Unusual Gifts for Five Year Olds

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I love to go hunting for that perfect Christmas gift. Something you just know is going to make their eyes light up as soon as they unwrap it. But what do you get for the child who has everything, or for a child you don’t know what toys they already have so you want to get something for them that’s just that little bit different?

That’s where Wicked Uncle comes to the rescue! As a Mum of three children, aged ten, seven and three, I like to think I have an eye for things that are going to be played with over and over and things that are probably going to end up at the bottom of the toy basket. So I have chosen a few of my favourite items to help you out with your Christmas shopping this year. But their website is packed full of some great and unusual gift ideas, so do check them out this Christmas.

Did you know that Wicked Uncle can wrap for you and send a card. Making Christmas shopping that little bit easier!

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My Top Ten Unusual Gifts for Five Year Olds

These are gifts my children already have and love, or gifts I know they would absolutely love to open on Christmas day.

Space Torch

A torch that projects pictures onto the wall, lots of fun and I know as my 3-year-old has one already. They also have one with animals and dinosaurs. You put different discs into the front of the torch that all have different pictures on them. Then you shine them on the wall to see all sorts of fun pictures. It would also make a great stocking filler.

Jawsome Swimming Goggles

My kids hate getting chlorine in their eyes and also have weekly swimming lessons, so, good swimming kit is important. Even better if it’s fun, and these shark goggles are super cool and will make them the envy of the pool. They also give 100% UV protection and are anti-fog.

Hexbug Beetle

This is a cute little 6 legged robotic bug that runs in straight lines until something gets in its way, then it will do a half circle and go in a new direction. My oldest son has one of these and is particularly fond of setting it off across the dining table at his siblings, to lots of giggles!

Black Glow Art

A super fun drawing board that lights up your creations. Create a work of art using the special fluorescent pens and then turn the boards on to see them flash in different ways and colours. You can wipe clean to start again. This is one that is on my children’s Christmas list and will keep them entertained for ages.

Step by Step Drawing School

This fun kit teaches children to draw by breaking the drawings down into puzzle pieces. They are copied onto a wipe-clean board. There are ten animal pieces which are broken into four and the drawings are shown in sequence order making it easier to learn. Making them easy to copy and a fun way to learn. I know this would go down very well with my younger two children.

My Very Own Rainbow

Two out of three of my children will not go to sleep without a night light and one has to have it on all night as he’s so frightened of the dark. This light is gorgeous and fills up the room with a rainbow which looks really pretty and reassuring. It can be used as a light or night light.

LED Light up Gloves

My oldest son has a pair of these gloves and they’re brilliant. Particularly when walking home in the dark. These gloves have multi-coloured LEDs in the fingers, press the wrist for different flashing patterns. Light up, while keeping warm.

Geosafari Talking Globe

If you’re looking for more of a wow present, this one is pretty awesome. Run the smartpen over this high tech globe and it will teach your child all about the different countries, continents and areas they are visiting. It has over 1000 facts, can tell you the distance between major cities, as well as information about animals and cities. I know my kids would absolutely love this.

Robo Beats – Tap and Dance Robot

We’re big fans of music in this house, and quite frankly nothing beats a kitchen disco. Robo Beats is a fun little robot that dances along to the music. He shuffles his feet, moves his arms and has a good old boogie. A fun little robot guaranteed to make your child laugh.

My First Microscope

I’m a big fan of STEM toys, so I think this little microscope is pretty awesome. It’s a fully functional microscope with 8x magnification. It’s sturdy for ease of use with little hands and to make it less breakable. It also has an LED lamp. No slides are required, so children can just find things around the house and see what they look like under the microscope. Great for learning and encouraging little inquisitive minds!

So there you have it, 10 unusual Christmas gifts for five year olds. If you’re stuck on what to get a child for a present, Wicked Uncle is packed full of interesting and different ideas, for something a little bit out of the ordinary.

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Unusual Gifts For Five Year Olds. What do you get for the child who has everything. Or if you want to get something that little bit different? Wicked Uncle is the home of unique presents and I have selected 10 gifts I know my children would love.

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