REVIEW: Baby Annabell Interactive Doll

Baby Annabell Interactive Doll Review - Aria holding doll

Baby Annabell Interactive Doll Review

Dolls, my daughter rather loves them and tells me when she grows up she wants to be a Mummy. I am happy for her to be anything she wants to be. But when the stork (ahem post man), delivered a new arrival to our house – a Baby Annabell Interactive Doll – you can imagine the excitement it brought.

Baby Annabell Interactive Doll Review - Aria outside with Annabell

This is our first Baby Annabel Doll, and it is probably the most sophisticated toy doll that I have come across. The first thing I noticed was her weight. She is heavier than other dolls, her limbs more evenly weighted, not all in the middle where the batteries are, but all over like a real baby would be. No floppy arms or legs here.

 Baby Annabell Interactive Doll Review - items included

The doll comes with several accessories. A dummy, nappy, bottle, teething toy, and bib. It also requires 4 x AA batteries (which are not included).

Baby Annabell Interactive Doll Review - Logan and Aria with doll

Now the very special thing about Baby Annabell which is what she can do. She coos, babbles, drinks real water, cries real tears and after you feed her she burps. When you press her tummy she pees in her nappy or on a potty. When you feed her her mouth actually moves so that you can see her sucking the bottle. When you lie her down flat she also goes to sleep. She’s one very clever baby, and quite frankly the children have been enchanted.

One thing that surprised me, and I am not sure why it surprised me as we have always let our children play with whatever toys they like. But I really expected my son not to be interested in this toy at all. He’s in such a Lego, Star Wars and Transformers stage, since being at school he’s been very much that’s a girl toy and that’s a boy’s toy. But, he was really fascinated with Baby Annabell too, he wanted to hold her, feed her, see her pee. And he and my daughter played at being her Mummy and Daddy, which was really sweet.

To get Baby Annabell to drink, you have to fill her bottle with water. But she doesn’t suck the water herself, and it took us a couple of tries to work this out. You have to gently squeeze the bottle itself to get the water to go in. As soon as there is water inside her, when she cries it’s real tears. I would definitely recommend the bib here as she does get quite a volume going once she starts. To get Annabell to pee, there is a button on her stomach you have to press and then she pees. You can put her nappy on to do this or sit her on a potty. Both of these parts needed some adult supervision, my son got the hang of it quite quickly, but when there was water involved my daughter (3) did need quite a lot of help.

Baby Annabell Interactive Doll Review - Annabell outfit

Baby Annabell also has a lot of accessories you can purchase to go with your doll. From little outfits, a change bag, pram, a bed, a baby carrier, even an entire mini bedroom. There is nothing that Baby Annabel can want for, Aria has already begun her Christmas list! We were also sent a little outfit to change Annabel into as part of this review. It’s made up of a top and trousers, hat and little shoes. So we changed her into her new outfit and took her for a little trip out to one of Aria’s favourite places – the park.

Baby Annabell Interactive Doll Review - Aria and Annabell on the swings

Baby Annabell was a massive hit in our house. She’s so lifelike and entertaining for a child that loves to engage in roleplay. It’s just like having your own baby, and both of my children loved caring for her, cuddling her, feeding her. This doll would be absolutely perfect as a gift for a child that had recently had a new sibling. The baby is so realistic in its imitations of a real baby, it needs feeding and burping that they could do this alongside their Mum and Dad and help them cope with the new arrival.

Baby Annabell Interactive Doll Review - Aria and Annabell on the slide

*Disclosure: We went sent Baby Annabell and an outfit for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. My daughter received the Annabell doll in March as of June it no longer worked I called the company at and got no solution they will not fix replace repair nothing.


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