My 2022 Goals & 2021 Achievements

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This is a post I like to write every year, it helps to remind me how far I have come and what I have achieved and I also I like to have some goals to work towards. So here is a mini reflection and goal setting post for the year.

My 2021 Achievements

2021 brought with it lots of surprises. Schools were closed until March, and I found lockdown 3 the hardest lockdown to get through mentally. The weather was bleak, it was cold and it felt neverending. I completed my coaching which was honestly game-changing and I loved it so much and was sad when the 12-week course came to an end. I felt like 2021 was the year of learning more about myself and who I am and shifting my priorities a little. I made a serious commitment to writing my book because that is such a huge life goal for me. In September and October I, unfortunately, ended up really injuring my back, which has left me in a lot of pain daily and having to walk with a stick. It’s treatable, and I am currently waiting on my appointment with a spinal surgeon, but it has massively affected my life for the moment. The combination of factors meant that I needed to work less and smarter in order to balance all the demands on my time.

Here are some of the things I am proud of for 2021:

  • Kept my business running, despite the global pandemic and while homeschooling my children
  • Facebook grown from 2500 to 2572 (+72)
  • Instagram grown from 5880 to 6776 (+896)
  • Twitter remained the same at 15,400
  • My social media growth was more modest, but particularly on Instagram I have worked hard on improving and being creative with my content and I am in the process of trying to work out exactly what my niche is
  • Started doing Instagram reels which seem to be going really well, I was really nervous of doing them, but I actually really enjoy them now and love coming up with creative ideas
  • Completed my 12-week coaching course, as I said above it really was amazing
  • Finally committed to writing my book, I wanted to finish it by the end of the year, I’m very nearly there are 120k words, but not quite. But it’s still a massive achievement. This is a huge goal for me and I really want to work to get published
  • Attended Blogon, it was so good to get back to a conference
  • Carrying on to learn and grow things in the garden
  • Grown my email database by 300, I’m pleased with this and what to do this more this year
  • Did two Rebel Fit missions, and hope to be able to get back to my fitness journey again when my back is better
  • Despite the difficult times, I took part in some great campaigns. Mainly from Hello Fresh, Boots, I love the Instagram Reel we did for Bracknell Fostering and Smiggle, then there were also the Stage Coach and Wicked Uncle campaigns.
  • Took Aria to her very first West End show
  • Read 41 books
  • Our family holiday to Wales

2021 Goals

It’s hard to set goals a bit when I do not know what is going to happen with my back. Whether injections will sort it or if I might need surgery. But I love setting goals and having things to work towards, so I will set them and revise as needed. Bo starts school in September which will also give me a lot more time too.

Here are a few goals I have this year:

  • Finish my book
  • Rewrite my book and work with alpha and beta readers to get it the best it can be
  • Look to get my book published
  • Continue to grow my email database further
  • Nail down my niche, particularly on Instagtram and continue to work on being creative with my content
  • Look into and go on a Photoshop course
  • We have committed to big rennovation plans in 2022 which I am excited about.
    • Redecorate our lounge and dining room
    • Redecorate our hall and stairs
    • Have a new front garden put it
    • Get rid of the pond in our garden and replace with a water feature and patio
  • Finally make it to Center Parcs which has been moved for two years
  • Continue to grow my Pinterest and have a monthly plan for improving SEO
  • Continue to work on my personal style and confidence
  • After my back issue is resolved work with a clinical pilates instructor to grow my core strength
  • Make more time for me and self-care and enjoy some days out in the summer with Bo before he starts school

What are your goals for 2022?

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