50 Ideas to Put in a Wooden Advent Calendar for Children

50 Ideas to Put in a Wooden Advent Calendar for Children

50 Ideas to Put in a Wooden Advent Calendar for Children

Both of my children have the wooden advent calendars you can get. My son has a wooden train and my daughter a little wooden house. They look fabulous and traditional and Christmassy, but the drawers are really small. I have to admit that last year, I took a bit of a cop out and just filled the drawers with mostly chocolate, but I wanted to be a bit more inventive this year, so I decided to do a bit of research and have a bit of a brainstorm of all of the things I could put into those little drawers instead.

I find purchasing items for their advent calendars is one of the first things I do in preparation for Christmas, so now is the time to start thinking about them so I can get them ready for the 1st December. So here are 50 Ideas to Put in a Wooden Advent Calendar for Children.

  1. Chocolates
  2. Jelly sweets/beans
  3. Raisins
  4. Marshmallows
  5. Chocolate coins
  6. Fudge
  7. Popping candy
  8. A balloon
  9. Small tree decoration
  10. Jumping beans
  11. Mini Lego figure
  12. Stickers
  13. Satchet of hot chocolate
  14. Map to a treasure hunt
  15. Hair bobbles/clips
  16. Fake Tattoos
  17. Play jewellery
  18. Mini rubbers
  19. Small Playmobil figure
  20. Finger puppet
  21. A piece of paper with a Christmas activity that you are going to do that day – baking / go to see the Christmas lights / Christmas craft
  22. Small crayons
  23. Mini dinosaur/animal figure/soldiers
  24. Small Christmas badge
  25. Keyring
  26. Glow in the dark stars
  27. Small doll clothes
  28. Pocket money
  29. Paperchain strips
  30. Pencil sharpener
  31. Fridge magnet
  32. Bouncy ball
  33. Packet of seeds
  34. Pot/tube of glitter
  35. Mini notepad
  36. Party popper
  37. Marbles
  38. Lip balm
  39. Pencil topper
  40. Jumping frogs
  41. Magnetic letters
  42. Puzzles pieces – spread across several days
  43. Small Sylvanian figure or doll
  44. Craft stamps
  45. Battery powered tea lights for their room
  46. Shopkins
  47. Suprise mini gift bags – you can get these for a lot of popular shows – My Little Pony, Transformers, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony…
  48. Stick on earrings
  49. Colourful/glow in the dark laces
  50. Plasticine

Happy Shopping! x


50 Wooden Advent Calendar Ideas for Children. Wooden advent calendars can be quite difficult to fill. Here are 50 ideas to help you find things small enough to fill the drawers.

4 thoughts on “50 Ideas to Put in a Wooden Advent Calendar for Children”

  1. What great ideas! One of my favourite memories of childhood is the little cardboard chimney with 24 boxes that we had year after year as kids. I even tried to recreate it a few years back (not very successfully, unfortunately – it wasn’t strong enough to survive more than a year!) They are so much more fun than the chocolate ones, because half the excitement is not knowing what will be in there each day 🙂


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