

    Need to lose that last stone (and have done for a year now after foolishly giving up running). Run again, just not losing weight.


  102. Hiya, I started my diet today with ss+. I am very pleased to have found this blog. Thank you all for sharing your stories and pictures, very inspirational. I am very excited and pleased to have set the first step.

  103. I am looking for a consultant at the moment, I tried this diet once before but gave up after a week, motivation is not my strong point but after having 2 children (1st is 7, 2nd is a year) I am at my heaviest and just feel I am eating all the time I am feeling out of control. I am hoping just removing food from the equation is the answer and may help me to look at food in a new way once I have hopefully completed my weight loss journey, hoping a forum like this will help keep me on track. I want to lose 4 and a half stone – god that looks a lot when you see it written 🙂

  104. Today’s the day! Just had my first shake in the hope of shifting a stone before Xmas and 3 stone in total. Did the CD 4yrs ago and lost 2st but didn’t maintain it.

  105. What a motivational blog. I’ve tried Cambridge before and had a good loss in my first two weeks but then gave up. I give up on every single diet! This time last year I had lost 2 stone on slimming world but I have put 1 1/2 stone of that back on. I’m so annoyed with myself. I’m starting a new job on Monday and after buying emergency smart clothing in a larger size today, as nothing fits, I’ve realised I need to act now. I hate my size and do not want to feel so uncomfortable and unconfident all over the Christmas party season. I will find the motivation and make this work. I’m going to look for a consultant now and start my journey. I’ll keep reading this blog to keep me motivated. Thanks Laura for providing us all with somewhere to be honest about our weightloss journey.

  106. After 5 days on the diet I lost 6lbs and 8.5 inches!! Cannot believe the inch loss. So pleased. This has definitely motovated me to carry on. 🙂

  107. Hi, day 3 on the CD, and itś been hellish. Am constantly hungry, can´t sleep, thinking of food all the time…Last nigth I had half of avocado with my evening shake to help me fall asleep, and it did help. Am planning to have some toda, too. But can I eat avocado on the CD? Will I mess up the hoped for ketosis? And if so, how much? Many thanks, great bolog!!!

  108. Hi everyone. Started on monday so day 2 today. Was away with work and managed no cheats so I am motivated. Got to say thought I would struggle but despite initial fears it’s been ok. One thing though not enjoying the mango flavour so going to try something else next week. Soul source 3 sachets a day so going for maximum weight loss.
    Find the chocolate mint better with warm water it’s just like a hot chocolate :’)
    Anyone got any favourite flavours?
    4.5 stone to, it’s going to be a challenge for sure but I am determined.
    First weigh in Thursday so only 4 days but I am hoping for good things.

  109. Hi all! Im on day 1 of SS+ and have not stopped weeing as I am drinking so much water. I am very much looking forward to my choccie bar this evening after my delish soup! Anybody got any tips for getting the porridge down quicker, it made me heave!!? Those lumps eekkkk!! However feeling so so so motivated and got 4.5 stone to loose. Keep up the hard work everyone and im loving the motivational reviews from everyone, so thanks!
    : )

  110. I had a crisis yesterday (day 4) and was ravenous and bad-tempered. But today day 5 a miraculous change – am not hungry, feel like singing and dancing, and so much lighter. I believe now I can see it through to losing the one stone that has been ushiftable for 10 years. Lots of good energy to all of you! x

  111. Day 3 all good. Ditching the mango after weigh in tomorrow more like medicine than a joy and going for chocolate orange instead. Dalby door I also never left sight of the loo on day one and day 2 and 3 much calmer 🙂 a challenge on the drive to work this morning 45 mins!!
    Anyone got any favourite flavours or tips to make the shakes better??

  112. I found a consultant and am on Day 1 of SS+, I feel very motivated (easy at this stage I guess) but almost nervous about what may be if I do stick at it – I have never been slim as an adult, never been happy wearing a bikini, wearing jeans for a ‘casual’ night out is always a no no as I hate my body in jeans and I live in leggings so I am so determined but I wonder what I will look and feel like – I am excited and want to get there but I have some apprehension too – I have always been like this, this is me (does that make sense?hehe)! I was shocked more from my measurements last night, I am used to the weight on the scales, the inches are harder to accept I think – I will need to remind myself of them when I am struggling. I have had the forest fruits shake this morning – nice as a start to the day, then one of the pre-made velvet chocolate shakes which I liked but found it hard to finish (almost tasted too sweet), got a choc-mint for before I leave work and going with a Toffee and Walnut at about 8ish. Lots of water and a couple of cups of tea with my allowance of skimmed milk and 4 pints of water so far. I hope that we can all continue on this journey and be happier and healthier for it 🙂

