My 32 Week Pregnancy Update

My 32 Week Pregnancy Update

My 32 Week Pregnancy Update

Last week I went to the hospital for my 32 week scan and consultant appointment, it really doesn’t seem that long ago since I was there for my 28 week appointment. The appointment went really well. Baby is still tracking along the 50th centile and looks set to be about 8lbs when he is born. Which is remarkable given that Logan and Aria were 10 and 11lbs respectively. I know scans aren’t always accurate so we shall have to see what weight he is born at. It will certainly be interesting to have a baby more along the ‘average’ size this time around.

My blood pressure is still really good and things are progressing well. I’m really grateful for a healthy pregnancy so far, asthma issues aside. I am booked in for another scan at 36 weeks, but the consultant decided to book me in for my in for c-section and I now have an official birth date! I’m still not convinced that the baby won’t come early, even if my husband thinks I’m being a bit crazy on that one.

The baby has dropped, but is not yet engaged and over the last week I’ve had a lot of pressure in my pelvis and I’m walking with a proper waddle now. I’ve started collecting items for my hospital bag, but I really need to start putting it together now. The crib is up and built, but I still need to buy a mattress for it. I think this week ought to be a week of organisation!

My husband and I are going back and forth on names a little bit at the moment, how hard are boys names? I think choosing a girl’s name much easier. I think we have a couple of front runners. One my husband likes, which I’m not sure on. One we both like but we still keep two-ing and fro-ing on. We both like unusual names, let’s face it with a Logan and Aria, he’s not going to be called John is he? But I think there is a balancing act between between unusual and too out there.

Either way, not long to go now, I still have moments where I can’t quite believe I am going to have a baby soon. Aria’s birthday is quite close to my due date, so we have booked her birthday party early on the 6th May, just in case and my birthday is currently one week before the planned c-section date, I wonder if he will come before then?

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