REVIEW: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Irresistible Me Review Hair Extensions

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

I love long hair, in particular really long hair like you see on celebrities all glossy and long and effortlessly styled. I wear my hair quite naturally long, but I am currently growing it. When I was pregnant with my daughter a couple of years ago I decided to cut it and while shorter her is much more practical, I think just prefer longer hair.

I have debated hair extensions before, when I got married I decided I didn’t want a veil and wished that I had longer hair. I considered hair extensions then but couldn’t really afford them. So I was really excited to be asking by Irresistible Me to try out their hair extensions. I have never tried hair extensions before, so I have no idea how permanent ones work in the least. The extensions from Irresistible Me are clip in extensions, which means they are not permanent, you can just wear them for a day or a night out and then take them out. They also made from 100% human hair.

Before the Extensions

Irresistible Me Review Before the Extensions

This is what my hair looked like before the extensions. The extensions arrived in a sealed package, with a security seal on them, so you you knew for hygiene reasons they had not been tampered with.

Putting in the Extensions

I chose the ash blonde extensions in 22 inches, which came in a 200 gram weight. The pack comprised of a selection of hair pieces – a 4 clip hair piece, a 3 clip hair piece and a selection of 2 clip and 1 clip pieces. If you’re not sure what colour would match your hair, there is a really useful video on Irresistible Me’s YouTube channel to help you get it right. I would highly recommend you watch it first as it helps you work out what colour is right for you. My hair is slightly darker underneath as I usually only have a half head of highlights, so I went for the darker colour.

I started by tying my hair up and just leaving just a small amount down. There’s a really useful video on how to put them in here, which can probably show you better than I can describe! But, I started by putting the bigger pieces in at the bottom / back of my hair, putting some of my own hair down to blend in and then inserting another piece.  Then inserting pieces into the side and essentially layering my hair and the extensions to get them to blend in. My photo above (bottom right) isn’t actually that great as you really need to get the clips closer to the roots to avoid the hair slipping out.

The big thing I noticed after I had got the extensions clipped in as that as my hair is quite thick and has a lot of body and tendency to frizz, and the hair extensions were sleek, they didn’t immediately blend in. So I had to smooth my natural hair with straighteners and use tongs on the hair extensions to get them to match a bit better. After I did this they were absolutely fine. You also have to make sure you have enough weight to match the thickness of your original hair. I had the 200gsm weight and it was a great match for me. I think any less as my hair is quite thick the longer haired extensions would have looked quite thin. I think you also have to be careful with how you insert the ones at the top of your hair so they don’t show through. Finally, this might sound daft as it’s obvious when you think about it, but these extensions have a weight to them, so they will make you hair feel much heavier than you’re used to.

The Result

Irresistible Me Review With Extensions

I completely loved my hair extensions – I felt like a mermaid, or Rapunzel or both! Honestly I really felt like they looked really fun and natural and were easier to insert than I thought they would be. I really enjoyed having long hair and actually would love my hair to be like this everyday, although perhaps they wouldn’t be particularly practical with small children, but still. The hair in the extensions was lovely quality and felt like real hair when you were wearing them, other than the clips of course. These would be great for nights out, special occasions or on a day when you jus want to do something different with your hair. I would definitely recommend them and I can’t wait to be a mermaid for the day again!

*Disclosure: I was sent these hair extensions for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 

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