  113. Hi everyone. So day 4 (not a full week) weighed in 3 lbs lighter than when I started so I am chuffed to bits

  114. Keep going Jessica, it’s not easy to start with I get that but even 4 days in I am overjoyed… I have 4 and a half stone to go and this is my last go at getting rid of it once and for all. Well done one day one 🙂

  115. Day 3 for me. I’m a full English breakfast every day junkie. It was time to make some changes so I got hold of some cd shakes . My big downfall been a taxi driver was fast food and a full English most days. So last 3 days I’ve been having a 2 egg Ham omelette on a lunch time a cd shake on a tea time and a shake around ten pm baring in mind I work til usually 3am. So day 3 nothing to report so far . My goal is 3 stone loss. We’ll see how we get on

  116. Thanks for your post Jo B and well done to you too, always helps having encouragement. Doing OK, not too hungry, its breakfast buttie day in the office today but I have resisted; I have all the time in the world to enjoy food (in moderation) when I am at my goal weight. I have 4 and a half stone to lose as well :/.
    Good Luck Gazza W!

  117. Day 5 and all is well. Hunger is going definitely it was cake day in the office and I said no to it, easier than I expected, and felt so much better for it as well just grabbed my water bottle turned my back, and probably lost more weight because of that.! Onwards with Soul source for at least another week then see where I am. If I feel good enough then I might go for three … I have to hit my goal, I am determined.

  118. I have my second weigh in in a few hours. I like the banana, chocolate and choc mint shakes. This week I have tried some soups which are a lot nicer if you use a blender to mix them. I have tried splitting the shakes into two portions ans having them as a hot chocolate in the evening or a mocha with a spoon of instant coffee.

  119. For those who want some resemblance of normal eating, and do not want a quick weight loss: week 1 on SS+ I lost 4 lb. Despite: having half an avocado with my evening soup every day, and 1-2 tablespoons of low fat cottage cheese with my morning porridge.. I also eat a fistful of vegetables 3 times a day.
    And am in strong ketosis. This week I am experimenting with other foods, and after the next week weigh in I will let yoi know if it works 🙂 x

  120. Day 9 and still going strong. I have not cheated once and feeling really proud of myself for that. I have tried every diet going with real food and for me the CD seems to be hitting the mark I can already feel the difference in my clothes 🙂 Next weigh in Thursday so am hoping for a buzz to see what I have achieved this week. Keep going everyone I am with you xx
    Anyone ever used these excuses for their size ? (Believe meI am queen of excuses!) I have big bones! I have always been big! I have thyroid problem (I don’t hade this checked a few times) I like the size I am.. anyway for me I am looking forward to not make them excuses any more. I don’t want to be skinny, personally I think I wouldn’t look right, does that make sense?, but I want to be able to go into clothes shops and buy clothes to fit not hide, I would like the occasional whistle or second glance and I would like to feel comfortable in a bikini x

  121. Second weigh in lost 5lbs. Thats 11lb in two weeks. Neec at least a 3lb loss on saturday to make a stone in 3 werks. 🙂

  122. Well done Jo for not cheating at all 🙂 well done Lyndsey and John on your losses, John you look fab, bet you feel amazing. I have been moved up to Step 2 (3shakes a day, 3/4 milk and 1 meal based on food lists given) this is due to suffering from Perinicious Anaemia, my consultant said that purely SS was not advised so was feeling a bit disappointed and worried about my loss (only got told yesterday mind and weigh in was today) but health is most important! Anyway have followed diet to a T and had first ‘meal’ last night, still lost 6.6lb on first week weigh in so happy with that. Just got to see how I go next week with a whole week on Step 2…..

  123. Day8 and I’ve lost 7lbs. And I’ve not even been fully on cd. I aquired some excess shakes from my mate that had previously lost 6 stone on cd and he’s given me 6 weeks worth of shakes so what I’ve done is had an omelette with Ham and onion filling then had 2 shakes through the day cut out all milk and bread and just drink Black coffee and water and it seems to be working like I say 7lbs in 8 days. Very pleased. Feels wierd but I’m barely getting hungry. 2 and a half stoneto go

  124. Well done Lyndsey that’s some weight loss to be proud of 🙂 John you look a different person, that is amazing. Jessica it’s not all bad you have lost 12 and a half packets of butter (they are 1/2 lb each) so imagine all that excess has already gone it’s brilliant, so you might slow down but each 1 lb counts as 2 packets of butter…its quite inspiring when you think that way 🙂 Weigh in tomorrow so I am buzzing today x

  125. Thanks Jo! That’s a great way to see it. Tried a porridge this morning that I wasn’t keen on, a shake and tuna for dinner-not at all hungry which is surprising!

