Bodhi at 21 months

Bodhi at 21 months

These last three months since Bo’s last update have whizzed by, so much so that I am a couple of weeks late with this. Despite the craziness that is going on in the outside world, I think the little things like this, the small milestones are even more important for us to focus on. So instead of worrying about what might be going on in the future, I am going to write about the wonderful little things that Bo is doing at the moment.

In the last few months, my little baby has gone and in his place firmly stands a toddler. He walks, he runs, he can climb up and down the stairs. He has even managed to climb out of his cot, meaning we have had to take the side off, and put a bed guard there instead.

His words are coming on now thick and fast and he is trying so very hard to communicate with us, even if we don’t always understand him. He’s also starting to mimic the tone his brother and sister use and have the ‘Muuum’ whine that proceeds someone running to tell tales perfectly. Other words he’s saying now are Mummy, Daddy, hello, more, Hey Duggee, Duggee hugs, oh man (again I blame Duggee!), nana (banana), babries (blueberries), yes, no, don’t do that, pease, hands, bye, bubbles, up, out, NaNa, Ga Ga (Gran Gran), hurt, he also attempts to sing baby shark. He’s babbling sentences very fast, but I can’t always make out the words. He’s also beginning to eat with cutlery more and more now and know where different parts of his body are.

As you may have guessed Hey Duggee is one of his absolute favourite things, he loves the show and got lots of the toys and clothes for Christmas. To put things in perspective my Mum was in Sainsburys last week and called me to check he hadn’t already got the new Hey Duggee t-shirt, because she was going to buy it for him. Everyone knows about his love of Duggee!

I keep saying we’re going to give up breastfeeding, but we still haven’t and are continuing feeding morning and night. But in light of the current virus going around, I have to admit to feeling kind of glad about that. The more antibodies I can pass onto him, the better.

He’s started to get more into books and songs. He used to just try and pull books away or crawl off when I was reading them. But now he will sit and happily listen to them and loves doing songs and nursery rhymes with actions with me.

Bo has been comfortably in his own room for a while now and is settled. As I mentioned above he can climb out of the cot, so the side had to go, he has also worked out how to open doors, so we have had to put a baby gate across the doorway.

He loves his Jo Jingles class (when he can go) and we have also started going to another local class – Little Movers and Shakers. I have his name down to start pre-school in September and I think he will be more than ready for it. He loves when his brother and sister are home from school and really missed them when they go back after the holidays. Although he does struggle with wanting to keep up with things they are doing and he is not quite big enough to do himself.

We have well and truly began with the tantrum season and he is experimenting with just screaming and full on throwing himself on the floor and rolling around. He is quite a loud child and loves a good shout when he wants his own way, which leaves us feeling alternately amused and exasperated.

We had a bit of an issue last month and I unfortunately accidentally shut his finger in the door and had to take him to A&E. He was x-rayed and luckily nothing was broken, but the nail on the finger involved did fall off. It was one of those parenting moments when I just felt absolutely awful, we both shed some tears let me tell you! But the doctor was really kind and told me it was a common injury and thankfully the nail is growing back now.

He’s incredibly cheeky, cuddly (when he wants to be), loves music and dancing and has a great giggle. He is much happier now he can walk and run and play games with his brother and sister who he just adores. They are also great, particularly Aria, at going into his room and playing with him while I am going to get dressed. I think he is going to love us being in isolation as he gets to have everyone at home with him. As with everything, there is always a silver lining. I can’t believe it’s not long until he is two now. It’s going so quick.

What my son is up at 21 months. From climbing out of his cot top opening doors. As well as loving books, songs and toddler classes. We are also continuing on with our breastfeeding journey for now.

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