Papery Peep April 15: My Birthday Stationery Wishlist

My Birthday Stationery Wishlist

It’s my birthday next month – hurray! So for fun I decided this month’s Papery Peep was going to be a birthday stationery Wishlist. Now some I have no chance of getting – I’m looking at you beautiful £60 Cross pen. But, you know it is a wishlist!

So, here are a few beautiful stationery pieces I would love for the birthday fairy to bring me.

Cross purple orchid rollerball

1. Cross Purple Orchid Rollerball Pen, Penshop £60

Radley blossom Notelets wallet




2. Radley Blossom Notelets Wallet, Radley £10





My Mummy Loves Books Bookmark

3. My Mummy loves books bookmark, Not on the High street, £9.50






Leather travel wallet4. Leather travel organiser (lilac), Not on the High Street, £59.95






personal planner5. I have come across Personal Planner, where you can design your own planner. I would love one of these just for my blog, to help me plan and schedule blog work. Personal Planner Wide £21.95




Would any of these make it onto your wishlist?

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20 thoughts on “Papery Peep April 15: My Birthday Stationery Wishlist”

  1. Omg that pen is gorgeous but a little pricey. I would love the personal planner I am using a free one at the moment but definitely plan on buying one in a couple of months.
    The book mark is very cute. ☺

    • The pen is stunning isn’t it. Not sure I could justify the price and yes would love a planner to keep me organised for blogging 🙂

  2. Hope that pen arrives – it’s gorgeous! It’s my birthday in May too and I’m liking this idea of a birthday wish list, thanks for the idea 🙂 #paperypeep

    PS happy birthday for when the time comes!

  3. I love all of it! 😉 especially the travel wallet and the radley notelets!

    I hope you have more luck with your birthday wishlist than I did.

    visiting from #bringbackpaper x

  4. Love this idea, though I fear that if I started a post like this, it would just keep on going! I didn’t even know Radley did stationery, so I must investigate that now! Gorgeous choices, hope you get some of them 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #PaperyPeep x

  5. I hope you get something from your wish list for your birthday. The pen looks especially fabulous. I had one of the wide personal planners last year and it was brilliant.

  6. So glad you have a Birthday fairy too! 🙂 That bookmark is darling. I’m a letter writing gal and I am always delighted when I see new stationery items. Visiting via “Bring Back Paper”

  7. Oh that pen is gorgeous! 🙂 Having said that if it’s stationery and purple it’s on my wish list anyway! Hope you get at least something off your list x


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