Easter with JCB Kids

Easter with JCB Kids - Aria and Logan with their JCB Easter Egg

Easter with JCB Kids

As you may already know, we are Brand Ambassadors for JCB Kids and have been sent some fab toys to review so far. To add to the fun, this Easter we were sent some items in order to have a JCB Kids themed Easter egg hunt, much to my children’s delight!

JCB Easter Egg Hunt

Easter with JCB Kids - Aria Easter egg hunt

JCB Kids very kindly sent us an Easter egg hunting kit, so I could set it up in the garden for the children. Which of course included an Easter egg hunt essential – bunny ears! The aim of the game was, as we all know, to find the little eggs I had hidden around the garden in order to claim the much coveted JCB Kids Easter egg prize.

The children had great fun, who doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt? And equally loved their JCB Easter eggs, which comes with a chocolate egg inside of it as well as a small JCB toy.

Easter with JCB Kids - Logan with JCB Easter egg

The toy it comes with, is actually really good quality for a toy that comes with an Easter egg, and is a metal, die-cast dumper truck. I can see it will last, rather than break after a couple of days which is often happens to toys of this nature.

 Easter with JCB Kids - toy inside JCB Easter egg

In fact, the hunt was such a hit, the children started to hide them for each other and carried on the game inside well after I had put my camera away.

My 1st JCB Stacking Stanley Mega Truck

 My 1st JCB Stacking Stanley Mega Truck

As well as the fun items for an Easter egg hunt, we were also sent a Stacking Stanley mega truck to review. I’ll  be honest, as I always am in my reviews this is probably not a toy I would have bought for my children as I would have thought it a little too young for them. Although it would have definitely been a gift I would have bought for my son when he was younger.

The toy itself is a large truck with stacking cups on the back. The stacking cups can be stacked in place on the back of the truck, or taken off and stacked to make a tower like you can with ordinary stacking cups, it can also be stacked high on the back on the truck.

My 1st JCB Stacking Stanley Mega Truck - Aria and Logan looking at it with bunny ears

Both of the children were excited to play with the truck and immediately chucked the the cups off the dumper truck and proceeded to build a tower with them. Then they put the cups onto the truck, made the truck tip up and laughed declaring the truck was naughty tipping them off – and put them all back on again and repeat.

I have to admit, while I thought Aria would play with the truck, I really didn’t think that Logan would. I guess I had forgotten the universal appeal of building things and smashing them down again! Then the eggs from the Easter egg hunt were also loaded into the back as the dumper truck was put to some serious Easter road testing.

My 1st JCB Stacking Stanley Mega Truck - Logan with truck

The Stacking Stanley mega truck is a great, robust toy. I still do think it’s a bit on the young side for my children, or at least for my son who is 5. But, they have both enjoyed playing with it. I think it would make a cracking gift for a younger child, combining too classic toys – stacking cups and a fun dumper truck (the packaging says it’s suitable for children 12 months and over).

You can purchase the My 1st JCB Stacking Stanley Mega Truck Toy from Amazon, RRP £24.99.

*Disclosure: We were sent the above items for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. These are awesome. I didn’t even know they had JBC Easter eggs and can imagine the fun the kids can have with their new mega trucK. It’s quite cute and something I’d get for a younger child.


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