Is Skiing a Good Holiday for Families?

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Skiing is not something I have ever tried, but I always something I think looks so beautiful and almost magical. The amazing snow-capped scenes and the beautiful lodges that people stay in. I mean I think it would be worth going just for the views alone. As a Mum of 3, I have often wondered if it would be a good holiday for families, if it’s something that children could get involved in too. Or if it’s better as a getaway break for the parents on their own. So, I set about doing a bit of research as I always like to share new experiences with my family and was nicely surprised to discover skiing is actually a great holiday destination for families and here’s why.

1. It’s A Great Family Adventure

My family love a bit of an adventure, all of my children barring my youngest have learnt how to paddleboard and have their own boards – even my 9-year-old. So I just know they would relish the fun and adventure of learning a new skill, being in the snow and having a shared challenge to conquer together. All amongst the stunning mountains which is something they have never seen before.

2. There Are Instructors and Slopes for All Levels

The resorts are used to children and skiers of all different levels. There are ski schools for adults and children and slopes for all different abilities. They are completely set-up and ready to help people of all ages to learn. A lot of resorts also have childcare facilities on sight if the children need a bit of a break, are too young or just want to do something different.

3. It’s Good for Your Health and Builds Confidence

Sking is so good for you. For your mental and physical health and overall well-being. It’s a great way to go on holiday and come back feeling stronger and healthier than before you left. It’s also a super way to help children to grow their confidence and understand what amazing things their bodies can do.

4. You Can Have A Lot of Fun in the Snow

You know the excitement that hits when it’s a snow day? Imagine a whole holiday just like that? The wonder of the snow and building snowmen, snowball fights, sledging. We don’t get a lot of snow in this country and my children absolutely love it. I think it would bring them a lot of joy to have a holiday like that.

5. The Beautfiul Ski Resorts

Whenever I see pictures I think just how beautiful the ski resorts are, with their incredible scenic views. The log cabins often with hot tubs, being cosy inside after a fun day, all wrapped up inside or on the balcony drinking hot chocolate.

If you are thinking about a family skiing holiday in Europe great locations to consider are Tignes, Zermatt, Val Thorens, Switzerland, Les Arcs, Serfaus and La Thuile.

Are there any reason why you would agree it’s a great family holiday idea?

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