Top Tips To Transform An Outfit

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An outfit is an extension of a person’s personality. It’s often telling the type of person they are by the contents of their wardrobe. Some may be more particular, others less so and flamboyant in their selections.

Transforming an outfit is a great way to switch up some of the looks that have been recreated repeatedly. While it might not be your preference to buy too much when it comes to clothes, there are some simple ways to help elevate an outfit with one or two changes.

If you’re looking to give a bit of finesse to your outfits, here are a couple of tips on how to transform them.

Find figure-hugging sizes

When it comes to transforming an outfit, start by picking the right size. For some, it’s a case of wearing clothing that’s swallowing them up or suffocating the body underneath. Think about finding figure-hugging sizes and you’ll end up wearing everything in the wardrobe, rather than just one or two pieces each time.

If you’re not sure of your size, go into each clothing store with the attitude of trying on a number of sizes in order to find the best fit possible. 

Wear a statement piece

A statement piece of jewellery is a great choice when it comes to transforming the outfit. It could be a gold hardware belt or a long trench coat over the top of a glamorous, little black dress. A statement piece can make all the difference to the final look and it’s often the little touches that make the difference.

Statement pieces could be what you splurge on, or they can be cheap and cheerful. They’ll work either way!

Incorporate some jewellery

To add a bit of sparkle or more personality, think about incorporating some jewellery. Like clothing, jewellery comes in all sorts of styles and designs. From nose jewellery to ear piercings, there are plenty of ways that the face, neck and wrists can be decorated along with the outfit.

Dress in the outfit first and then take a look at your jewellery collection to see what might be missing from the outfit and needs implementing into the look overall.

Do the French tuck with oversized tops

To help provide some more shape to the body, consider doing the French tuck with any oversized tops or shirts that you wear. This can add greatly to those who are perhaps looking to define their waistline more clearly. It can also provide the drape of a long, loose top too! So you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Add a bold colour

When you feel like the outfits you’re wearing are lacking that something extra, think about incorporating a bold colour. This bold pop of colour can be in the hat, gloves or handbag worn. They can also be the shoes that you wear too!

Transforming an outfit is something that can make a big difference to how it looks and how you feel, more importantly. Use these tips to create show-stopping and jaw-dropping outfits.

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