A Letter To My Oldest Son on his 11th Birthday

Dear Logan,

Happy birthday! Those teens are getting scarily close now aren’t they? We’ve been looking at secondary schools these last couple of months trying to decide where the best place for you to go is. I’m so proud of you for passing the entrance exam to Reading Boys school, your score for English, in particular, was amazing and it was completely your decision to go forward with the test and work for it and it’s an awesome achievement. I don’t know what school you are going to end up at, only time will tell. We actually have two school visits today on your birthday, which means you’re going to have the day off school and we get to spend the day together which I am looking forward to. But I know you are a bright and kind boy and wherever you end up you will do well.

Speaking of that kindness, it’s that kindness that has blown me away this past year. As you know, Mummy really hurt her back last autumn which left me walking with a stick for a time and in terrible pain. Your help and support has left me feeling both guilty and in awe of you. When I struggled to stand for periods of time and even make the lunch boxes, you would take over and do them for me. Helping with chopping and preparing dinner and carrying the washing basket up and down the stairs for me. You also saw me struggling to get the washing off the line and started helping me with that. Honestly, you absolutely blew me away and humbled me with your kindness.

This year you have gotten into paddleboarding along with your Dad and sister. It was what you did for your birthday party last year and since then you did it every day on holiday and we have gone on some weekends too. You love it so much you have asked for your own one for your birthday which family members have put into to get you.

You still play with toys – mainly Nerf and Lego – but you are definitely getting more grown up. You love a bit of Minecraft, and one of your biggest pleasures is painting Warhammer figures with your Dad and best friend. You are still doing brilliantly with your guitar and just in the last couple of weeks, we have made the decision to put you up into the seniors class as you are finding the juniors too easy now. You are down to do your grade one exam and should be doing that in the next couple of months.

Reading, you love reading just like me, and I sometimes struggle to keep you in books! For your birthday this year, you had a sleepover with your two best friends. The first proper sleepover over you have had at this house – you did go to one at Michael’s in April. With Warhammer painting, pizza, a film and popcorn. we won’t mention you waking up at 3.30 am…! You have asked for flapjack instead of a cake this year.

Your favourite clothes are still skinny jeans and t-shirts with trainers. Your hair is still super long and you still have your ears pierced. You are very much becoming more of your own person and craving more independence since the summer. Daddy and I are currently debating getting you a phone and starting to get you to talk certain sections of the school run on your own and build you up a bit at a time ready for the school commute. I know it’s becoming the time to let you go a bit more in preparation for secondary school, even if I am finding it hard.

Your relationship with your siblings is ever evolving. I think 3 can sometimes be a tricky dynamic. The age gap between you and Bo is still a hard one at the moment, he often wants to steal his big brother’s toys and I know this can be frustrating. But equally you are also very sweet with him and play Lego and Nerf together. You and Aria love to play computer games together and come up with creative games and plans. Your bestest friend is still Michael and it’s such a lovely friendship you don’t stop talking on the walk to and from school together.

Happy birthday my amazing bright, caring and wonderful son. I can already see what a big adventure next year is going to be and I know you are going to rise to the challenge.

Love Mummy x

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