  126. So 5 lb loss 🙂 thats 8 lb in 11 days or 16 packs of butter so my other me is growing and I am shrinking! Could not be happier 🙂 got some oriental chilli soup tonight and that was lovely whizzed it and lovely and warming… got some maple and walnut porridge for breakfast so that’s different too. Keep going everyone I am with you x I will post some pictures when I pluck up the courage x

  127. Week 2, I lost another 4 lb, and 2 inches off my waist.. Supplementing my porridge with a few poppy seeds or cottage cheese; I mix my soups with chicken or bone broth; And in the evening i have 1-2 slices of ham and/or emmental cheese. This is the only way i can do the CD. I believe now I can go on forever. My consultant says I will reach my target a week before Xmas. love to all, keep at it!

  128. Lost the 3lb I needed to yesterday 🙂 . Total weight loss of 14lbs in 3 weeks. I haven’t got a lot to lose. Now only another stone and a half. This is getting trickier as we approach Christmas! There are lots of social events on and I feel bad about being ‘unsociable’ but I haven’t cheated at all. I went out last week but had a warm chicken salad which was about 300calories. I am on step two so am allowed an evening meal. There is three weeks until my work Christmas party and I would like to lose another stone by then but don’t know how realistic this is. How quickly did everyone else lose their second stone? If I can do that it will give me two weeks to get down to my goal weight before Christmas. We shall see!

  129. So pleased have found this blog. I have been on Stage 1+ now for 8days. I weighed in after 3 days and had lost 4lbs. So pleased the weekend wasn’t easy but to get through it such a reward. Tomorrow is weigh in so hoping for a good result.
    My favourite soup was Chicken and Mushroom but had vegetable today and loved it. Im having the porridge for breakfast and the soup for dinner.
    My evening meal im getting an expert at 80 g of salad you get a lot of water cress and lambs lettuce.

  130. Hello everyone. I’m on day 3 of SS+, I’m having 3 shakes a day plus almond milk or soya milk. I’m trying not to have the meal but relented and had an egg on mon and an egg on tuesday or I wouldn’t have survived the night. Today was actually the hardest, I had to bake for the school bake sale. I subconciously licked my fingers a ferw times then got reallly hungry and quite ratty with everyone. I am hope ketosis kicks intomorrow which will be day 5.. How long did it take everyone to hit ketosis?

  131. Hi all. Day 18 (Thursday) and so far 15 lbs loss or 1 stone 1 lb or 30 packets of butter x Woo hoo over the moon. I am still on the Ss programme and getting to know my fav’s. Spicy tomatoe soup yummy, chicken and veg soup yummy, porridge (any) mixed with half and half with chocolate yummy. Gone right off cold ones eww! Probably the weather I needed something warm party tomorrow so will be drinking my water, that will be a first so I am pulling on all my strength for that one. Got my first Xmas meal coming up and have pre ordered chicken and green veg no sauce my consultant said one meal should not make much if any difference. So keep going everyone I am with you all x

  132. Kirstie I hit ketosis about 10 days in but not sure what is the norm? ? It feels good but oh the breath!! 🙁

  133. Lost another 5lb this week so 19 lb in a month. Just want to get into into the next stone bracket next week. That will only need to be a 2lb loss but hoping for more. So far lost:

    Does anyone see a pattern in their results? Trying to do more exercise this week. Just a half hour walk every evening. My weigh in next week has to be in the evening when i normally have a morning one so not sure what my results will show. Will probablt go easy on the water until after weigh in!

  134. Started three days ago and its tough as its said. Having lost 5 lb in first two days is pleasant.
    Need to be determinant for next 6 weeks where I am targeting 4 st to loose. I weigh 15st right now.

  135. I’m on day 5 of ss, I’m doing a mix of ss and ss+ when i need a meal (although very small) at the weekends to fit in with family, friends etc. My CDC said it makes no difference to weight loss going this way. First weigh in on Wednesday!

  136. My husband and I have been on the Cambridge Diet since mid October. The first week I lost 10 lbs. I was so shocked that I got on the scale 3 times just to make sure. I will be down 24 lbs. by tomorrow and my husband over 30 lbs. lost. We are so very thankful for the hope that the CD has given us to reach and maintain our healthy goal weights! Thanks for your post and those who have shared their stories

  137. I am 7 weeks in doing step 2 and have lost 2 stone 8lbs
    I struggled with the soups and shakes so do 3 bars a day and then chicken/fish with salad and veg for dinner. I am getting married in 16 weeks and plan to lose another 3 stone. I get weighed tomorrow so hoping for 3lbs off!

