The Cambridge Diet – An Update (and how it helped me conceive my babies)


As I mentioned in my Return To Blogging Post my First 4 Weeks on the Cambridge Diet continues to be one of my most popular posts. And I am very grateful to all the people who have read and commented on it. I imagine a few of you may be wondering how well I did?

Why I Went On The Diet

Before I do I think this requires a bit of a rewind. The reason I went on the diet in the first place was in order to qualify for fertility treatment. You see, I have PCOS and after trying for over two years, my husband and I were told we were most likely unable to conceive naturally. In order to qualify for the fertility treatment I needed, the hospital told me I first needed to lose 3 stone. At that time I found this completely heartbreaking. I have struggled with my weight all my life and the concept of losing this much weight, quite frankly seemed impossible. My husband knew someone at work who had lost a significant amount of weight on The Cambridge Diet and went to ask more for me.

The Result

The result is that I did go on to lose the three stone I needed. I paused over Christmas taking a break and maintained my weight for about a month. But all in all including this I lost the weight in just over 3 months. Then in February 2011, after 2.5 years of trying and a week before my fertility appointment I discovered I was 6 weeks pregnant. We were completely over the moon!

Post Pregnancy

Of course with pregnancy and diets nothing is plain-sailing. I naturally put weight on in my pregnancy and due to a pretty awful birth experience I was ill for quite a while afterwards. This resulted in me putting all of the weight, frustratingly back on (and a little bit extra) again. After some denial, losing some weight on Weightwatchers, because I breastfed my son until he was 11 months, The Cambridge Diet was not an option. After a while, catching site of myself on the mirror unexpectedly on holiday did it. I called up my Cambridge Consultant and got back on the wagon so to speak.

It wasn’t easy the second time around, I would definitely say it was quite a lot harder and I did have a few blips along the way. I also knew that my husband and I wanted another child and the only way for me to achieve this from experience was yes, to lose weight. But I gritted my teeth and I did it. And do you know what happened…. Yep I had to stop the diet because after losing weight once more, I discovered I was pregnant! Absolutely over the moon once more, baby number 2 is due in May this year. I think of the Cambridge Diet a little bit as my lucky pregnancy charm ;-).

What’s Next?

After a major rethink about my work/life balance. Which is whole other story! I decided to give up work and I am about to begin training (next week in fact) to become a Cambridge Consultant myself. I hope that I can help people in the same way my Consultant and the diet helped me. I’m not perfect and I have battled my weight all my life. Even now, approaching 6 months into my pregnancy I know I have put on quite a bit of weight and I will need to diet once more after the baby arrives. In actual fact I’m really kind of nervous about being the only non-skinny one at the training next week. It doesn’t help that my bump is really massive this time around. I’m already stressing about wardrobe choices and thinking about his I can hide in the corner. But it is a commitment and I am ready to make, to both train to become a consultant and to lose weight afterwards and maintain my weight to be a healthy example to others, but most importantly to my children. Wish me luck!

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    • Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant and most importantly to keep the baby. I had 3 miscarriages so far 3 IVF one baby I lost it when I was 6 months pregnant I’m 46. I recently gave up my job so as to get pregnant . all of the doctors suggest that I do go on with and IVF as soon as possible. But inside me I feel that if I don’t shed the weight nothing will happen. So, I’m starting this Cambridge diet this week. I really hope that finally I’ll get results and my life back. Angeliki From Greece.

      • I am in the same boat as Angeliki. 2 failed IVFs with one of them a miscarriage and inside me I feel I need to lose weight if I am to go for another attempt. I was so inspired by your story. I am 45 soon to be 46.

  1. Thank you Donna what a lovely thing to say 🙂 although I do have to be a certain BMI to be Cambridge Consultant so weight is an issue and it is something I have to commit to.

    It is big news and it is something I can do from home and work around my family, so hopefully provide me with a good balance.

  2. I’ve been fat and I’ve been slim I start the cb diet today but have no support so will read all your blogs old and new – cb gym and jog and NO wine. Wish me luck

  3. You are such an inspiration hunni, I am on my first week of my Cambridge journey starting it for the same reasons as you 🙂 I’m hoping this will help me and my hubby conceive our long awaited baby after 3 years of no luck 🙂 Thankyou for your story and a huge congratulations on taking the step to help others like me out there who are going through the tough fertility journey. Good luck hunni xxx

  4. Teri-Ann thank you so much for your comment, and I remember too well the fertility journey. It’s heartbreaking at times. It depends on the reason for your fertility – I have PCOS – but after having lost weight to get pregnant both times, I honestly think in some circumstances losing weight does really help. I hope that it does for you, or if not it will put you in a much better position for IVF. Keep strong & good luck.

