Starting a Gratitude Diary

starting a gratitude diary

Starting a Gratitude Diary

I’m not sure when it started as I don’t really see myself as a negative person. But, over the last few months and I suspect it’s sleep deprivation related, I have found myself becoming quite grumpy and dare I say it… negative. And, to be quite frank it’s not something I like about myself.

I have read two lovely blog posts about Gratitude Diaries. One on Twins Make Five and one on Virtually All Sorts. Both of them got me thinking that this is something that I should do. Turning a negative into a positive and changing my mindset.

Let’s take a couple of weeks ago as an example. It wasn’t the best of weeks, but there are two ways of viewing it. This was a real week in my life.

The negative view:

  • The car didn’t pass its MOT and it’s going to take £500 to fix it, this is awful.
  • While the car is being fixed I am having to drive our other car which is 3 door, it is so difficult to get the children in and out of it’s making my back really hurt.
  • While out running with my husband, the dog had an accident and required emergency surgery – again this is awful, scary and expensive.

Now, let’s thing about all of the above in a more positive way:

  • The car didn’t pass its MOT, but I am grateful that we had the money in savings to pay to fix it. We didn’t have to take the car off the road or get into debt to do so.
  • I am grateful that we have two cars, so that I could still get about and take my son to pre-school while the main car was getting fixed.
  • My dog had an accident, but I am grateful that the vets were able to see us really quickly, that she is insured so we do not have to worry about the cost of her treatment and she’s really fit and healthy and recovering well.

Both the same week, but a very different take on the events.

gratitude diary notebook

All you need to start is a notebook, you can buy specific gratitude diaries, I wrote about one on my Mother’s Day stationery wishlist, but you really don’t need one. I have a couple of very pretty notebooks that I got for Christmas that I have been waiting to find the right use for them. So I have just grabbed the smallest one and I am going to use that.

My aim is to write one thing I am grateful for every single day. To help get me started, the very lovely Sarah from Twins Make Five has offered to be my gratitude buddy and for the first month we are each going to text one another our positive things each day.

I will report back and let you know how we get on! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Starting a Gratitude Diary”

  1. What a fab idea, I’m starting one today. My eldest is so stong willed and I find getting her to cooperate so challenging it drains me most days. I always try to find a positive but maybe writing it down will help

    • I hope it works for you Adele – children can really try us sometimes as much as we love them and I think finding something to be grateful of everyday can only be a good thing.

  2. That is a really good idea, I liked the way you described the same week from different viewpoints, showing that even bad stuff can have a side to make you grateful. I think I feel a new notebook coming on.????

  3. I started a happiness diary at the start of the year, sadly I have got out of the habit, but I really must pick it up again. It really is such a great way of keeping perspective, I love the example you gave it can be so easy to just see the negative. BTW I love your journal, very pretty. #MeMyself&I

  4. This is such a good idea, and how lovely of Sarah to help keep you motivated. That cryptic message in the group makes sense now too 🙂 I hope it helps lovely xx

  5. What a lovely notebook! And it’s such a great idea. I was inspired to start a gratitude diary by Sarah as well. I only managed it for a few weeks but it was something I really enjoyed doing. You’ve inspired me to start it again. Xx


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