MONTHLY REVIEW: September 2015

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Wow where has September gone? I have already started thinking about the ‘C’ word. I do love Christmas and having children makes it even better. But first October means it’s my son’s birthday so lots of fun activities there. I think I am forever going to be playing catch up in the blogging world, I think that’s just having children for you you. But it has been an exciting month and I am just enjoying blogging and life in general, albeit missing sleep.

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Top Things That Have Made Me Happy

  • My blog post Coming to Terms with my Post Natal Body got picked up by Mumsnet and was featured on their homepage, which was super, super exciting.
  • I am really pleased with the growth in my social media following has grown from 250 to 460 on Facebook, to very nearly 4000 on Twitter and by another hundred to 600 on Instagram. I have been putting some work into to this, so I am really pleased with the progress.
  • I have launched Laura’s Book Corner which gives me a fab little place on the blog to share my love of books with some of my friends too. If you would like to be involved and guest, please do drop me a line.
  • My project with another blogger will be going live this month – I’ll give you a hint, it’s book related…
  • I’ve worked with some great brands, my favourite was Yoshi handbags, which also happened to be my second most popular post of the month.

Things To Focus on in October

I keep trying to get ahead, I really do but the combination of poorly children (my daughter has a chest infection) and a lot going on our lives – my husband has just accepted a new job, has meant things have been pretty crazy. So I have just resigned myself to do what I can do and be pleased with what I achieve rather than beat myself up all the time.

  • Carry on growing my social media following.
  • Embarrassingly, I still need to sort out my guest post, I have a second to do now too. In my defence September is one of the busiest dieting months in the calendar and in my other life I run a small weight loss business. But I have to do to and I MUST do them asap.
  • As always, get ahead – a week ahead would be fab for now. Not sure that will happen with my son’s birthday coming up this month. But my husband is going away for two weeks with work at the end of October so I will have plenty of quiet evenings on my own (child permitting) to catch up on some blogging.
  • Tomorrow (Saturday) I am off to my first ever blogging conference – Blog on Win and I am a mixture of excitement and nerves. But I think it will be fab! So I am hoping to learn lots there too.

How about you, how was your September and what are your blogging plans? xxx

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  1. I hope you had a great time at Blog On! I’ve booked to go to the Manchester one next year – I couldn’t get today off work to go to Winchester, such a shame as it;s so close! x


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