Lovely Things #4 – July 2015


Lovely Things

Hello and welcome to July’s Lovely Things Linky. Please help me share the love we’re growing month on month and the more the merrier. We had 7 link ups last month, so it would be great if we could have even more in July.

Our Summer Holiday

It could only be about our holiday this month. We went away for two weeks to Cornwall and stayed in the Towans in St. Merryn in a gorgeous wooden lodge – you can take a nose at their site here if you wish :).

Logan ice cream

For us, holiday times are simple and are about enjoying simple family time and taking it easy. We were blessed with lots of lovely weather this year, you never know when you take a holiday in the UK! Which means we managed to make it to the beach virtually every day.

Aria on the beach

We enjoyed playing on the beach, sandcastles, ice creams, fudge, pasties, lunches out, exploring rock pools, getting sandy and wet. My husband is a keen surfer so he got plenty of time in the waves and tried to introduce my son to the concept too. We had a wonderful time and sadly holidays are all over too soon, but plenty of fab memories for us to remember in years to come. Holidays with your family really are precious times.

Logan and Ben surfing

Holiday Hoodies!

holiday hoodies

We also decided to start a new holiday tradition of new holiday hoodies! Now, I know you can buy hoodies wherever you are, but there is something about buying one in Cornwall, which to me is like hoodie and surfing central. So we all got new ones for our holiday courtesy of the Animal store in Padstow and then of course had to take a selfie with us all in them!

A Shiny New Kindle

One of the things I was really looking forward to doing on holiday and I mentioned in my 10 Things I Am Looking Forward to on Holiday post was reading. I am a huge bookworm and absolutely love reading. If I had to choose between books and TV, books would win every time. Even with children, without the hassle of every day life I always get extra time for reading when I’m away.

Kindle paperwhite in pink cover

So I arrived on the first day, got my kindle out (real books have been banned since we had to pay excess baggage one year for the amount of books I packed – true story), and… disaster! My Kindle had broken. I thought at first it needed charging (even though I had charged it before we left), but no. I handed it over to my husband in desperation as he always has more magic ways of fixing things than me. But no, he confirmed it was irrevocably broken. I could have cried. A holiday without books seemed incomprehensible. After checking the books in the holiday lodge – the only one I wanted to read I had already read – other than raiding local book stores I was book-less. I had a good mope, I can tell you. Proper first world problem, I know, but even so.

Kindle paperwhite

Then… my wonderful, wonderful husband took pity on me. On the Monday (we arrived on the Saturday), he took me to Truro and bought me a shiny new Kindle Paperwhite, and then we went to a café with free internet so I could download my books. How amazing is that? It was more romantic to me than a bunch of flowers! I was so happy and my new Kindle is even better than my old one. Happy days ;).

That is my Lovely Things this month, tell me all about yours! x

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15 thoughts on “Lovely Things #4 – July 2015”

  1. That’s so sweet about the kindle bless him! I’m glad you had such a lovely time in Cornwall, clearly I’m biased but it is a fab place for a holiday!

    Stevie xx

    • It is a fab place to holiday and we think we’re going to go back next year too 🙂 I am a very lucky girl with my new kindle! x

  2. This is really awesome Laura. I love the holiday hoodies! What a fun tradition! I’m pleased for you that you got a new kindle! That is something I’ve never tried out before! I’m pleased the holiday went so well for you all.

    Angela xx

    • Have you never tried a kindle, if you love reading I would highly recommend one! I love mine!

      The hoodies are cute aren’t they? I hope are can do it again next year 🙂

    • The one I had that broke was the very first one with the keyboard. The Paperwhite is much better I have to say – love the backlit screen 🙂

    • Aww thanks – my son loved the whole hoodie experience too and keeps talking about us all wearing them and doing the picture together 🙂

  3. Aww what a diamond – I remember when my kindle broke I was devastated but luckily I found someone on twitter selling theres with all their books I felt like I knew the person based on their book selection haha

  4. I need to remember that this is only opened for a week!

    I haven’t come across someone who hasn’t enjoyed their holiday in Cornwall, such fun! My, your man sure knows the way to your heart. I know what you mean about the flowers thing 🙂

  5. Love the tradition of a holiday hoodie, may be one year you can have a theme like the school kids do a camp 🙂
    As for the kindle, true love. He is a keeper X


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