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August has been crazy busy. I don’t think I quite expected the level of craziness the school holidays would bring, after all my son only goes to pre-school usually for 4 mornings a week, but it really does make a huge difference. I think it is also to do with the fact we have had much more planned days out – which have been awesome, but hard for me to keep on top both on here and in my weight-loss consultant business. But I really have loved them, so I am not complaining.

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Top Things That Have Made Me Happy

  • The summer holidays. I have loved the summer holidays and feel a bit sad that they are over. Fabulous days out and fun times with my children. It hasn’t always been easy juggling it all, but we have made some wonderful memories.
  • I have finished my media pack – hurrah! It has only taken me two months…
  • After my tumble in the Tots100 last month, I am pleased to say I have gone up again. I know it’s only stats but they do mean something when you put a lot into your blog.
  • My social media following has grown to over 250 on Facebook, 3600 on Twitter and 500 on Instagram. I really hope to grow these more over the next few months.
  • I have nearly lost 2.5 stone in weight (2.25lbs to go) which is a great personal achievement. I want to reach 3 stone by the end of September.
  • People linking up to both of my Linkys – Lovely Things and Weigh, Lose or Stay have significantly improved with 19 link ups to #lovelythings last month and my last #weighloseorstay having 9 link ups which I am really pleased about 🙂 .
  • I am still working with another blogger on an exciting project for autumn, we have delayed it until October due to both of our time pressures. But more to come soon. Watch this space.

Things To Focus on in August

For obvious reasons, August was perhaps not the best month for getting through my to-do list, I did get some of it achieved, but in all honesty I am pretty behind, but never mind – it is better to have fun with my children, so it’s not the end of the world.

  • I have started doing more work on Pinterest and Instagram actually to grow my following and also to grow links (particularly from Pinterest) back to my blog. This is still a work in progress and something I plan to continue in September.
  • In general, I want to grow all of my social media following and need to put some focus into that over the next couple of months.
  • Sort out my guest posts, I have one to write and I want to organise another if I can too.
  • Get ahead, I really need to get ahead I had almost got to a week ahead and then the summer holidays demolished my lead and this last week I have literally been writing posts the day before they need to be published. I am quite an organised person and this is driving me mad, so I need to get ahead and do some more planning around the time that I have.

How about you, how was your August and what are your blogging plans? xxx

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12 thoughts on “MONTHLY REVIEW: August 2015”

  1. Congrats on the awesome growth of your blog 🙂 And finally getting your media kit done. I haven’t done one still. Congrats on the weight loss too. Getting ahead is hard, definitely. Good luck with all your awesome goals 🙂 Would love to have you link up to #GratitudeGoals 🙂

  2. It sounds like you’ve got a lot done in August. It was a crazy month and will be a little easier with the kids back in school/Nursery etc. Your doing really well with your blog and your linkys. these things take time but it’s great to see yours growing! I finally got my weight lost post written so will be linking up this coming week.

    Angela xx

  3. What a great month! The summer holidays have totally floored me as (maybe in hindsight not the best month to decide to start a blog but I live and learn!). I’m curious to know what your mystery project is.

    My blog is still in it’s newborn phase – literally everything to learn so my blog plans are simply to post consistently and find my writing groove.

    Sarah x

  4. Well done on the Wright loss lovely! I abandoned trying to lose weight until the boys were back at school as there were too many temptations on days out! Back to it now though and just gotten off my treadmill 🙂 have a fab September.

    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie xx


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