Give the Gift of Photos this Christmas

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Give the Gift of Photos this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, sometimes it’s hard to come up with that special gift for someone. I’ve published gift guides for 6-9 year old and pre-schoolers, so do check those out. But what about for grandparents, your partner and older relatives who I think can sometimes be quite tricky to buy for? This is where photo gifts are perfect. Particularly, in the current climate. At a time where families are not seeing each other as often if they like, or via video calls instead of face to face. It’s a way to show them the highlights of the year and memories. To keep and treasure.

You can get creative too as there are so many different things you can do. I also love photo Christmas cards and thank you cards for any gifts you have received.

Photo Books

Photo books are a lovely gift as they are packed full of memories and special moments. For my eldest son’s first birthday, my husband organised a photobook for me of the first year of his life. It was such a wonderful and thoughtful gift and even now I love to look back through it and take a trip down memory lane.

You can put them together in different layouts and formats and they’re really easy to make, you simply have to upload your photos.


My sister and I used to jointly make a calendar for family members every Christmas. We would each choose some of our favourite family photos for the year and load them up for alternative months. For December, we would pose for a silly photo with Christmassy props that were aimed at making people smile. That way distant relatives can see a new photos every month. It was always a favourite of my Mum who used to hang them up in the kitchen.

Personalised Mugs

Personalised mugs have been a real winner for my family as gifts. What better way to enjoy your favourite cup of coffee than with a mug made especially for you?

An alternative to uploading a photo is getting your children to do a drawing to go on the mug. You can scan then and upload the drawing to go on the mugs. A real special touch that grandparents really like.

So, if you’re not sure what to give someone for Christmas, why not make it a photo gift personalised just for them?

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