Gifts for Children That Love Dinosaurs and Unicorns

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May and June is birthday season here in our house and I always love looking for different and unusual gifts. My two youngest children have a thing for unicorns and dinosaurs, so I am often on the hunt for new items that will surprise them in their favourite subjects. Wicked Uncle is perfect for this, they are the home of quirky gifts that your wicked uncle would get for you. I’m a Mum of 3, so gifts that are easy to find and hit the spot perfectly are always a winner. Their toys are always tested by toy testers to make sure that only the very best toys are on their site. Plus, for busy parents…. or uncles, they can also do the wrap for you.

Perfect Dinosaur Gifts for Children

My youngest son is crazy about dinosaurs, the louder, the scarier the better. I think it would be fair to say that there are not a lot of young children who don’t. It’s also his birthday in June so I asked him to pick a couple of his favourite items from the Wicked Uncle website and here they are.

T-Rex Head Torch

Who doesn’t love a head torch, that is a dinosaur, but…. also roars? You can’t go wrong, can you? My son thought this torch was absolutely hilarious, and has been proceeding to wear it around the house regularly, roaring as he does so. It’s such a fun gift and useful for den building and games of hide and seek.

Dinosaur Progressive Puzzles – 4 Sizes

This is really nice gift idea and would be great for taking away on holiday with you, it’s a carry box with a handle and clasp and inside the box is 4 different dinosaur puzzles. The puzzles are at different levels – one with larger pieces and the pieces get small and harder with each one. They are at the level that Bo (nearly 5) can happily sit and do them on his own too.

Other Brilliant Dinosaur Gift Ideas

Here are some other fantastic dinosaur gift ideas that we loved.

Dinosaurs Glow in the Dark Puzzle

Buy Glow in the Dark Puzzle

Aqua Dragons Live Underwater World

Buy Aqua Dragons

Rex the Dinobot Build and Program

Buy Dinobot Build and Program

Perfect Unicorn Gifts for Children

If there’s a unicorn on it, my daughter loves it. No exceptions. She wants them on her outfits, her bed clothes and the more teddies the better. I sometimes wonder how she even fits on her bed! So it’s great when I find something unicorn themed that she doesn’t already own and the Wicked Uncle site is always good for things that are a little bit different.

Unicorn Head Torch

Not one to be outdone by her brother, Aria had to have the unicorn head torch, it doesn’t roar like the dinosaur one, but it does make magical sparkles sounds instead. Much better in her opinion… This torch is also good for secret book reading under the covers (not the I know she does this of course).

Windy Bums Unicorn – Wiggle, Jiggle and Parp

Yes, you did read that right. This is indeed a farting unicorn. I think Aria’s face in these pictures says it all really. This toy is absolutely hysterical. It vibrates all over the place like a crazy thing whilst at the same time giggling and parping, the children get the absolute giggles whenever it happens (and don’t worry there’s an off button).

Other Unicorn Gifts We Loved

Here is a selection of some of the other unicorn gift ideas we loved on Wicked Uncle.

Unicorn Sparkle Luxury Bath Set

Buy Unicorn Sparkle Bath Set

Unicorn Friendship Charm Bracelets

Buy Unicorn Charm Bracelets

Unicorn Colour Changing Umbrella

Buy Colour Changing Umbrella

There you have it, some actually fantastic gift ideas for both dinosaur and unicorn lovers.

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