How to Make Your Outfits Feel More Unique and Bespoke

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Making your outfits feel a little more unique can get you out of a fashion rut. When you feel uninspired whenever you open your wardrobe and decide what to wear in the morning, now is the perfect time to do something to change that. And luckily for you, we have plenty of ideas.

Each of the tips we’re about to share below will help you create a more unique and bespoke look, which can only be a good thing for your style going forward. So be sure to make the most of these ideas 

Find the Colours That Feel Like Your Signature Colours

Finding the colours that you feel represent you and say something about your personality is a good place to start. Maybe you feel like your outfits are a little drab and boring right now, and if that’s the case, there’s no reason now to go out of your way to try some colours and patterns that you might have shied away from in the past. You discover a lot about your own personal style when you step out of your comfort zone a little.

Channel Your Fashion Inspirations

You can be unique while also taking fashion inspiration from the people whose approach to fashion you love and respect. It might be someone you know or it might be a celebrity. Taking inspiration from wherever you can find it is never a bad thing and will ultimately help you to make better decisions regarding your style going forward. And you don’t even have to copy anyone else; just let yourself be inspired.

Add Some Character with New Accessories

It’s not all about the clothes you wear; in many ways, it’s often the accessories you pair with your outfit that help it to feel unique and different. If you want to add a little extra character to your outfits, think about how your existing outfits might make that possible. There are lots of interesting accessories and pieces of jewellery that can add those finishing touches that you’ve been looking for. They can turn something dull into something very interesting.

Have Some of Your Items Tailored

If you’ve not yet thought about getting any of your clothing items tailored, that’s something you might want to change. When you get some of your clothes tailored, you’ll find that they hang on you much better and feel much more comfortable. A piece of clothing that you love but that doesn’t quite fit you right doesn’t need to be abandoned; simply take it to a tailor and see if there’s anything they can do with it. You might be surprised by what they can achieve.

Don’t Say No to Thrifting

You can often find the most interesting and unique items of clothing in thrift stores. This is where you find the vintage and retro pieces that can add something completely different to your wardrobe. And if you’re tired of shopping in the same places everyone else shops and you instead want to buy pieces of clothing that you’re never going to see other people wearing, thrift stores are the places to shop at.

Play Around with Different Layers

One great way in which you can try something interesting and different with your style is by playing around with lawyers. In Germany, this is known as Lagenlook Clothing. You can often create an entirely new look and style by pairing and combining different clothing items in different ways. It’s all about playing around with styles and trying different things that you might never have tried before. So don’t be afraid to play around a little. You might discover a new and unique way of dressing.

Understand Your Own Personal Brand

It’s important to understand your personal brand and what works for you in terms of your fashion choices. When you think of your style as part of your personal brand, it becomes a lot easier to make better decisions and to stick to what works best for you and your body. You don’t necessarily need to jump onto every new fashion trend or the latest thing that’s popular on social media. Instead, it makes more sense to stick to what works for you.

Creating a more unique and bespoke approach to fashion might sound like a daunting task, especially when you feel stuck in a style rut. But it’s more than possible to get it right and to start taking a more creative approach to how you dress. And the tips and ideas we’ve discussed here will certainly help with that.

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