Lovely Things January 2019

Lovely Things January 2019

Lovely Things January 2019

Lovely Things used to be a regular feature I wrote on my blog, in fact, it actually started as a linky. Where each month I would share the lovely things that had happened in our lives. Over Christmas I had a bit of a think about what I love about my blog, what I wanted to write about and how I wanted to grow it this year. One of the posts I used to really enjoy writing was Lovely Things as I felt like it was a little memory journal and also really helps me to focus on the good things and gratitude – which is another focus of my blog this year. So I have decided to bring it back, where I reflect on all the things that made me happy during the previous month.

January can be a bit of a grey month can’t it? Especially waiting the one hundred years it takes for payday to arrive. But there are nice things, like getting to enjoy your Christmas presents, getting back into routine after the craziness of Christmas and looking at small changes you can make to make your life better even if you’re not really into new year’s resolutions.

I’m going to keep it a bit lighter than it was before, more of a list of things than a huge detailed post.  But, here are my lovely things from January:

Logan with his reading certificate

  • Logan getting a certificate at school for trying really hard with his handwriting (which is something he has struggled with)
  • Aria going up to red books and being the first child in the whole school to go up on their new reading scheme and going to see the headmaster
  • Spending a lovely weekend in the Midlands with my husband’s family
  • Getting some nice clothes in the sales
  • Getting a fabulous new handbag in the sales
  • Finding time to fit in a bit more reading
  • Booking our summer holiday
  • Getting on much better on my own with the children when my husband was in India  for two weeks (compared to when he was in States in October)
  • Two really great parent’s evenings for Logan and Aria who are doing really well at school
  • Getting to enjoy my new Christmas presents
  • Meeting up for coffee and cake with friends

Me reading

There you have it, a pretty good month really given how grey January was.

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