30 Activities To Do At Home During The Summer Holidays

It’s the summer holidays, but even more than last year it’s the summer holidays where a significant amount of people are currently in isolation or home as the infection rate is high. This is really hard when school’s out, children want to play and are maybe even meant to be at a holiday club so you are without childcare too. To help out, I have compiled a list of activities to do at home in the summer holidays in order to keep your little ones entertained.

  1. Make up your own reading challenge
  2. Movie afternoon with popcorn
  3. Make your own playdough
  4. Make a fairy garden
  5. Make your own wind chime or dream catcher
  6. Hangman on Zoom with relatives
  7. Play in the paddling pool
  8. Have a water fight
  9. Plant seeds and grow vegetables
  10. Hopscotch
  11. Make friendship bracelets
  12. Baking
  13. Write letters to family members
  14. Write a daily diary
  15. Play with chalks in the garden
  16. Make mud pies
  17. Go on a bug hunt
  18. Rock painting
  19. Make slime
  20. Make your own volcano
  21. Do an online drawing tutorial
  22. Play card games together
  23. Build a den
  24. Put glow sticks in the bath and have a disco bath
  25. Camp out in the garden
  26. Make a slow motion movie
  27. Do an online first aid course
  28. Learn to sew or knit
  29. Write a story book
  30. Do an online escape room

I find Pinterest is great for indoor craft ideas when I’m stuck, and if you’re poorly, it really is just about getting through there is nothing wrong with a bit of screen time. It’s my go-to if I’m poorly and if the kids are home and I’m trying to hit a deadline. Some times it’s just about getting through and that’s totally ok.

If you’re able to go out and about, I have also written a post on 50 free or cheap things to do in the summer holidays, if you’re still looking for some inspiration.

I hope this helps!

30 Activities To Do At Home During The Summer Holidays. If you're stuck at home, isolating, unwell or even just juggling working from home here are 30 things you can do with children without even leaving the house.

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