Summer Holiday Bucket List 2022

I was just reading our summer bucket list from last year and remembering what a different place we were in then. Deciding to semi-isolate before we went on holiday so we wouldn’t have to cancel our holiday and quarantine. Wondering if there would be another lockdown. I am glad we are not there this year, although still very concious that covid has not gone away.

Another thing that has struck me this year is that we visited my Grandma last year and always have every summer holiday and we won’t be able to go this year, because she has passed away. Last summer is bringing up lots of memories for me too as it was not long after the summer holidays that I ended up seriously injuring my back which ultimately led me to have surgery 7.5 weeks ago. But I am so much better and very much enjoying doing things with the children again.

So as we do each year, the children have sat down and written a list of what we would like to do this summer:

  • Go on holiday
  • Take part in the library reading challenge
  • Play date with NCT friends
  • Play date with school friends
  • Cycle ride
  • Build a Lego model
  • Meet up with cousins
  • Go to the beach
  • Camp out in the back garden
  • Get Bo feeling more comfortable riding his bike
  • Got to the Bracknell fun days
  • Visit the Warhammer shop
  • Have a Mr Whippy ice cream
  • Have a picnic
  • Build a sandcastle
  • Go paddleboarding

What are your plans for the summer this year?

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