  5. Hi

    I call the Cambridge diet my liquid ivf… I too have pcos and an underactive thyroid and since I started the diet I have fell pregnant 4 times and have 3 beautiful little girls 🙂 x

  6. Hi Laura,

    I have been on the cambridge diet recently, and LOVED it!!! The last 2 months I have been off it, in your experience, would you recommend me going back on it to conceive? Would be nice to hear someone else’s opinion? X

  7. Hi Laura,

    I’m glad I finally found a post that gave me some hope on my Fertility journey. I have PCOS and I just started CD. I was on CD for two weeks back in July (had one cheating meal once a week) and I managed to loose 8lb. I couldn’t continue the diet for long, but now I’m back on the diet. I hope I manage to keep up. I have been suffering from PCOS from as long as I can remember and every doctor I met put me on contraceptive without helping me regulate my cycles till I met the right Gyno three months back. Now I’m on Glucophage and Duphaston (Though I avoid taking Glucophage when I’m on CD). I hope this diet would help me regulate my hormones and become a mom soon. Thanks again for your amazing post 🙂

  8. I barely eat, i starve myself most of the time. 2years back in dubai i was diagnosed of ulcer yet my weight keeps going up. Unfortunately i’m the only fat person in my family apart from my dad. My mum said i should stop trying too hard bc its genetic… Oh well a friend introduced me to Cambridge weight loss plan yesterday and i’ve had two shakes so far. I’m sooo hungry right now i was gonna give up and eat some food but then then i stumbled on your blog. Thank you Laura, I’m gonna save your link and keep coming back. You r such an inspiration. You just renewed my strength. Id hang in here. No turning back. Love you

  9. Hi Laura, I found your blog after deciding to try the Cambridge Diet and it has really helped. I’m currently on Day 4. Going ok so far – I’m not exactly hungry, but I could definitely enjoy some food if I let myself! However looks like I’m around 6 lbs down so that is a big boost & still 2 days to go to weigh-in.
    I too am desperatly hoping that losing some weight will enable me to get pregnant, so your story is really encouraging, thank you! As well as several of the comments following!
    I hope all went well with your second baby and you are enjoying life as a consultant! (I will have a look further around your blog for updates on that). x

  10. Hi ladies – sorry I seem to have missed some comments here – I struggled to keep up for a while after Aria was born

    @benzy that’s awesome – congrats on your babies 🙂

    @nikki technically you shouldn’t be on SS if you’re trying for a baby, I found it really helped me, but it could also be because I have PCOS and weightloss in itself can kick start your cycle. I don’t know if I can recommend it for that, but at the same time I have heard quite a few success stories

    @menuka I am really sorry I missed your comment and I hope that you have managed to keep up with the diet or even more amazingly perhaps have some exciting news? Pcos is awful and the side affects I hate them. I do believe Cambridge aside and I hated hearing it myself at the time that weightloss does really help your fertility. If you do have news I would so love to hear it 🙂

    @yvette what a lovely thing to say and I am glad to have helped you. I know exactly how you feel about your family, I hope you have been successful

    @hope for baby over 40 oh I hope that it helps you, trying for baby for a long time can be so heartbreaking. Well done on the 6lbs too. I haven’t started working as a consultant yet, as I have been on maternity leave, but I am hoping to start with my first client over the next couple of weeks – eek!

  11. I have started to read and follow up Ur blog, u are beautiful inside out. I am also overweight and inquire for some info from u that will determine if I will go thru with the Cambridge diet.
    I read at some point that you are being sponsored to become a consultant, how much does it cost to be a consultant pls? My hubby says this will determine my going on the diet as I want to be one in the nearest future after trying it out myself. Pls respond

    • Hello Bukola – the best thing If you want to become a consultant is find a good consultant in your local area and focus on your weightloss. In order to become a consultant you must first of course, lose weight and reach a healthy BMI using the Cambridge weight plan. Then your consultant will be the person who sponsors you and can take you through the next steps, which involves training days, an exam and online modules. Best of luck 🙂

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  13. Good day, i stumble on this blog now while reading about Cambridge diet and fertility.Am abt to start my CD tomorrow. I want to combine it with gym. I have been going to the gym for a year now. I have been trying for a baby for like 3 years, i have equally been diagonised of PCOS and my gyne advised me to loose wight. Please is it possible to still take my drugs when am on CD. I want to do the CD for 2 weeks and then evaluate my progress beefore i go for another two weeks.

  14. Good evening, I just recently started the Cambridge diet after trying it last year and getting amazing results. in the first week of being on CD I lost 10lbs . I just started it this week and its been great so far. I have been trying for a baby since December 2014 and had no luck since. I decided to get a few scans done and yesterday I was told that the scan suggest PCOS. I was told I need to loose weight as a first point of call and have been referred to a gyna. The appointment will take 60 days. In the mean time I will focus on CD and being happy. I was really encouraged by your story Laura and I hope to see the same results.

  15. Hi,
    I’m from Saudi Arabia. I’m on my first week and hope that I can achieve my goal. I keep reading your blog every night before sleeping, your words are supporting me alot wish me luck????
    Wish you all the best،،،

  16. So Glad I found you wonderful blog! I have been back and forth to the gyno after being told I have PCOS ( after not having periods for over a year!!) and I need to loose weight (this is a major fear for me! – im soo poop at diets) but a baby is something I really long for, so tomorrow – im on day 1 of CD! I really hope loosing weight helps get my cycle back to normal.. ill keep you all updated! XX

  17. Wow Laura your blog has really inspired me !! I have signed up to the Cambridge diet today and want to loose 3 and a half stone . I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I cant fit into and have had to hit my bottom before taking this step and here I am ! I feel excited but know it wont be easy but reading your blog really helps me feel positive ! Well done you I really hope I can achieve the same success and feel like me again !I have also requested to join your facebook page and hope this is ok even though you are not my consultant . Thank you for inspiring me ! Sue x


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