  138. Good Nancy and Lisa.
    Today I have lost 4Kgs and it is the sixth day. Everyday I am loosing constant 300 grams everyday … which is 2000 Kcal deficit.
    Lets see how it goes..
    Meanwhile Is it ok to have protein while on Stage1?

  139. Hi
    I started soul source today to lose about 9 kgs in 5 weeks. I have this strange feeling in my throat as if the food is still tthere, I loved the shake btw.
    I have never been able to stay on any diet before and this is only diet which I believe can make me lose weight fast , as my impateince have been the reason behind my unsuccessful attempts.
    can I eat one small bite of normal food after cambridge meal to lose the aftertaste which I am struggling with

  140. Not been on for a couple of weeks. So, week 5 and 5 days I have list 19 lbs and 13.5 inches. chuffed x had a holiday as well and still managed a pound off. Week 6 this Thursday hope to be in the 12 stones this week. Keep going everyone, you are all inspiring x just to say though I cannot keep warm, my fingers are like frozen chips! Must have lost some of my fat 🙂

  141. After almost 5 months on CWP, I have lost 80 pounds 🙂 Ive been gradually moving up from step 1 and am going to step 3 after christmas. But I still have 54 pounds to lose! Planning to take a day off for christmas, is anyone else doing this? Any advice? Really worried about gaining weight this week x

  142. I am in the 6th week. First 5 weeks I lost 11kgs of which 9 were of fat.

    I was a christmas grinch, did not go to any event or xmas celebration. It is a big deal in Mexico as xmas is full of parties and lunch gatherings. I even declined my boss invitation for dinner at his house.

    I have lost some weight, I had hoped that I would loose more as I am starving and always hungry.

    I will continue on for 4 more weeks… however I am miserable on this diet and on social hybernation. Every social gathering revolves around food in Mexico I am hungry, lonely and miserable. To make things move faster I will start taking sleeping pills on the weekend (checked with doctor and Cambridge advisor and they said it was ok) to make time go faster and less awake time = less hungry time

  143. Thanks everyone for all of your comments. I had hoped to be able to reply to you all individually, but I am struggling to keep up.

    I am finding all of your stories & pictures amazing and so inspiring. I so need to go back on this diet after having my baby, so you all are inspiring me to do it when I have stopped breastfeeding her. I will of course be blogging about it ;-).

    @Ale I really feel the need to reply to your comment. This diet can indeed be very hard at time, but I really don’t think taking sleeping tablets all weekend is the answer and I would worry it could be dangerous.
    If you are struggling so much, perhaps it is time to move up a step to one that includes food as this might make it easier for you to go out and handle social situations? Hiding away is really not the answer. Best of luck x

  144. Hi, I’m soglad I found this blog. I am on day 6 of my CWP journey (weigh in tomorrow) and as I dont own scales, I have no idea what my loss is lol
    I have a couple of questions about side-effects, if no-one minds……
    I’ve been taking quite bad heartburn the last few days. I always thought heartburn was a food and drink thing, and since I’ve had nothing but shakes, soups and water for the last 6 days, don’t really understand it. Has anyone else experienced heartburn? I also suffer from palpatations and always assumed it was my terrible addiction to fizzy juice and bad diet, but I appear to be still getting them. Has anyone else ever suffered this?
    Its been great to see your results listed and very inspirational, so thanks xxx

  145. Hi i went on the diet septmber i have a great consultant Rachel i lost 2 stone with it before Christmas .i did step 3 which worked for me . Only put a few pounds on over Christmas
    found it very easy now need to maintain the loss dropped to 2 dress sizes my husband was so impressed he has now doing the diet

  146. I’m currently on day 11 and have only my 3 shakes a day plus plenty of water. Had my 1st weigh in on Monday and lost 16lb!!!! I couldn’t believe I’d lost so much. So far I’ve had no side effects, I’m really paranoid about the smelly breath but so far no ones commented lol.
    Good luck to everyone currently on it and well done to those who have lost and maintained x

  147. I am on day 2, feeling ok but 1 tip for everyone: Never take paracetamol on an empty stomach….. I was soooooo sick , lesson lerned. You realy think I should knoe better being a nurse..

