My 2017 Personal New Year’s Resolutions

My 2017 Personal New Year's Resolutions

My 2017 Personal New Year’s Resolutions

I wrote a couple of days ago about my blogging goals for 2017 and I thought I would also write about my personal ones. Resolutions are a funny thing as people are really into them in January and by February they have often fallen by the wayside. When I look at mine for last year, in fairness I haven’t achieved half as much as I had hoped to do. So this year I have had a think about my life in general. My big problem is procrastination! I’m always busy and yet I am always putting things off too. But, if I want to achieve the things I want to achieve, then I also need to actively do something about them. So I’ve tried to be realistic about my goals and I also want to remind myself why I want to achieve them regularly so they don’t fall by the wayside again. The point of life is living it, is it not?

My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Get healthy and balanced – I am completely sick to death of dieting and going up and down. So this year I decided something had to change. You can read more about in my Ditch the Diet challenge but my aim this year is to get healthy with my eating and exercise in a balanced and sustainable way. While it would be nice to lose weight I would be happy if I finished the year out as the same weight I currently am.
  2. Read 50 books – I smashed my goal of 45 for last year and ended up reading 55 books. I did debate trying to push myself to a target like 60 books, but then I remembered that I wanted to enjoy reading books and not just push for an arbitrary target, so 50 books is pretty much a book a week, but leaves time for some bigger books that might take longer, which I think is a good number.
  3. Be more organised – I mentioned above I’m a terrible procrastinator. Which leads to me feel like I’m always busy and running around like a flailing chicken and getting frustrated about not getting stuff done. I have already started to look at how I structure my day, week and month and breaking tasks down into manageable chunks with realistic deadlines and this seems to be helping.
  4. Move house – this was on last year’s goals, but financial circumstances meant that is wasn’t the best idea. But, my husband has now moved jobs so we’re hoping to move towards the end of this year, still in the same area, just to a bigger place.
  5. Take time out to enjoy life – it’s so easy to get caught up in life. The day to day tasks, work that needs doing, a house that needs tidying and sorting that you forget that this is the only life you get. I want to make more time to take time out and have quality time with my family, read a book, or write one (see next point).
  6. Get writing that novel – since I was a little girl it have been my dream to write a fiction novel. I love to read, it’s a passion for me and that passion makes me want to write a book too. I have started so many books and also completed creative writing courses but never actually finished a book. Last year I wrote about how I was going to make time for this and then sadly failed. So this year I am going to put a time in my diary each week. In my post I said I was going to try for an hour a week, so that is what I am going to try and commit to from next week.

Do you have any new year’s resolutions this year?

4 thoughts on “My 2017 Personal New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Cool goals Laura! I hope to work on some books this year…. the recipe book and another one. Being healthy is high on my list too and my yo yo dieting. 🙂 Angela

  2. Oh these are brilliant resolutions! I wish I could manage to fit in reading as much as I’d like. I’ve started to read a book while I’m on the turbo trainer in our spare room – combining reading and exercise. It’s working for me so far!

  3. Good luck with your goals – how amazing it would be to write a novel and move house. I’m trying our something new this year and have started making myself a vision board (lots of pictures that represent what I want to do this year). I’m a really visual person so I’m hoping it will make my goals a bit more real and visible in my mind.


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