Quiz: What Does Your Pen Say About You?

*This is a collaborative postQuiz: What Does Your Pen Say About You?

Quiz: What Does Your Pen Say About You?

Pens, pens, glorious pens. I do love a beautiful pen. Above is a collection of some of my favourites ones. I have all sorts of pens for different occasions and if you see me writing with a Bic pen, quite frankly something is probably wrong. The Journal Shop recently contacted me about a fun quiz they have put together on pens and what your pen type actually says about you. As well as a sucker for beautiful pens, I am also a sucker for a good quiz, so I couldn’t resist giving it a go. I will share my result down below. But did you know your choice in pen, ink colour and writing style all say something about you?

Take the Quiz

 Quiz What Does Your Pen Say About You - Fun pens

What are your favourite type of pens? I like all sorts, above is some fun patterned mini ones that came in a little pouch. Really handy for going in your handbag.

 Quiz What Does Your Pen Say About You My favourite pen

Above, is my absolute favourite pen, it is from the Cross Botanica range. My husband bought it for me a couple of years ago after I shared it on a Birthday wishlist stationery post and I never expected him to go out and buy it. It’s even more beautiful in real life and I am very careful with it for fear of losing it.

 Quiz What Does Your Pen Say About You Waterman Pen

This pen is from a Waterman collection called Audace. Which is sadly no longer available as it was made up of such fun designs. I have a couple of pens from this collection, but I got my first one on holiday in France on our honeymoon.

My Quiz Result

So that’s a mini tour of some of my favourite pens. But how did I do in the quiz? If you’re curious about my result, I got Amiable:

“You are a natural people person; you enjoy socialising and talking. You absolutely love being in the limelight and your workplace is usually messy. Your story-telling ability is second-to-none and you often over commit yourself by attempting to please people. You are good at communicating vision and getting others excited and ideas and issues. You have high emotion and make decisions quickly. However, you are sometimes unreliable. “

Do let me know in the comments how you did.

2 thoughts on “Quiz: What Does Your Pen Say About You?”

  1. Love all your pens! But then I love most pens…….. I thought the quiz described you fairly well except for ‘unreliable’ that is so totally unlike you. I got ‘driver’ which I didn’t think described me very well, but then perhaps I don’t see myself as others do! Just a bit of fun though ?

  2. This is what it said for ‘driver’. You are a very strong personality. You can come across as dominant, and you’re always quick to take action. Your ‘can-do’ attitude is sometimes interpreted as arrogant. You tend to be very controlling and possibly demanding, you don’t like to admit when you’re wrong and sometimes you rush into decisions without thinking them through. You’ll do whatever-it-takes to get the job done, so some people view you as stubborn.


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