A Letter To My Oldest Son on his 12th Birthday

Dear Logan,

Happy birthday! One more year until you’re a teen and I knew this year was going to be a big one. It has felt like one milestone after another. You passed the 11+ exams with an incredible result, you went on your first-ever residential school trip, you sat your SATs (even though we both hate them) and passed them with incredible scores – getting full marks on one of your papers. And then you finished primary school. I’m not sure I was ready for that, it’s a hard thing watching your oldest grow. But you were. I am just so proud of you, even if sometimes I want to keep you little for a bit longer.

I was so nervous about your starting secondary school, it was a big step, you had to get the bus by yourself, you ended up going to a school (your choice) where you knew no one. The first week I thought of you every day wondering how you were getting on and did you have someone to eat your lunch with. But yet again I underestimated you and just how ready you were for this change. I don’t think year 6 was your happiest school year. I knew you were having problems with bullying, that you weren’t always happy and muddled through. I hadn’t realised how bored you were until you moved up, how ready you were for the next challenge and to learn. You love to learn and you weren’t being challenged anymore in primary school. It’s like you have come alive again with the challenges and the new lessons. Not only that, you have made new friends, joined clubs, joined activities in your break and decided to make the absolute most of this new opportunity to grow. It’s just awesome to see.

In the summer, you made the decision to donate your hair after seeing a child with cancer with no hair, you wanted to give a child yours. Not only did you donate your hair to The Princess Trust, you also raised an incredible £620 at the same time. At the time of donation, your hair was halfway down your back. I may have shed a tear or two at your absolute kindness.

One of my lovely memories of the summer was taking you for a day out of school and having a one-on-one day just you and me before you started secondary school. We had a day at Legoland and did all the rides together and it reminded me of taking you there when you were younger. It was a great day and I enjoyed it so much.

I can’t write this letter without mentioning the school play, for a very long time you have hated plays and never wanted to take part, so imagine my surprise when you came home and told me you had auditioned for a main part! But not only that, you had to sing a solo too! Then imagine my even further surprise that you were incredible in it and other parents were stopping me to tell me how good you were. You never fail to blow me away!

In your hobby time, you still play the guitar and are working towards your grade two, you passed grade one last autumn with merit. Your summer concert with The Rock Project was fabulous and you completely rocked it out. Your passions are still Lego, and Warhammer and this year you have also got into making stop-motion videos with your Lego creations. You love to go on paddleboard and picnic adventures with your Dad and sister. You also still love to read and listen to music.

Your birthday is going to be a more sedate affair this year. You are going Warhammer shopping with your birthday money and then as a family we’re going to Laser Quest, followed by pizza. It should be lots of fun! As well as a chocolate birthday cake. I also can’t wait to see your face when you open your big birthday surprise present.

Reading back your letter from last year, it made me smile as we were debating buying you a phone, and now I love all the funny text messages you send me and our Gif-offs. It’s funny how things change in a year.

At the moment you seem quite a lot older than your siblings, you are very sweet and play Lego and nerf with Bo and games with Aria, but I think even just 6 weeks in you have grown up being in secondary school. Although you still give me awesome hugs.

You humble me with your bravery and kindness, I am so proud of you. Happy birthday my sweet, amazing not so small boy. Next year you will be a teenager!

Love Mummy x

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