To Logan on his 9th Birthday

Dear Logan,

Before I started to write this letter, I had a look at the photos on last year’s post and you have grown up massively. Your face has lost a lot of its childish roundness, you have lots more grown up teeth and the big things of course if you now have very long hair. You’re no longer a really little boy, that is really apparent. You have your own sense of style and I love the fact that you run to the beat of your own drum.

I don’t think anyone could have predicted this time last year what a year it would be, with lockdown and isolation. There are parts of it you have found tough, and parts of it you enjoyed. Not only that but some issues you have been having at school came to a head, and it made us come to the realisation you may have autism. We’ve just in the last week finished the assessments and are waiting for diagnosis. Your Dad and I love just the way you are and a lot of your quirks that may be signs of autism, are actually some of the things we really love about you. The process really has just been to get you the support you need in school and as you get older, not because we think there is anything wrong with you. We love you just as you are.

You started rock school a couple of years ago and your guitar playing has come on amazingly, so much so that you are now having private lessons too. You love to play and totally want to be a rock star. You love listening to rock music and discovering new bands. You can now pick out some tunes by ear on your guitar and listening to music quietly in your room.

You are doing really well at school and are so, so bright. You love to read and I still struggle to keep up with the volume that you read although it is wonderful to see. You are classed as above in all areas, although you do struggle with your handwriting. But you have an insatiable appetite for learning, you love to learn and recite and share facts. Recently you have got into Greek Mythology after reading the Percy Jackson books and your topic this term has been volcanoes which you have been loving so much!

In the last year you have started going to yoga with your sister which you both enjoy. And in the last few weeks Gym Ninja which is fast becoming a highlight of the week for you.

Gifts for the Junior Guitarist

For your birthday, you have asked for a Jurassic World giant dinosaur, a Nerf gun rack, some Lego and a cat teddy. Cats continue to be one of your favourite things in the whole world. When you grow up you want to have a cat that you can train to do things by getting them to press different buttons.

For your birthday this year, because of the covid restrictions you couldn’t have a birthday party. But we took your friend Michael to Go Ape and had a brilliant time. As well as having pizza and a play after. You loved it so much you have said you want to go back again.

When you grow up you currently want to be a guitarist and a volcanologist. As volcanoes have really captured your imagination you no longer want to live in a treehouse and instead want to live in a bunker so you can monitor tremors and live near a volcano.

I love you so, so much and I am so proud of how you are doing after all the challenges this year has given you. Your sense of humour, your cuddles, your quirks and imagination. Your enthusiasm for learning and life, you make me smile and along with your brother and sister are one the best things in my world.

Double figures next year my dude. Let’s rock this!

Love Mummy x

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