My 2023 Goals & 2022 Achievements

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Last year was not really the year I expected it to be. I started the year with a back injury. I thought it to be resolved relatively quickly, but sadly it wasn’t. I had spinal injections which didn’t work and unfortunately, my injury only got worse. As a consequence, I then went on to have spinal surgery in June. The surgery was a great success though for which I am so grateful, but the surgery combined with the pain I was in at the beginning of the year meant that I wasn’t able to do my normal volume of work or achieve all the goals I set. It also left my husband doing the majority of the renovation work we had planned at home. But I am glad for everything I did manage and there have been some awesome things to be grateful for this year.

My 2022 Achievements

There are two really massive things I acheived in 2022 that I am particularly proud of – I finished writing the first draft of my book and I started a new job in September.

Here are some of the things I am proud of for 2022:

  • Getting through an incredibly hard time and recovering from spinal surgery
  • Huge renovation work in our home (big thanks for my husband):
    • New front room and dining room
    • Decorated and new floor in the hall
    • New front garden
    • Got rid of the pond and a new patio in the back garden
  • Started a new job as Head of Marketing for Little Muddy Boots
  • Finished writing my book – particularly as by the end of my back injury I had to kneel to be able to work on my laptop
  • Doing a fantastic social media reels project with The Oracle Shopping centre
  • Read 73 books
  • Grew much more confident in filming reels and more creative content
  • Had two reels that did really well at 12k views and over
  • My social media growth has been modest and have pretty much stayed the same with just a 50-follower growth on Instagram but that’s ok

2023 Goals

My biggest goal this year is to publish my book. I have set a project plan to hopefully do it by the end of the year, watch this space!

Here are a few goals I have this year:

  • Publish my book
  • Grow my Tik Tok account – focused on the Book Tok audience to support my book
  • Do more regular Instagram content and grow my following – create some different content to Tik Tok with more of a body positive and growing your confidence slant on Instagram
  • Develop my skills designing in Canva and see if it is an area I can work in as a freelancer
  • Do an SEO audit of my blog and put together an evergreen content plan
  • Home:
    • Redecorate Bo’s room and give him a full-size bed
    • Organise pots and outdoor decoration for the front garden and new back patio area
    • Replace hall carpet
    • Sort and de-clutter our bedroom which became a dumping ground during last year’s renovations
    • Replace our garden cabin
  • Personal
    • Work on a weekly schedule to get on top of housework
    • Declutter wardrobe and sell on Vinted
    • Start going swimming regularly

What are your goals for 2023?

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