5 Ways to Save Money and Spend Less this Winter

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5 Ways to Save Money and Spend Less this Winter

Winter months mean shorter days and darker nights. Plummeting temperatures and extra layers! It also means that due to lockdown and travel restrictions, most of us will be spending even more time at home. While this is a welcome refuge from the cold winter air and freezing winds, it also means an unwelcome rise in your household bills and expenses. And with the festive season fast approaching, we’re all wanting to make our money stretch as far as possible.

Thankfully, you don’t have to cut back on the things you love to save a little more money this winter. In truth, just a few simple changes could make a huge difference to your bank balance. Need a little inspiration? Read on for 5 ways to save money and spend less this Winter.

Rethink your lighting options

Have you heard of LED lights and bulbs? Ultra LEDs provide a wide range of the latest in lighting technology – check them out now. These incredible lighting options not only look great in your property, but they can help make your home much more energy-efficient. They use less heat, create more light and cost less (overall) than traditional energy-saving bulbs. Making the simple switch to LED lighting can have a huge impact on your utility bills and the overall look and feel of your home. 

Plan your meals

Winter menus usually consist of warming soups and hearty stews. Thankfully, most of the ingredients needed for dishes like these can be purchased in bulk, giving you instant savings. Also, creating and prepping meals at the start of the week and then freezing them to be eaten later, means less food waste, fewer takeaways and a healthier wallet. Unsure of what to cook? You’ll find a wide range of comfort food dishes to try online

Bring out the blankets

When the temperature starts to drop, we all reach for the thermostat, but if you want to save money this winter, you need to resist the urge to turn that dial. Before you increase your heating bill, have plenty of blankets on hand to cosy up with instead. Throw on another sweater or put on some thicker clothes first.

Do free things!

Most of us are spending more time indoors, however that means the temptation of online shopping is all too real. Instead of spending more money, enjoy all the little things, such as spending quality time together away from screens and enjoy free things! Family walks, bike rides and dog walks along the beach will keep everyone happy and entertained in the bright winter sun.

And finally, look after your car

The winter months can be particularly harsh on your car. Frozen keys, slippery roads, ice and snow, flat batteries…by taking care of your car you’ll save money in the long term and avoid any expensive repairs. Winterproof your car by keeping your tyres inflated, ensuring its MOT and service history is up to date and create a winter emergency kit.  

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