It’s 20 Degrees in February why aren’t we more Worried?

It's 20 Degrees in February why aren't we more Worried?

It’s 20 Degrees in February why aren’t we more Worried?

The weather in half term was amazing was it not? I lamented enough about it on my Instagram page and I thoroughly enjoyed the days it allowed me to have outside in the glorious sunshine with my children. I had sandals on at the weekend and I have been happily watching my washing blow in the breeze and not having to put the tumble drier on or have items draped over the clothes horse and bannisters. And yet, as the weather has continued I’ve started to get an uncomfortable feeling inside, a feeling that this isn’t right, that it’s a warning and as much as it’s rather lovely, this weather does not belong.

Back in October, the world’s leading scientists sent out a dire warning – we have 12 years, 12 years to limit a climate change catastrophe. To cut the risk of drought, extreme heat, floods and poverty. And yet, the world does not seem to be heeding this warning, with countries not living up to their climate change commitments. In fact, global carbon emissions jumped to an all time high in 2018, mainly due to a growth of cars on the roads and coal usage.

We’re a month a way from spring and according to the Met Office, the first time the weather has ever exceeded 20 degrees in winter, although we did see 19.7 in 1998. Even still, 20 degrees in February, following on from the heady temperatures we saw last summer are so concerning.

As this lovely weather continues, and don’t get me wrong I am enjoying it as much as everyone else, I see so few people that seem to be worried about it. Questioning it. As the Brexit pantomime continues, why isn’t Westminster even taking a breath to look outside their windows and wonder if now is the time, the time to make the big changes that are necessary? Why aren’t people on social media starting petitions and urging people now surely we have to do something? It feels like the world is hiding away in denial, but by the time we realise, will it be too late?

So, as I do the school run enjoying the warmth on my back, and the fact I do not need to wrap up in a coat or even a jacket, I will think about what this will mean in 20 years time. The impact we will see if not in my life time, certainly my children’s and what it means for their future.

Are we sleep walking into something our children will never for give us for?

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