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Overnight Oats and Yoghurt Recipe

Overnight Oats and Yoghurt Recipe

So, we looked at how simple and easy it is to make plain yoghurt from scratch in the EasiYo.  I keep hearing about overnight oats as a time saver but I wondered if there might be a yoghurt related potential for a really indulgent Sunday morning breakfast.

Coincidentally, I had bought some granola at Christmas that sounded great but turned out, in reality, to be disappointing.  The offending granola was just a little bland and a little dry and not at all the salted caramel bonanza I’d expected.  I’d been using it to tart up crumble toppings but I found it also works well in this recipe.

If you’re looking to instagram the pics you’re going to need a Kilner jar or similar for maximum tartiness but in reality you can do this in any dish.  I would probably take one that has a lid so you can have it in the fridge overnight without it taking on food smells from other stuff that’s in there.

So it’s simple really, you take stuff and you layer it.  Put the crunchy stuff at the bottom nominally because it makes for a better mouthful but really because it looks better on the gram.

I’ve included honey here to taste but don’t go crackers with it, shop bought Granola is usually pretty sugary and you don’t want to lose the lovely sharpness of the yoghurt.


Some shop bought granola (or Jamie Oliver has a nice home made recipe if you prefer)
Small handful of sultanas
Splosh of honey
2-300g Plain Yoghurt


1. Put granola in jar.
2. Put sultanas on granola.
3. Squeeze on honey (remember now, go easy)
4. Pour on yoghurt
5. Refrigerate overnight. You can also add fresh fruit on top, if you would like.

Overnight Oats and Yoghurt Recipe. A easy to use overnight oats recipe to use with homemade yoghurt, granola and fruit.

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