Growing Old Gracefully

Growing old gracefully.

Growing Old Gracefully

In two years time, I will be heading towards the big four zero. I think there is something about that number that sounds so much older than 30 something. Since having children time seems to just move so much quicker and I think it has made me more aware of my own mortality too. I’m currently pregnant with my third child, and being 37, I am classed as a ‘geriatric mother’ what a ghastly term is that?

Life, pregnancy, motherhood changes your body in ways I never imagined. When I look in the mirror there are lines on my face I don’t quite remember being there a couple of years ago. Two c-sections (soon to be 3), have completely altered my body and actually, my tummy is slightly crooked from how I was stitched back together after my daughter. When I cut myself I notice I don’t heal as quickly as I used to and nowhere near in the same time that my children do.

Ageing and life happens to all of us and there is nothing we can do about it. All we can do is look after ourselves as best as possible, eat well, exercise regularly, reduce our sugar consumption and I always like to take daily vitamins too, particularly with vitamin D which is recommended by the NHS. None of us are perfect, do I need to lose weight? Sure. But I do my best and try to do all of the above, and try to juggle my life as best as I can.

Amongst it there are so many subjects that are taboo or embarrassing or that we don’t like to talk about it. From depression and mental illness, changing appearances feeling less attractive or confident and of course, this can all have an impact on our sex lives. For example, after my first c-section I just assumed I would have no problems having sex as my son had taken an alternative exit. How wrong I was, it took months before I could without any pain, and do you know before writing this I have never spoken to anyone about? Because it’s sex and it’s embarrassing and taboo. I realise now I should have seen a doctor, I never did.

Another issue that impacts women as they grow older and one no one likes to talk about is vaginal dryness. There are all sorts of reasons that this can happen, from the menopause, taking the pill or breastfeeding and yet it is something I have never heard any of my friends ever speak of. There is so much stigma around this condition and Canesten® are campaigning to raise awareness of this and also have advice on vaginal dryness treatment on their website.  Apparently, 1 in 3 women suffer from it, so it is nothing to feel embarrassed about and instead empower yourself to take charge of your own body and your health.

As we all grow older we should never feel ashamed about it, life brings with it some amazing experiences. As we grow older we are bound to experience some issues with our personal or intimate health, but life is for living and enjoying so let’s face these problems head on so we can do just that!

*Disclosure: This post has been supported by Canesintima®, but all thoughts are our own.

15 thoughts on “Growing Old Gracefully

  1. I had babies in my 20s, 30s and 40s (only just) and I’m sure the kids are mortified at the thought of us still having sex!! I don’t intend on giving up anytime soon – it’s taken me a long time to talk about issues like this but why the heck not!!

  2. Oh my goodness – I wondered if I was normal with the taking longer to heal when I cut myself! I genuinely worried a while ago when one was taking ages to go away! Now I know it’s just because I’m getting older. I’m 35 so not too far behind you!

  3. Good for you for sharing things we wouldn’t usually talk about! It shouldn’t be embarrassing, I think 99% of us feel the same about it all, so why not be more open 🙂 Fab post!

  4. What a great honest post. I’m nearly 36 and trying for my second baby. I’m well aware that, this time around, I too will be a geriatric mother. What a dreadful term!

  5. I think having a baby does make you far less embarrassed about talking about your body, and you tend to see it far more functionally than before. It shouldn’t be the case that we struggle through with things out of embarrassment – if more people talked about it a bit more openly, I think it would be easier for us to recognise when there is a problem.

  6. I am now appreciating the experience that comes with growing older and being able to talk about things like this with the right person is up there. P.S I love your picture in this. Not going to attempt a close-up of my face until I start sleeping again hahaha

  7. It’s awful that women don’t talk about what’s going on with their bodies and emotions. No one should be embarrassed, it’s great you and Canesten are raising awareness.

  8. Oh congratulations Laura I didn’t realise that you were pregnant. Thats brilliant news! I am also turning forty soon (18 months eek!). I think after you have gone through child brith it should be easier to talk about our bodies! Nothing really is intimate after that lol. Let hope this helps to raise awareness x

  9. 3 and a half years for me before the big 4-0, I think I’m going to struggle as it gets nearer if I’m honest. I agree there are some subjects that shouldn’t be so taboo when talking about our bodies.

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