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March has been a busy month, I have taken on three more clients – which is exciting and my blog is (slowly) growing which I am finding a real joy to run. I have also been really, really struggling with sleep deprivation as my daughter has had quite bad separation anxiety at night. I never knew was tired was she came into my life. Not that she isn’t worth it, but I do miss my sleep too. Hopefully I can grab a couple of naps over the Easter weekend!

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Top Things That Have Made Me Happy

  • I made it onto the Tots100 Top 500 bloggers again this month, I wasn’t sure if it was a fluke last month. Not only that but I moved up 45 places :).
  • I wanted to increase my blog following on my Facebook page from 77 to 100. As of today, it is 101. I still have a lot of work and growth to work on for m social media following. But this is still great :).
  • My husband has started his own weekly feature – Ben’s Zone – I am really enjoying reading things from his perspective. I hope you are too.

Things To Focus on in April

  • My very own blog Linky Lovely Things starts on Monday. Now I really hope some people – at least 3 is my target – actually link up to it! Fingers crossed x.
  • To start a Google+ page. I had been avoiding this as I’m not a fan, but I think I need this for multiple reasons as well as improving my SEO.
  • To put together a social media strategy. I have started using Hootsuite, but I still need to improve this. I also want to put together a plan to help my social media profiles grow and reach out to more people.
  • Organise two guest posts on other blogs as it will help me get more involved in the blogging community.

How about you, how was your March and what are your blogging plans? xxx

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10 thoughts on “MONTHLY REVIEW: March 15”

  1. Great list and it all sounds really positive – I love you achieveable goals, it’s definitely the way to go! I always mean to set goals and target but never seem to see it through! I hope April is going just as well 🙂 thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

    • Thank you Hannah – April does seem to be going as well, and setting goals definitely keeps you on track. I hope you’re having a good month x


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