Lovely Things February 2019

Lovely Things February 2019

Lovely Things February 2019

Welcome to February’s Lovely Things. Lovely Things is a regular feature I used to run on my blog that I decided to bring back for 2019. It’s a bit of a memory journal of all of the things that make me happy each month and a nice way to focus on gratitude too.

February was a bit of a crazy weather month wasn’t it? We started with freezing temperatures and lots of snow – much to my children’s delight! Then ended up with very warm, spring like weather – the warmest it’s ever been on record. It also saw Valentine’s Day and half term.

Here are all of my lovely things from February:

Aria and snowball

  • Snow and having lots of fun in the snow
  • My husband flying in from India and picking the children up from school on a sledge
  • Winning two competitions on Instagram – A buggy clip, an outfit and 6 months worth of flowers for Valentine’s Day
  • Watching the children have fun at a friend’s Little Muddy Boots party
  • Half term and all the things we got up to (which I have written about in a separate post)Cliveden - Logan Aria and I
  • Getting the all clear on my bloods and finally no longer being anaemic or folic acid deficient
  • Working hard on my Instagram page and finally seeing some results and achieving 4000 followers
  • Paying the balance and booking some extras for our holiday to Bluestone at Easter
  • Watching Bodhi learn how to crawl (we’re at the commando crawl stage presently)
  • A takeaway and a nice evening with my husband on Valentine’s Day
  • A meet up with mum friends for tea and a chat
  • Watching my children take so much pleasure in going to the library, reading books and Aria getting her very own library card

My monthly happy list always makes me smile, what did you get up to?

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