Ditch the Diet #2 (with Video and Free Printable)

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Ditch the Diet #2

I have been very poor with my second update in my new Ditch the Diet series and the main reason behind this as I have been thinking about what to share. I think because this journey is so personal to me, I am a little nervous about sharing. I decided to record my very first Vlog to share about why ditching the diet is important to me and I am nervous about sharing that too! Please be kind, as it’s my very first Vlog! In fact, I’m not even sure I can brave it again!

If this feature is new to you, please do have a read of my first post.

Did anyone join me last month? How did you do? I have been concentrating in making good, healthy choices. I have unfollowed and unsubscribed for lots of diet emails and pages, I’m also currently debating how I can add more exercise into my life.

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So, without further ago, here is my first vlog, and please do comment, message me and let me know how you’re doing if you join in.

Ditch the Diet Vlog #1

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2 thoughts on “Ditch the Diet #2 (with Video and Free Printable)”

  1. Well done Laura, you’re so right about making healthy choices instead of always being on a diet. Your vlog is fabulous, I can’t believe it’s your first one, you’re so natural in front of the camera!


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