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Ben’s Zone is a weekly feature, run every Sunday and written by my husband Ben. It giving you an insight into the other half of our household and a Dad’s point of view on parenting.

About Ben

A complete foodie, Ben likes good quality food, sourced from ethical places. He spends a lot of time researching and experimenting with recipes. He also adores kitchen gadgets, from his Kenwood Chef, to his a Sous Vide machine.

Ex-smoking and ex-drinking, you won’t see him for long without a coffee in his hand. A triple espresso being his coffee of choice. Yes… a triple.

He is also very into his fitness. A long time cyclist, he is also an avid runner and loves obstacle racing. He competed in the European Championships in Belgium in 2018 representing the UK in the over 40’s category.

He has a bit of a penchant for pink, music and plays the guitar, a hobby he shares with our oldest son.

Subjects He Writes About

You can find him writing about pretty much all of the below:

  • Fitness, running, cycling and obstacle racing
  • Cooking, recipes and kitchen gadgets
  • Fatherhood and parenting
  • Pet ownership, particularly in respect to our Rhodesian Ridgeback Florence


Ben is also available for reviews and can write much knowledgably than me on the above subjects or collaborative posts.

If you would like to discuss a review from Ben please email

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  1. I wish I had the will power to exercise and eat healthier, you must be so proud of him, even if he did end up with pneumonia for all his hard work and effort, remove the bikes one a month I’m sure he won’t notice, I do it with my children’s toys lol xxx

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