  148. On day 2 of SS. I’ve done this diet a couple of times on step 3 but never on SS before! Spending my evening googling Cambridge success stories and reviews to give me motivation and stop feeling so hungry! Working so far!

  149. Started CB last Friday so have been on it 4 days but it feels so much longer!!
    I don’t nessaserly feel hungry but my mind is playing tricks on me I miss chewing food. I’m on SS and have my shakes for breaky and lunch and porridge or rice pud for dinner as I trick myself into thinking it’s more of a meal that way.
    Looking forward to my first weigh in and seeing if I get the results I deserve

  150. Hi everyone I am losing the ability to reply to everyone’s comments individually. But I read every single one and they are are fantastic and inspirational. Keep up the amazing good work!

    If you have any specific questions though I will do my best to reply.

    @Ale I am really sorry but after some deliberation I have decided to delete your last comment. You are more than welcome to share your journey on here, but I just cannot condone drug use to get through the diet, although there were days when I might have felt like it 😉

  151. Hi I’m on day 3 and your comments have helped me stay strong today I have tried this so many times and just lasted a day !!!!!
    I feel different. This time just don’t want to be the fat one anymore and so want to go shopping and not come home depressed (and without clothes ) well I will get back to you when I’ve done day 7 and this time will make it Good luck everyone.

  152. Wow what a dedicated bunch you lot are you have put me to shame.
    I started the plan on Monday on Stage 2
    Monday was great also bought my self a fitbit pedometer (a must have)
    Tuesday stuck to it like glue….
    Wednesday my hubby was on nights ..oh the boredom and the call of the fridge so a few crackers and cheese wont harm…how wrong was I
    I am a prolific weigher every morning without fail Tuesday and Wednesday were great , going down Thursday 1lb up so back on the straight and narrow and hoping for at least 5lb or more when I have my first weigh in on Tuesday , I’ll keep you posted ,
    Surprisingly im quite enjoying it 🙂

  153. Just to let you no I’m on day 5 and still going on strong and it has got it easier only think I will say reading about other people’s experiences is what is keeping me going scared of the scales though when I make day 7 x

  154. Hi I’m on day 5 of SS, so far so good. Haven’t Been hungry at all, i’m a borderm eater so have kept my self busy. So far the entire flat has been spring cleaned. Still manage a 30 min work out, and hugging hot water bottles when I stop moving.
    I did CD last year and lost shy of four stone in the first 12 weeks. Alway prepared myself to go back on plan but enjoyed Xmas a little too much and but on a stone over a few months.
    My top tips are green tea, cranberry and mint are great, and I feel they help with the clense. Sparkling water helps fill you up, I buy two litre bottles so I know I hit my limit when’s it’s empty as along as I’m having a few fruit/green teas as well. If your like my and eat out of borderm I play computer games such as candy crush, keeps my hands and mind busy so don’t feel hungry.

  155. Great Stephine it’s super to know someone else is on day 5 and great tips and wow what a weight loss last time what do you aim to lose this time ?

  156. Thanks, stay strong Lou, it does get better. In weeks your Jeans will be baggy. Ideally I’m aiming for four stone again but realistically I think it will be more like three. Have my holiday to aim for in April. What’s your goal?

  157. Hi guys . So glad I have found this blog . I am on day 2 of ss And I must say today I am struggling, not with the hunger but with the headaches And feeling sick. Can someone please tell me roughly how long this lasts ? I’m also concerned About reading online about people experiencing hair loss. Has a anyone experienced this ?

    Thanks 🙂

  158. Hi peta I’m on day nine and it really does get better the first week is really hard drink loads of water try to keep busy and then go to bed early that how I have done it if that helps you !!!!!!

  159. Thanks for your reply Lou. So far I haven’t (as of yet) felt extremely Hungry. I have however been struggling with eating the soups & porridge . Kept gagging & bring sick , just felt too powdery .. The shakes are fine though … Can I have just 3 shakes?

    Fantastic. Have you lost a lot ? X

  160. I was on day 58 and broken the diet for two days. I cooked at home and enyojed dearly the bread, sushi rolls and quesadillas I slept 4 hours later than I am used to I did not want the day where I could eat normally to be over … mmmhhhh. I weighted myself today as I started the diet again and the total damage is I gained 6kgs in TWO days!!!!!!! It will take me almost a month to drop this weight I am in total despair … sniff sniff sniff

  161. Peta, I did not experience hair loss. The hardest part of physical discomfort hunger and dizziness for me lasted 5 days. I did not get headaches however my doctor did tell me I could havre a specific over the counter headache pills. Ask your doctor if you can take something for your headache. After the 5 days I had about 3 weeks of bliss then after that the psycolochical part kicked in of wanting to eat weird stuff I really do not like.

