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Bo in Hey Duggee pjs smiling and holding Hey Duggee flip phone to his ear

I have the biggest Hey Duggee fan in my house. For his birthday in June, Bo got the towel, the bedset, the water bottle, the teddy. You get the idea. Back in April Bo reviewed the Hey Duggee Smart Tablet, so I thought I would update you to see how much he likes and plays with it now that he is 6 months older. We have also been sent the Flip Phone to review which would definitely have been on his Christmas list if he hadn’t have been lucky enough to receive it to review!

Hey Duggee Smart Tablet

Flay lay of Hey Duggee tablet and flip phone in packaging

The Hey Duggee Smart Tablet is a touch screen for children, it’s robust and 6 months on it is surviving well after the rigours of toddler life. It’s been dropped and sat on and still happily keeps on playing and keeping Bo entertained.

It has five different activities which encourages learning about colours, numbers, shapes, letters, characters and badges. It’s touch screen and it lights up, but the thing I think Bo likes the most is the the fact it makes all the sounds and songs he loves from the Hey Duggee TV show.

Bo smiling holding flip phone and tablet

You can press any picture on the tablet and it will give you the name of the item. It helps children to learn fundamental skills in a fun way, and of course learn about those all important squirrel badges.

It’s a great and portable toy and I love the fact it’s interactive and asks the child questions to encourage them to learn at the same time. It’s also useful for entertaining children when you need them to sit quietly somewhere too. The Hey Duggee tablets is definitely a firm favourite in Bo’s toy box and one all Duggee lovers should have on their Christmas list.

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Hey Duggee Flip Phone

Bo sat down in Hey Duggee pjs looking down at Hey Duggee flip phone

As well as the tablet, we have recently been sent the Hey Duggee flip phone for review. It’s another fun and interactive toy that fans of the TV show will adore. It is bright and colourful and plays lots of Bo’s favourites tunes.

As soon as you open the phone, the screen lights up and you are greeted by a picture of Hey Duggee. All of the phone’s buttons do different things. The numbers on their own make tonal sounds. Some of the buttons sing songs or give you well known phrases. You can take a pretend picture with the camera button. Press the question make button and it gives the child a task – for example: can you find the yellow button, or what is Tag up to press 4 to find out, challenging children on their numbers and colours and giving them a nice level of interaction.

Bo playing with Hey Duggee flip phone

It’s a lovely toy, which also helps with listening and attention and introduces and develops a basic knowledge of letters, numbers and colours. A great way to build communication and vocabulary skills and build hand to eye coordination. Perfect for pre-school children.

Bo has been really taken to the Hey Duggee flip phone, I think it’s probably because he often sees his parents on their phones and this gives him his very own version using one of his favourite characters. When he’s not playing with it, he has been putting it in a bag and carrying it around with him.

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Bo smiling and delighted with his Hey Duggee toys

Both the Hey Duggee tablet and flip phone have been a big hit. On top of that I like the fact they are fun and educational and interactive. Encouraging children to play, helping them with early number and colour recognition, how to follow instructions and encouraging imaginative play.

Hey Duggee Smart Tablet and Flip Phone Review. The Hey Duggge tablet and flip phone are great toys for any Hey Duggee fan. Fun as well as interactive and educational. It helps children learn their colours and with number and letter recognition.

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