Wiley’s Finest Beginner’s DHA and Vitamin K2

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Wiley's Finest Beginner's DHA and Vitamin K2

Wiley’s Finest Beginner’s DHA and Vitamin K2

With the weather as interchangeable as it has been, it feels like the children have had a continuous cold in our house. I am always searching for ways to give their immune system a bit of a boost and help them fight off all the bugs that seem to be ever present at school.

This past couple of weeks we have been introduced to Wiley’s Finest which are premium supplements, made from fish oil. They also bear the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) ecolabel, which means you can also be assured that they have been sourced responsibly.

So why are they good for you?

Wiley’s Finest – Beginner’s DHA Liquid – Toddlers

Wiley's Finest Beginner's DHA

Made for children aged 1-4, this Omega-3 fish oil supplement features MenaQ7® Vitamin K2, EPA and DHA Omega-3s. So how does that benefit your child’s health? The first thing they help is bone health, but also eye and brain development. But the Vitamin A and D3 in this supplement also help to boost the immune system – which is what we all need right now!

The oil is flavoured naturally with watermelon and strawberry and comes with its own syringe. I’ll be honest, as I always like to be in whatever features I write, I have struggled with the children a bit with the flavour of the fish oil. Aria has declared it yukky after the first try and it has taken a little bit of bribery to get it down. But with her cow’s milk allergy I really want to give this a go and I think it will help her bone development, so we are going to persevere!

Wiley's Finest Beginner's DHA and Vitamin K2 - Aria taking fish oil

Wiley’s Finest – Vitamin K2 – For Bone Development

Wiley's Finest Vitamin K2

The K2 is the newest addition to Wiley’s range. Vitamin K2 is known as the ‘missing nutrient’ as 97% of the Western population are clinically proven to be deficient in it. So why do you need it? Vitamin K is responsible for blood clotting and helps wounds to heal properly. It is also the vitamin newborn babies are routinely given after birth in hospital in order to prevent internal bleeding. And Vitamin K2 has larger health benefits and is linked to cardiovascular and bone health. You can read more about Vitamin K on the BBC.

The supplements also contain EPA and DHA Omega-3 with scientifically validated MenaQ7® . Very similar to the children’s supplement above. For me, who suffered a major haemorrhage and was anaemic until January of this year I am taking every little help that I can and want to build up my health, especially given that I am breastfeeding too.

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