  162. I’m on day 11 day and actually finding it getting harder by the day I went on the scales and have lost 12 lbs which I know is fantastic but it’s the Bordam that is getting to me , it’ still feels so slow never realised how food had become a crutch for me and how important it is to my daily life , I’m trying so hard to keep the strength to keep going , I need to read some more success stories please

  163. I am on week 3 of Cambridge and yesterday and today I am finding a struggle all food looks good to me even crusts! I hope I get through this I have managed to so far.

  164. I started the diet today – the consultant I saw put me on SS+ and said to have 3 packs (shake, soup, rice pudding etc) and one evening meal (80g green veg and small chicken breast). Has anyone else done this in their first week too?

  165. Well I have made it to day 16 and still haven’t broken , which I’m amazed at !!!!!! I wish I could just get the thought off food out of my head though .im looking forward to my weigh in on Monday so fingers crossed I have a decent weight loss though I don’t feel like I’m losing this week but hey ho I will keep going at least I only have 10 weeks to go

  166. Hi sarah also just started on step 2 3 shakes and evening meal. I’m glad really couldn’t go cold turkey as struggling with this step I get weighed Tuesday and really hope I’ve lost. Today I gave the sensation of a lump in my throat not sure hat that’s about. Keep going everyone determination sees results zoe x

  167. Hey everyone I have sme the Cambridge before and lost 2 stone in 3 weeks and dropped an amazing 3 dress sizes but put it all back on so am now trying to start back on the diet but I’m struggling so much to even get started and I’m driving myself mad I keep talking myself into eating and then afterwards I feel like I’ve let myself down your story’s have made me realise I need to just get on with it will let you know my loss next week x well done to everyone that has been sticking to it and have had great losses

  168. I’ve been on the diet 12 days. Lost 5lb in the first week, yippee! But I have struggled to stay on track at times. Nervous about next weeks weight in as I dont feel I’ve lost much… Will keep you all posted! So many wonderful success stories on here it keeps motivated 🙂

  169. Hello…Today is our first day on the diet…My husband and i need to lose at least 25kg each so that we come under a normal BMI…
    So far apart from regular visits to the bathroom things have been smooth…
    Will be checking in on and off to share my experiences hoping there will be more pleasant ones 😉 !

  170. Wow John! Congratulations!
    Did my first weigh in yesterday and lost 1.8kg…very less compared to what my consultant and i expected but i am not giving up! And looking at John’s progress i am motivated to lose the 25 excess kgs…

  171. Hi Guys, I have just started on Day 2 of SS and so far it’s going great. I have tried this diet twice before and couldn’t get past Day 3 but that was my fault in not following it the way I should have. So far drinking a minimum of 4 litres of water a day (including lots of Green Tea). Just even stepping on the scales this morning (1 day in) I have gone down 4 lbs!!! Loving this blog, your stories are so inspiring and keeping me motivated!

  172. Hello everyone! Nearing the end of my 3 weeks and quite nervous for my 3rd weigh in tomorrow. I have loss a total of 3.4 kgs so far and i am really hoping for a much better result tomorrow. Trying to drink as much water as possible and having lots of herbal teas in between. It is great to be able to share my Cambridge experiences with you all!

  173. So! Had our 3rd weigh in on completion of our 3rd week. Lost a total of 5kgs whilst my husband lost 7kgs. I need to lose another 2kgs at least this week so that i reach my target of 21kgs within 3 months! Need to start exercising to reach my goal…

  174. Just to say I have just hit week 10 on SS and lost 4 stone 9lb!! It has been bloody hard but the results for me have been amazing. Really glad I done it. 2 stone still too go.

  175. Yes had to start buying new clothes as I couldn’t hold them up any longer. Not going to crazy though as still have a bit to go. I will say though that after 10 weeks I thought that I deserved a bit of picking (absolute minimal) which I did and only lost 2lb compared to my 6/7lb a week. So really motivated again now I have realised that it just wasn’t worth undoing all that hard work for a few mouthfuls! Good luck all!!!

  176. I’m starting CD step 1 this Friday. I’m a little confused about the tea and herb tea quantity. Are these drinks part of your 3 litres water or separate from that? Thanks.

