Wooden Advent Calendar Ideas for Adults

I’ve written my wooden advent calendar ideas for children, which has proved to be quite popular. So I have decided to write about what you might put in a wooden advent calendar for adults. Wooden advent calendars are a much better option than more commercial calendars as there is a lot less plastic waste. And I think plastic waste is something we all need to be aware of and look to consciously reduce. They are also a lovely tradition to get out year after year. But it does take time and effort to fill them and work out what you can put in the little drawers. So here are just a few ideas is you have a wooden advent calendar for an adult that you need to fill.

  1. Hair ties
  2. Make up or beauty samples
  3. Lip balm
  4. Hot chocolate satchets
  5. Chocolates
  6. Jelly sweets
  7. Jelly beans
  8. Earrings
  9. Rings
  10. Necklace
  11. Bracelet
  12. Pencil sharpener
  13. Rubber
  14. Wax melts cubes
  15. Tea light
  16. Miniature post-it notes
  17. Paperclips
  18. Hair clips
  19. Keyring
  20. Fudge
  21. Tea bags
  22. Tea infuser
  23. Sexy pair of pants (folded small)
  24. Small glitter or washi tape
  25. Tickets to an event
  26. Clues to a treasure hunt
  27. Jigsaw pieces
  28. Miniature soap
  29. Miniature bath bomb
  30. Love / thinking of you token
  31. Liqourice
  32. Christmas tree bauble
  33. Buttons
  34. Pin badge
  35. Fridge magnets
  36. Travel sewing kit
  37. Mini nail file / nail clippers
  38. Massage oil
  39. Beard oil
  40. Chocolate coins
  41. Mini marshmallows
  42. Guitar picks
  43. Sewing needles
  44. Mini pin cushion
  45. Mini wooden pegs
  46. Magnetic bookmark
  47. Tie pin
  48. Toe ring
  49. Noticeboard pins
  50. Flower seeds
  51. Bath pearls
  52. Ink stamps
  53. Shells
  54. Hair ties
  55. Scrunchie
  56. Icing nozzles
  57. Colourful string
  58. Mini biscuits
  59. USB cable
  60. Spare phone charging cable
  61. Ear buds
  62. Matchbox car
  63. Money
  64. Brooch
  65. Thimble
  66. Miniature figurine
  67. Small penknife
  68. Small highlighter
  69. Keyring spirit level
  70. Lego minifigure
  71. Miniature rubix cube
  72. Mini jar of jam
  73. Notes with a daily task / challenge
  74. Folded pair of pants/thong
  75. Make up sponge
  76. Step counter
  77. Nuts
  78. Bulldog clips
  79. Small stress ball
  80. Collapsible reusable straw
  81. Small set of string lights
  82. Miniature soap

I hope these help. Have a great Christmas!

Wooden Advent Calendar Ideas For Adults. With Christmas coming if you have a wooden advent calendar but need some ideas of what to put in one for an adult. Here are some ideas to help you out.

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