My Top Seven of 2018

My Top Seven of 2018

My Top Seven of 2018

With thanks to Lauren from Scrapbook Blog for tagging me in the ‘My Top Seven of 2018’ blogging tag, which was started by Tracey from One Frazzled Mum. Which is a nice way of summarising some of my highlights of 2018.

Top 7 posts

These are my favourite posts that I enjoyed writing, rather than my post popular blog posts. Although this is not always exclusive. My favourite posts to write are the conversational pieces or ones that debate bigger issues that I feel passionate about. Of course my very favourite was always going to be Bodhi’s arrival…

Introducing Bodhi

Sexism is still rife for Mothers in 2018

Is our school system failing our children?

Having another baby after CMPA

Our Welsh holiday highlights

Things we did this summer holidays 2018

Why children should be climbing trees (even if they break their wrists)

7 Things You Loved Most About 2018

Introducing Bodhi

  1. Having my third and final baby
  2. Watching Aria really bloom and start school (although I still do miss my little sidekick)
  3. Watching Logan really start to enjoy playing the guitar and starting rock school
  4. Our family holiday in the summer and to Bluestone for Logan’s holiday
  5. Settling into our new home and starting decorating work – the children’s bedrooms, the front room and a new patio
  6. Becoming a finalist in the Mum and Working Awards
  7. The summer holidays and Christmas and just spending time with and enjoying my family

7 Things you are Looking forward to in 2019

  1. The holidays we have booked this year – Wales in the summer holidays and Bluestone for Easter
  2. Going on a photography course in April
  3. Watching all of my children continue to develop and grow and celebrating Bo’s first birthday
  4. Taking a bit more time out for me as Bo gets a little older and needs me a little bit less. Hopefully some Mum nights out and trips to the cinema
  5. Doing some more work on our home, finances permitting, to make it more of our own home. Hopefully looking at the garden and the front room
  6. Getting back to full health after my stomach ulcer rupture
  7. Switching up my blog a bit, adding in some more fashion and lifestyle posts, focusing on some areas I have neglected when I was pregnant and growing some of my skills (a blog post to come on that later)

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4 thoughts on “My Top Seven of 2018”

  1. Thank you very much for the tag. I will try to get this done asap. Such a lovely year and Bodhi is just the cutest. I hope this year sees better health for you and I look forward to hearing all about your holidays x

  2. Lovely highlights Laura. It’s nice to look back on the year previous and reflect on memories and acheivements. Thanks for the tag x


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