  177. Just letting everyone know that I won “Australian Slimmer of the Year” on the weekend. I remember when I first posted on this page saying I wish the next 6 months would fly by. Well it did I reached my 43kg loss target. I cant wait to represent Australia in the Slimmer of the Year competition in the UK in November 🙂

    1. Oh wow John that’s amazing. I’m thrilled for you – huge congratulations and what an awesome loss. I’d love for you to guest on the blog if you wouls like to? 🙂

  178. Hi, Im all set to start SS on Monday, not exactly looking forward to it but looking forward to seeing the results. Can i ask if you can have no added sugar squash on the plan or can you have a slice of lemon in your water to make it taste a bit nicer???

  179. Hi Laura i have been reading your Blogs and your journey with Cambridge Diet.You have done very well .I do want to loose atleast 4 stones i work nights as i am Night support worker.I need to do something my weight is bringing me down i hate the way i look.Iam not on facebook or Twitter is it any other way you could help,motivate me like others.You are doing amazing job.
    Many Thanks

  180. Its so lovely reading everyone’s stories. I did the Cambridge diet 8 years ago and lost 2 stone (as advised by my GP)I had then managed to lose more weight with the help of the gym and some stress for good measure! I then returned to the diet at the beginning of last year, losing just over a stone. This naughty stone crept back on though, thanks to lots of work invitations to events where they fill you with naughty foods! So…. Im back with 18lbs to lose. I had a great week 1 and lost 9lbs, however week 2 gave me a 1lb loss and this has annoyed me! does anyone have any tips as to how I can kick start this loss again?? Im feeling rather deflated and had 2 big functions to attend at the end of the month.

    1. Hi Lucy. I wouldn’t be too deflated if I were you as 9lbs in ONE week is a massive loss, so I’m not surprised you only lost 1lb the following week. Just keep going as you are and stick to the SS if you can. I first did the Cambridge many years ago (after the birth of my 3rd child) and I lost the necessary weight I needed to. Years went by with no weight problems – until I moved from the UK to the Netherlands and because I was so unhappy in the beginning I did what a lot of people do in such situations – by eating & drinking too much! Needless to say, when I started to approach the 80 kg mark (I wasn’t even that heavy after the birth of my children!) I needed to find a Cambridge Counsellor – and quick! So back on the SS for 3 months and I lost 20 kgs! Since then I’ve been up & down and when I found myself once again more UP than down (71 kg) I decided to go on the SS once again. That was 10 weeks ago – and I’m now down to a respectable 61.5 kg. My target is 60kg – and if I lose any more after that it will be a bonus. So please don’t give up heart and just hang in there. I’m always here for support if you need it!

  181. Hi Everyone

    Just started CWP today and desperately looking for a diet buddy to help me through the tough days and to offer my motivation and positivity to aswell!

    I am a busy teacher and have been worried that such a low calorie diet might affect my work but I have taken the plunge and am two shakes and one soup down!

    Please let me know if anyone would like a twentysomething serial dieter diet buddy with some serious pounds to shift!

    Good luck all, happy shaking!

    S x

      1. Thanks Laura, the diets going really well, I’ve lost 21 lb in 3 weeks. Feel great, I’m not hungry at all, those inch are falling off.
        Onwards another 21 lb to lose x

        1. Hi Colin,
          Thanks for sharing on here.
          My husband and I started the Cambridge Diet on Wednesday.
          My husband is 6’1″ and was just over 18 stone at the beginning. He would like to get to 14 stone.
          He is really struggling with the diet to be honest.
          He is having four products because of his height and being male.
          But by day two he was incorporating two bars in to his four products and by day three (yesterday) he has replaced one product with a low calorie protein meal. So he now has: two bars, one shake, one low calorie meal.
          However, day four and he still feels really rough: really dizzy, no energy etc. and to be honest, if he goes on feeling like this I know the diet will be unsustainable for him.
          Did you have any of those symptoms and did they improve?
          And I wonder will my husband’s symptoms improve?
          Will he reach a stage of ketosis whilst eating two bars a day?
          I know he could really use some encouragement, especially from a bloke.
          Thanks so much.
          Perhaps you might have some thoughts for my husband, Laura?
          Thank you both.
          Have also asked another of the chaps on here but he posted two years ago so may not see it!

          1. Hi Amy – how active is your husband and what does he do for a living? 2 bars a day are fine on the reformulated products. Reading what you have said I am guessing he is doing step 2? Is he drinking enough too? The first 3/4 days are tough and no energy / dizzy can be some of the side affects and this should pass after the first week.

