My 28 Week Pregnancy Update

My 28 Week Pregnancy Update

My 28 Week Pregnancy Update

As I often am with these things, I’m a little late this update as I will actually be 30 weeks tomorrow. 30 weeks – honestly this pregnancy really seems to be going so fast, more so than any of my previous pregnancies. Last week I went to the hospital for my 28 week update. As I have a certain amount of risk factors, I am having some extra growth scans at 28, 32 and 36 weeks. Which meant last week was 28 week scan.

The scan went really well, baby is growing perfectly and is currently sitting on the 50th centile. This is quite a thing for me as both of my previous babies were huge above the 95th centile and weighed 10 and 11lbs. I know I still have 9/10 weeks to go, but I took this as a really positive sign.

I have tested negative for gestational diabetes, my blood pressure is at present at a really healthy level. So everything seems to be going to plan. Which is really great news. I have a negative blood type and my baby has a positive blood type, so I also needed to have an Anti-D injection. We’re still working towards an elective c-section due to my medical history, but the date of which will be decided closer to the date depending on the results of my next scans.

At home, I think my husband and I have suddenly realised that this baby is actually coming quite soon, and so we started working on decorating the children’s rooms, starting with my son’s. After which we plan to start Aria’s room and if we have time the baby’s. As soon as the weather turns, I am going to get all of Logan’s old baby-grows out of the loft and wash them so we are ready to go. I need to order a new mattress for the crib and clean up the carrycot for the pram. The carseat is already ready to go, I need to buy nappies and wipes and fish out my breast pump, steriliser and bottles in case I need them.  Then I guess it will be time to think about my hospital bag. Crazy as this sounds, but this is suddenly starting to feel very real!

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