To my Daughter on her 7th Birthday

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Dearest Aria,

Happy 7th Birthday!

My lovely little Aria, what a year and what a lovely, bubbly and enthusiastic little girl you are. And what a year it has been. It’s been a year of ups and downs and challenges. A year when you have missed your friends and school terribly, but you have been resilient and strong and I am so proud of you.

You’re absolutely thriving now you are back at school amongst your friends and really love learning. Every morning you bounce into the classroom full of smiles and cheer. Even your teacher comments on your morning smiles. Your best friend moved away just as lockdown ended, but you have coped with it so well and adapted, plus you still write and video call her. It’s such a sweet friendship I hope that it continues.

This week when you heard hugs had become ‘legal’ again you asked me if you could hug some people, and have delighted in throwing your arms around people and sharing your love around. It just makes my heart melt.

You are loving after school clubs now they’re back open too. Gymfinity, swimming and of course yoga on Saturday mornings with Logan. You have also started to learn the piano at home. Your favourite thing to do is craft of any sort, you just love to create and make things. Aquabeads, painting, colouring, drawing, our friend Zoe across the road has also started to teach you to knit. You also love to cuddle up with a good book and your love of books have only continued to grow this year and you devour so many different stories. And of course, there’s also your barbies and dolls.

Photo by And Then She Clicked

Tomorrow you are going to have a very small birthday party with two friends which you are so, so excited about. It’s the first party we’ve been able to have in a long time, especially after all parties last year were cancelled. You’re going to do craft projects – bracelet making, crown making and design your own handbags. As well as cakes and party food of course. You have been counting down for absolute weeks.

For your birthday you have asked for lots of dresses and dressing up outfits. As well as crafts, stationery and Frozen items – still your favourite show. After school today you have asked for Mummy to take you on your own for a cake and juice in a cafe. So we will do that and I am really looking forward to it. We have started doing more Mummy and daughter trips out and I love our time together and I know you do too and feel special. We normally just pop to stationery shops and Primark, but it’s so nice.

The one thing lockdown has meant is that you have developed a really strong bond with your brothers. Don’t get me wrong you all still love a good squabble, but you all do play really nicely together too. Imaginative games, cuddling up on the sofa and I think the thing you all like doing the most is playing in the garden.

One of your big achievements this year is learning to ride your bike without stabilisers. We got you a bike last year and it still doesn’t fit you. So I am hoping you will be able to get on it very soon.

It’s hard to write on paper how much I love you. Your hugs, your zest for life, your strength and determination. You’re amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Happy birthday my sweetie and I can only hope next year is a better one, but I am so proud of how you have dealt with this one.

Love Mummy xxxx

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