  182. Hi all,

    I completed my weight loss goal following cwp almost 3 years ago but have gained 1.7 stone since. Determined to get the stone and a half back off so have joined again, as for me, it’s the only diet I find myself sticking to. I’m on day one of SS+ hoping to reach my goals in 4 weeks. Would love a diet buddy. X

  183. Hi I am starting my SS on Saturday and feeling rele nervous, I am getting married in August and hav a target of 3 stones to loose, I am diabetic and feel like that may put me a little down in achieving my goal, I rele hope it doesn’t and would love to hear from any one whose diabetic and on this who can give me some tip or advice…. I would really appreciate it x

  184. Hi All,
    At the end of day one of week one of CD. Other than being waterlogged and nearly vomiting back the Mushroom Risotto (which tastes like a combination of bleach / men’s changing room socks and pants), I am doing fine. I had to hold my nose shut and choke down the risotto but I did it, damn it, I did it. I am ex-military and once upon a time was ripped and tough. I got overweight because of a combination of things. I had severe gall-bladder syndrome, acute pancreatitis, hepatitis and a complicated surgery with a long recovery period. Just when I thought I was finally getting better, I collapsed and nearly died due to an ectopic pregnancy rupture. Another horrendous surgery to save my life but it left me with severe health complications and acute depression and PTSD. I was put on a special anti-depressant they give to PTSD sufferers (e.g. soldiers) because it stops flashbacks and nightmares. Unfortunately, the side effects are weight gain however, I have to look at it as the lesser of two evils. About a month ago, I reached a crisis point in my mind re my weight and a guy at work was dropping weight at a huge rate. I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and bad about how unfair life was to me. Enter the Cambridge Diet. I know its going to be tough but after surviving everything that’s already happened to me, I know I can cope with it. I am going to to keep my mind on the long term when it gets tough. I want to get down to my military weight and I am going to go back to calisthenics (bodyweight training) which will strengthen me up again. One day soon, I hope to get back to my outdoor pursuits – caving, rock-climbing, biking, canoeing and hiking. I have 6 stone to lose or 40ish kilos. Wish me luck!!!

  185. Today is my first day on SS. I am a 25 year old male who suffers from anxiety and who is currently not in work because of this. Since i have been off work my weight has ballooned to the point i cannot leave the house through fear of being judged. So I woke up and instantly decided things had to change.

    My consultant is brilliant and I am now on the right path to a better future.

    I will keep everyone up to date with the weight loss :).



  186. This is an amazing find, love the blogs and some amazing motivation from the comments, I am on day one of CWP SS have 3 stone to loose, to hit a BMI under 25. I type as I have my choc mint shake, I know the next couple of weeks will be difficult but reading other peoples success always motivates me

    Thank you all for being that motivation

    1. Hi Anna Louise how are you getting on? I’m on day 3 of ss I always wake up really posative and end the day really positive but struggle between 12.30 and 5.30 thinking about food all the time!! But I’m confident that after my first weigh in that will give me a boost I’m sure!!

  187. Looking for a diet buddy I’m on day 3 of ss – already lots of ups and downs majority of the time I’m loving it and really posative then bam from no where thoughts of food – drinking more water than ever in my life fortunately I quite like water but does get very Samey I drink green tea too. The hot meals are great makes you feel like your having a proper dinner and less deprived – let us know how everyone is getting on xx

  188. Hey I started the CD yesterday … Dont feel really sick …but the porridge tastes yuck

    Shakes and soups are fine … Hop i pull on …:-)

  189. Hi Laura. Your blog is amazing. Stumbled upon your blog while looking for diets that actually work. Starting tomorrow, super excited but a bit worried as well- considering all the side effects…..

  190. Hi guys….was also looking for inspiration and motivation. Started SS+ on Wednesday 5th October – first weight and I have lost 8 pounds!! Im thrilled. Im on 3 products a day, plus a meal. Ive been eating 2 eggs, mixed with water and any tiny bit of coconut oil, omelette, with a can of tuna and some greens. Or a roasted chicken leg with salad. Day 1 was fine (I was really in the mood for it!) 2nd day was ok, a few rumbles and felt a bit weak. Day 3 was not good for the most part, until early evening, when I suddenly felt great! I have a shake for breakfast, eat my food for lunch, about 5pm I have my Chocolate Velvet pack, then 8ish my bar, with a cup of tea. I go to bed early anyway. Next weigh in is Monday 17th, so Im hoping for at least 4 pounds (hoping for 6!) finding it really easy now – but boredom of the products already. Trying to make my one meal a day really tasty! Anyone have any tips about exercising (I hate it, but will try) especially about skin tightening

  191. It’s my 2nd day on SS and I get a little headache but then I’m just starting so I’m hoping it would be different…………but I just want to know if I can eat anything ….

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